Date: 4/4/2005



This is the time of great EDUCATION for the Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs with regard to the very high status of RELIGION (the “diamond” is NOT for the Hindus in “secular” India) in the Christian and Mohammedan worlds.

The education is PRACTICAL and we are fortunate to view it all the time, round the clock, on our screens and radios, and in newapapers and magazines.

These two aggressive and intolerant religions have been CONQUERORS, and often overzealous CONVERTERS with an acute sense of holy mission.

Emperor Aurangzeb sent off soldiers to different parts of India, notably Kashmir, to force the people to convert, with the THREAT, “Islam of death”. Such an inferior and crude thing from the deserts of Arabia could only be spread by sword in Hindustan.

Centuries later we saw the effect of our collapse then, when India was broken up into three fragments in 1947.

Since these two religions from Middle East immediately enter the CROWN or CONSTITUTION of a defeated land, they are law unto themselves and make sure that no rival, even a native religion of soil, can raise his head.

We know how ISLAM “exploded” VIOLENTLY from Mecca and then covered much of Asia in the blood of its non Muslim victims. There are still countless EYE WITNESSES to the latest massacres and mass murders in East Bengal and West Punjab whose accounts and stories of extreme personal bereavements and grief are ignored by the ruling establishment of Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam and their “nishkam seswak” blind HINDU subjects for whom derogatory words were coined by their Masters centuries ago, to make the divide between the Christians and the Pagans, the Muslims (Believers) and the Hindus (non believers), Aryans and the Jews” startlingly clear and offensive to those called “Infidels, Kafirs, Pagans, Hindus and The Doomed.”

The Conquerors and Masters kept noble terms like Christian (white doves of non violence) and Muslim (“peole of peace”) for themselves.

Christianity was forced and imposed on the hapless people of Europe, North America and Latin America where every grand Temple was destroyed and all traces of past glory of the earlier civilisations wiped out.

In West Punjab and Sindh Islam claims superiority above the Sikhs and the Hindus respectively and all the NATIVE religions that sprang out of the soil.

Now the Rest of India, too, is rapidly dissolving under their feet. Sonia Khan is not supposed to say a nice thing about Guru Gobind Singh and nor is Abdul Kalam about to lay the foundation stone of the new Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Yet we, the BORN SLAVES and BORN AGAIN SLAVES, have put them ABOVE all our own NATIVE Indian traditions, culture and even language that clash with those from ARABIA and JERUSALEM respectively.

It appears that the HUGE HINDU ELEPHANT is blind and is being ridden by two mahouts, one Sonia KHAN and the other Abdul KALAM.

Are they going to raise a Shankaracharya or a Sri Singh Sahib to the level of Pope in Rome?

The rot is total and complete. Slaves are producing new generations of slaves, and have been doing so with remarkably few exceptions, since 712 AD when the Arabs with KORAN in one hand the the SWORD in the other, conquered Sindh and wiped out Buddhism and Hinduism within days.

Where do we then begin?

We begin with the GOVERNOR of East Punjab and demand his immediate removal, dismissal, or retirement. He already retired from the Indian Army on full pension. Now it will be topped by additional pension or gratuity for his post as the GOVERNOR. For this Catholic’s fat salary, the impoverished Sikh peasant, “baboo”, taxi driver, labourer and shopkeeper, even the Hindu hawker and peddlar is toiling day in and day out.

Yet another ALIEN becoming a millionaire at the cost of his suffering, toiling, ignorant and impoverished Hindu subjects whose extreme “Gandhian” non-violence has become their extreme resignation.

Shall we spare a moment of reflection for the blood drenched history of Punjab, the frontier province for all the INVADERS, including the Temple Destroyer Mahmud of Ghazni and Babur, the Barbarian, included?

Let us recall the umpteen MARTYRS, not just one on the Cross, or the one who, without any reason or provocation, went on to conquer the Jewish holy city of Jerusalem and DIED there to perpetuate the strife over Temple Mount for ever. He really made his ISLAM spell out as Intolerance, Slaughter, Loot, Arson and Molestation (of girls and women).

Let us recall the martyrdom of Guru Gobind Singh’s four sons, two who were slain in battle and the younger ones who were bricked in ALIVE on our own territory, to the amusement of the “Rascal” MAULVI, Koran in hand, watching the ghastly barbaric scenario.

How could he see all that with such calm? It was due to his PERCEPTION of the Infidels.

This perception provides great INSPIRATION and JUSTIFICATION, to commit crimes against humanity, including abduction and rape of women and slaughter of small childfren, with no qualms.

This PERCEPTION is provides the psychological basis, or BELIEF, that “those who pray in another manner are sub human or INFERIOR, meant to be KILLED or CONVERTED.”

That perception was seen in the holy city of AYODHYA in 1526 AD when Hindus were slain in their tens of thousands and the Grand Temple, the size and grandeur of the Vatican today, was razed to ground and left in ruins to the delight of every MOHAMMEDAN passing by.

Nearly a thousand years later, in 1984 to be precise, THAT perception encouraged Indira KHAN with the “heart of stone” like her MOHAMMED of Arabia, to send the army, on the occasion of a GURPURB, holy day in calendar when thousands of pilgrims are present at Godlen Temple.

Her mercenary army (since called “EUNUCHS IN UNIFORM” for failing to libertate North Kashmir, and for failing to notice the HIGH TREASON of their Supreme Commander in 1972 who returned our own East Bengal, the conquered territory, to Mohammed) carried out their brutal attack and then went on massacring everyone including women, children and the aged, who stood up or moved while lying mortally wounded on ground.

The tragedy was compounded when a majority of Hindus were brainwashed to consider her the “Saviour of Hindus of Punjab”, ignoring her father’s unconditional surrender of Amritsar’s twin sister city of Lahore and one third of India in 1947.

