Date: 3/25/2005



You are a seasoned politician and ought to know that for the BRITISH LION the Muslim terrorists are no more than buzzing flies. There was really NO security concern anywhere due to your presence in England. You would have boosted the spirits of the HINDUS and that is what is not acceptable to the gang misruling and holding Bharat in their tight grip right now.

Now look at the long list of countries and people on earth that are the size of an elephant for "mouse" India.

Pakistan that stands on Indian occupied territory and still occupies North Kashsmir. The Pakistanis come to UK and beg of the authorities live and work here

The Taliban who ordered the Hindus to wear a "dog" badge when outside their homes hijacked a plane and begged for political asylum. The Kashmiri Mujahideen terror for India, come to live in London and become invisible.

The militants in Kashmir who cross the cease fire line with impunity to kill our Jawans and civilians in South Kashmir, obey the law here. Even the Indian Muslims in the heart of Hindustan who are threatening the Hindus all round with "rivers of blood" if they stand up to construct Sri Ram Temple, consider England a paradise and promise to live and let live any Modi or Singh in the UK.

The people of this country went out to fight battles and conquered most of the world that was pink on world maps until the Partition of India in 1947.

There are Arabs and Jews, Hindus and Muslims, Sikhs and Somalis, all living in same streets in England.

To England come IRA leaders to give speeches, Palestinians come, the Israeli leaders come, the Butcher of Kargil comes and goes and even the BOFORS CHOR came and went.

Nobody's life was in danger. So what is the reality behind Mr Modi's fears in London?

The fact is that there was NO threat of any violence at all. For England Sonia, the Italian, is an undesirable person, So is Abdul Kalam, the President of a "banana republic" that is minus East Bengal, North Kashmir, Karachi and Lahore, During his last visit to London, the "Asian media" i.e., the INDIAN press, grumbled, "Our Rashtrapati has not been mentioned in mainstream dailies of London like The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

Someone remarked, "He would have been noticed had he been noteworthy." This remark may hurt the Indians but reality of London is different from that in Delhi.

While Germany and Japan, even Brazil are favourites for a seat at Security Council, hardly anyone is in favour of "nigger" India sitting next to them.

Doesn't the world know how India stood by the INDIANS in Uganda and Fiji?

If Jerry Adams, Leader of Sinn Fein or Ireland can go to New York for St Patrick's Day on 17th. inst. surely Mr Modi was the least threat to anyone in America or Europe.

While Mr.Modi is totally unknown in New York, he is a "Hindu Terrorist" of Himalayan size for the HINDU HATER, HINDU BASHING regime in Bahrain itself.

India's biggest ENEMY is the ruling Nehru Dynasty. They are afraid that if a Hindu acquires stature the masses may want him to be their President or Prime Minister.

It is this fear of Hindu that is nightmare for Congress Party and the Government in the "bandaged" broken Bharat under foreign control.

Thus Sonia, the Italian ex bar maid, now the uncrowned Empress of Hindustan, conveyed her fear, anger and annoyance at a Hindu showing up in London to poor Manmohan Singh and asked him to persuade Mr Modi to cancel his trip to London. Remarkably, the Prime Minister of India did not have the guts to suggest to the LIONS of LONDON (the British Government) to ban Mr. Modi's entry. For Britain, neither Mr. Modi nor his entry was any problem.

I hope the readers will really INTERPRET this news item carefully and consider the IMPLICATIONS. Mr. Modi, the Hindu stalwart "chickened out".

He could have countered "Mouse" Manmohan, "There is NO threat to me in London. I am a threat only to your FIRANGEE (Italian born) Empress right here in New Delhi, and to her Muslim vote bank who had to vanish on the day India was broken up to produce Pakistan from where you had to flee with your father and mother and all the Sikh "Sangat" to save life and limb."

How tragic that a Hindu cannot raise his head in Bharat and is not allowed to show up in US or UK.

Would the Hindu leaders sit down and THINK about our failure and collapse at home and abroad?

Obviously if the "Butcher of Kargil" arrives, there will be a red carpet at London Heath Airport. There will be no threat to his slife from one MILLION Hindus living here. MJ Akbar's "The Asian Age" will show Musharraf in a big photo on page 1.

The Dirty Dynasty wanted to show Mr.. Modi, a good Hindu, in POOR light and in weak and vulnerable position to the world outside, and they succeeded. Had he arrived, the RSS volunteers would have put a cordon around Royal Albert Hall, the venue, and ensured the safety of Mr. Modi.

Our Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police are NO "eunuchs" either. Day and night they protect London from Al Qaida and all kinds of revolutionaries, terrorists, militants, anarchists, mentally deranged and mad Muslims. Protecting Mr Modi was "peanut" of a task for them.

Mr. Modi did not give them a chance to test their security measures, arrangements and apparatus. The (damn) USELESS Indian police in Srinagar, and the even more useless (cease-firing) Indian Army in South Kashmir, guarding the cease fire line, can come to take lessons here in UK.

Sonis Khan, the almighty political "Witch" of India, has succeeded in demoralising the followes of Shri Modi in the UK and back home.

The only leaders the Hindus have come to trust and respect are Mohammed Ali Jinnah who lived in Mumbai at one time, Bandit Nehru who replaced the British Viceroy, Indira who was INDIA, Rajiv the BOFORS CHOR, Sonia the semi literate female from Italy and the Imam of Jama Masjid who can mobilise Mohammed's ADAM SENA in Bharat in no time. All of them could, and can come to London any time.

Hindu lips are SEALED on Partition and we call it Independence. What "weak goats" the one billion of us are, as seen by the INDIAN Muslims and their media!

What an irony, Congress masters of Hindustan are always in sunshine whether they attack Golden Temple killing thousands or go out to kill the Tamils in Sri Lanka, but if a Hindu leaders seems to raise his head, alarm bells ring out, he is called a murderer, a terrorist, he is covered in BAD PUBLICITY and pushed into DARK SHADOW.