Narendra Modi is a Sacrificial Goat

Date: 3/25/2005


.............Narendra Modi is a Sacrificial Goat

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was recently denied a diplomatic visa to visit the US to give a speech in New York City. The reason given was that N. Modi did not react quickly enough during the post-Godra riots in Gujarat. Modi has not been charged by any court of law in the world, let alone tried and convicted. The truth is that he took quick action during the post-Godra riots and he has been kind and fair to Muslims. N. Modi is known as dynamic leader who is honest and does the right thing. He is very popular in Gujarat because he gets things done. Gujarat is booming compared to many other provinces. The envious Congress Party wants to get rid of him. This visa denial is actually part of a US government, Christian missionary, and radical Muslim strategy to weaken Hindu society and Hindu nationalists (RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal etc, and BJP).

Christian missionary work, for a practical matter, is not permitted in China, Burma, North Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan and many other Muslim countries. As a result, they are focusing on India since India has religious freedom and democracy. Pope John Paul II said the following on 7 November 1999 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi:

“Here today, dear brothers and sisters, you represent the Catholic community not only of India but of the whole Asian continent, and I place in your hands the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation as a guide for the spiritual and pastoral life of the Church on this continent as we enter a new century and a new Christian Millenium...Just as the first millennium saw the Cross firmly planted in the soil of Europe, and the second in that of America and Africa, so may the Third Christian Millennium witness a great harvest of faith on this vast and vital continent.”

The implication is that the Pope is pushing his people to convert everyone in Asia, especially India, to Christianity in this century. There are reportedly over ten thousand Christian missionaries working in India. Since Christianity doesn’t compare to the depth of Hindu philosophy, Christian missionaries use a variety of unsavory techniques to convert Hindus. They give money to convert people. Or they build schools and require attendees to convert to Christianity. Or they provide other benefits in exchange for conversion. Once the Christians are a majority in a village, sometimes they use physical force or threat of force to convert the rest of the village.

Hindu nationalists are an obstacle because they reconvert Christians back to Hinduism. And they make conversion difficult in the first place by providing the same types of schools, colleges, hospitals or social services that the missionaries provide. The RSS and VHP are building many schools. Christian missionaries did not like the fact that Kanchi Shankaracharya, Jayendra Saraswati, was building schools and colleges for the poor and taking Dalits to temples. So Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa framed and imprisoned Jayendra Saraswati. After her action, a Christian organization was so happy with her service to Christian missionaries that they gave J. Jayalalithaa an honorary doctorate.

Radical Muslims also want the Hindu nationalists out of the way because they want to convert Hindus to Islam in order to make India an Islamic nation. The Hindu nationalists actively resist Muslim terrorism and conversion efforts. Radical Muslims killed 56 Hindu men, women, and children by burning them in their railroad cars as they returned from a religious pilgrimage. Then riots started in Gujarat and innocent Muslims died. After that, Muslims killed Hindus in a temple. Thanks to Modi’s leadership and the peaceful words of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the Hindus did not take revenge. It is wrong to kill innocent people. The radical Muslims have the chutzpa to blame N. Modi for the riots that radical Muslims themselves started.

It appears that the US government’s denial of N. Modi’s visa was in order to assist the Christian missionaries and show that they are not against Muslims. The anti-Hindu forces all want Italian born Catholic Sonia Gandhi to rule India. It has been stated that the CIA funneled enormous amounts of money into India to get Sonia Gandhi elected and they continue to pour money into India to weaken Hindu nationalists. The Congress Party did make a good choice by selecting the honest and able Dr. Manmohan Singh to be the Prime Minister of India.

The English language newspapers in India and some of the Indian newspapers in America are writing anti-Hindu news reports. This may be because they are financed by Western and Middle Eastern money.

Hindus are being attacked from all sides. But this is not new. Hindus have been attacked for the past thousand years yet they still have not been destroyed. These recent attacks will only make Hindus stronger.


Bharat J. Gajjar


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