Date: 3/30/2005


Netajee Subhash Chandra Bose,Shri Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Shri Deendayal Upadyaya, Shri Subroto Mukherjee Air Marshall of India, Shri Lal Bahadur Shasrti, General Shri Sharma Chief of Army Staff, General Thimaiya, Shri sarabhai Nuclear scientist, many budding Hindu actIvits, leaders in the country being killed in mysterious circumstances to brake the backbone of India by anti India evil forces. The involvement of Pakistan/ America cannot be ruled out.

At present the congress party of India has become too close to its old evil friend Muslim League of Pakistan which divided our country on 14.8. 1947 the day Pakistan was born. The Muslim League has hidden agenda and one big blow will shatter India that is my fear according to the record of Muslims of India sice 8 th. century.

Their fundamental policy has not changed to make India a Islamic state which Hindu leaders have failed to understand and remember. The butcher of Kargil has been invited by Chawkidar M.M. Singh/ Sonia Gandhi is a disgrace to the nation.

There is a very simple solution to the India/Pak/ Bangladesh problem and India should decide once for all by severing all ties with these two countries means no diplomatic, trade, cultural, sports,air, sea, land, road connection. We must learn to live without these two countries that will be the best policy.This is the patriotic policy.Further to this trace, identify and expell all illegal Muslim immigrants from these two countried.

The Muslims from these two countries have been infiltrating all the time and the number has reached over TWO MILLIONS AND THEY INCLDE TERRORISTS, JIHADIS NOT ONLY FROM THESE TWO COUNTRIES BUT FROM OTHER MUSLIM COUNTRIES.

Recently during cricket much Paki visitors came but many have disappered in the country and did not return back and government of India is so impotent that failed to trace them to deport them.

This is to remind readers that Muslims could not conquer Sudan for one thousand years but started infiltrating one by one and increased their number and today Sudan is the most fundamental Islamic state and samilar situation is emerging in Hindu India. The tragedy with India is people have apathy on national issues due to corrupt leaders.

We need a shaheed to turn the course of history to save mother india now.




Our nation is run by an unknown illiterate barmaid from Italy whose >birthplace, birthdates, qualification and associations are under a >cloud. Modern times with instant communication and mass media, it >appears that foreign nations could place someone at the top of our >political structure. Next in the line could be a drug and Columbian >connection through Raul. What type of persons are these who have >come to occupy positions of power in this era of Pappu Yadav, Bhulan >Devi, and Lalu Yadav?

In a restaurant in Cambridge town Sonia first met Rajiv in 1965. Rajiv >was a student in the University, but could not cope with the studies >and left for London. Sonia followed him to London in 1966. As per >available information in London Sonia was working in an outfit run by >Salman Thassir a Pakistani ISI operative who had offices in Dubai and >London. The Pakistani was running an import export business in Dubai >as an ISI front.

Pakistanis are very fond of Sona or Gold and it was Salman who might have named Antonia as Sonia. Also it is a fact which >I had seen, is that every female that is recruited by any Pakistanis >in Dubai or London are recruited after the casting couch test. It >must be the Pakistanis who had placed Antonia alias Sonia Gandhi in >front of Rajiv Gandhi. It is also no surprise that J.N.Dixit spent >some of his last moments on Sunday night chatting with Pakistan's High >Commissioner Aziz Ahmed Khan at a party and by morning he was dead.

>Dixit was killed because he was proposing exchanging equal area >between Pakistan and India where as Sonia wanted to favor Pakistanis.

> Based on the inside information and as Pakistanis and Sonia felt >that Dixit is a hindrance to them on their long term plans, >Pakistanis killed him. >

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