Date: 3/20/2005


Israel has established a Holocaust Museum (report below). Where is our own HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM?

Israel has just 6.5 million people. India has more than one thousand million.

Israel has decided, "Never again". India cries out, "GO ON. KILL MORE HINDUS."

The timid "mahatma" in each one of us whispers, "we do invite another yet another invasion from within or without!"

With regard to the simple step of establishing a Holocaust Museum, even the Sikhs have proved to be useless like the sheep among the wolves in jungle. They could have shown initiative of establishing one in East Punjab to INSPIRE the demoralised nation.

Both Hindus and Sikhs say, shivering in terror, "It will annoy the Muslims. It will provoke the Italians."

We should honestly reflect whether "Hindu annoyance" was ever a factor when Mussolini set out to conquer India in 1940, and when the Indian Muslims captured one third of India and later invaded Kashmir and slaughtered every Hindu and SIKH they could spot fleeing for his life.

Without going over HISTORY, as it really was, without educating our children on Partition, as it really was, the Hindus are sacrificing our future. An ignorant nation INVITES aggression. A cowardly nation invites DEFEAT and massacres.

Those of us who are lucky to have survived the Holocaust of 1947, must now mobilise public opinion in (what is left of) Bharat to establish at least 25 HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS, one each per State unless they are all "BHANGI" Colonies.

Please read the report (below) about the one established in Jerusalem and applaud the courage and guts of the Jews of Israel.

Israel is 20770 sq km in area. India is 2,973,190 sq km. But their courage and guts to remember the dead is in INVERSE proportion.

If any Sonia Khan or Mohammed is preventing our Hindu nation from establishing a Hindu Holocaust Museum, or standing in the way of one, then the nation ought to prepare GALLOWS for them.

.......................March 20, 2005.



“The Guardian,” London, March 16, 2005. (p. 14).


Chris McGreal in Jerusalem.

A new Holocaust museum, designed to affirm Israel’s claim to be the principal keeper and interpreter of survivors’ memories, opened in Jerusalem yesterday.

Fifteen presidents and prime ministers, many from the east European nations most affected by the genocide of the Jews, joined survivors at the dedication of the stark prism-shaped concrete structure cutting through the Mount of Remembrance.

Israel’s President, Moshe Katsav, said the museum would serve as “an important signpost to all of humankind, a signpost that warns how short the distance is between hatred and murder, between racism and genocide”.

The museum at the Yad Vashem memorial puts a new emphasis on preserving the memories of the rapidly diminishing number of living Holocaust survivors.

They tell the stories of survivors and those who died through interviews, art and personal artefacts from the camps and ghettos.

“Our generation is the last generation,” said Mr. Katsav. “History asks the survivors to do the impossible and to sink into the abyss and to draw out of the deep recesses of their minds the memories of what has happened for the benefit of future generations, for the benefit of mankind”

The exhibition for the first time also acknowledges other victims of the Nazis, such as Gypsies and homosexuals, who were ignored in the old museum, established in 1957.

The Nobel Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, told those assembled that the Holocaust was not about man’s inhumanity to man, but man’s inhumanity to Jews.

Israel’s prime minister, Ariel Sharon, said the museum was a testament to the need for Israel to exist.

“There are several chambers in the heart of man. In the national Jewish heart, there is a chamber of memory and it is here at Yad Vashem,” he said.

“The state of Israel is the only place in the world where Jews have the right and the strength to defend themselves by themselves. It is the only guarantee that the Jewish people will never again know a Holocaust. It is our historic commitment to the Jewish People.”

Representatives from some 40 countries attended the ceremony, including Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general.