Modi calls off UK visit

Date: 3/25/2005


Modi calls off UK visit

March 25, 2005 00:41 IST

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday night called off his visit to the United Kingdom.

He was to pay a three-day visit to the UK from Friday.

The decision came following apprehensions that his security could be under threat.

Modi's passport troubles

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil telephoned him at 2230 IST and persuaded him not to leave for London. They told him that the government has information that he will face security risk during his visit.

Modi was to inaugurate the 'Vibrant Gujarat' function at the Royal Albert Hall in London in a bid to attract foreign investment to the state. However, several organisations, including the South Asia Solidarity Group and AWAAZ had announced their decision to organise protests outside the hall.

Last Friday, Modi could not make his proposed visit to the US after Washington revoked his tourist visa and denied him diplomatic visa apparently because of the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat in 2002.

The Centre's request to the US to reconsider its decision to deny him visa was rejected.



Hindu is meant to be a second class suppressed citizen as far as Government of India is concerned.

Our Dignity abroad depends on our Dignity AT HOME.

The Hindus have a test to pass. In solidarity with the Chief Minister of Gujarat, ALL chief ministers in Broken Bharat ought to boycot Sonia and Abdul, and DENY them entery in their states.

Would that be done?

That will determine whether the Hindu is taken seriously or as a joke by Delhi, Washington and London.