Ironically, the Hindus who think that refusal to accept Partition and Pakistan would have infuriated, enraged and provoked the Indian Muslims into slaughtering the entire lot of Hindus in Hindustan within days, call Indira’s father, the “Savriour of Hindus of Hindustan.”

We, the slaves, watch with awe the lavish attention and the utmost reverence shown to the dead Pope right now, his lying in State, the media coverage and the millions who are paying homage to his body, filing past it in silence, and millions more expected to be there from now till Friday.

Popes in the past have influenced or commanded heads of State across the world and bishops even ruled their territories and principalities. The whole of Poland has come to standstill where most people are Catholic. Airlines in Poland report their phone lines are jammed by callers who wish to fly to Rome. Giant screens will be put up in large cities, especially in his native city of Krakow to show the burial. Theirs is, by STATE policy, Catholic education in all schools. We need to think of the damage being done to our native religions by atheist schools in our Bharat who do not mention Hindu warriors and fighters.

Prince Charles has flown back from his skiing holiday abroad to London to attend the Memorial Service in Westminster Cathedral. Would any Indian President or cabinet minister have flown home from abroad to attend the funeral of a native Shankaracharya? Would the Chief Minister of EAST Punjab have travelled to Amritsar to attend the funeral of the Sikhs’ highest priest at Sri Akal Takht Sahib? Aren’t we still a fearful, degraded, slave nation?

Prince Charles, the future King of United Kingdom, will fly to Rome to attend the Popes’s funeral. But what and how much of attention will the death of a Shankaracharya and a Sri Singh Sahib attract in enslaved India that has inflicted upon herself a “MONGREL” Constitution?

The result of our DENIAL OF NATIVE RELIGIONS means that Shri Nerendra Modi, a democratically elected chief minister from Bharat, is refused entry to USA while a General, who took over Pakistan by coup d’etat, is received on red carpet in Washington.

So where do we begin?

WE BEGIN FROME EAST PUNJAB where the GOVERNOR does not share the Belief of his subjects and the chief minister, by State design, is required to rule his wretched subjects from UNION TERRITORY (of Chandigarh) that he is made to share with another chief minister!

In the HORROR of Hindu history, I realised that NONE of our rulers since Turks occupied Delhi in 1192 spoke the language of the natives of Bharat, giving us tons of INFERIORITY COMPLEX that is ingrained in our psyche down to our “bone marrow”.

Which Mogul (Muslim) emperor spoke Hindi? Which British Viceroy spoke an Indian language? Now sadly, neither the Rashtramata of Bharat nor the Governor of East Punjab speaks Hindi and Punjabi respectively.

The immense weight of SLAVE’S TRADITION is so deadly HEAVY that it has not even occurred to anyone that “England will not have a Prime Minister who cannot speak English, Germany and France will not have a “Rashtrapita” or “Rashtramagta” who comes from Hungary and speaks only Hungarian.”

So, here we go AGAIN, with our anguish and assertion, combined with frustration over the stupidity of Constitutional fathers who let Lahore go to dogs (or MOHAMMED) but denied STATUS to Sri Rama and Sri Krishna that the Pope and his VATICAN enjoy. Not having guts to challenge the Monster of Islam, they IMPOSED the “Secularism of the Defeated Donkey” on Delhi.

So a million questions now arise. But let us turn to EAST PUNJAB that the FOOLS still call “Punjab”.

Why is the Governor of East Punjab a (retired) GENERAL of army, a Catholic and the one who does not care for our TEN Divine native Gurus, nor speak one correct sentence in Punjabi, his subjects’ mother tongue? This has been the divide between the Masters and the Slaves for centuries. We have not been able to free ourselves to enjoy some status on earth.

Is our land of Gurus a WAR ZONE to merit an ex General on top? On what ground is the climate of "war" created? Why can't the generals in the Hindustani Army on ACTIVE SERVICE be good enough to meet any threat from beyond the frontiers? Are this GENERAL’S eyes turned to the dangers in neighbouring West Punjab or towards his own SIKH/HINDU SUBJECTS to ensure they touch the foot of any KHAN and KALAM till eternity?

Willl this ENEMY of native religions, who DESERTED our own “Sons and Daughters of God” ever bless a Sikh band of volunteers departing for Ayodhya to join the KARSEWAKS there in order to liberate our SACRED spot where Sri Rama was born?

At this time while the Hindus have become an INERT MASS, the SPIRIT OF SIKHS is the only chance for the “sleeping / lickspittle” Hindu Jagat to wake up, unite and march on Ayodhya in their MILLIONS like the people of Dresden and Leipzig (1989), Kiev (2004) and (today) ROME.

Can't we realise that what the people of EAST Punjab need most desperately right now is EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION, and COMPUTERS in every family, NOT a General to RULE, INTIMIDATE or GOVERN them.

Which other State or Country on earth with close to 25 million population is GOVERNED by a total "stranger" to its culture, language, history and RELIGION? Let us find out and NAME the unfortunate "coolie colony" that is, POLITICALLY speaking, like our own East Punjab. (Please note "Punjab" had LAHORE and FIVE RIVERS flowing through it.) Such disloyal and treacherous GOVERNORS do not tell this to their ignorant subjects.

We are most disappointed with the entire Sikh LEADERSHIP if NONE is capable of comprehending the horrendous immediate and long term IMPLICATIONS of such a terrible relic of the past Era of SLAVERY where a people’s “ENEMY” is appointed in a key position, at the top, to “keep an eye on the natives” to crush or KILL their aspersions, aspirations and resurgence in the bud.

We must NOT surrender our top political and constitutional posts to those who wish to see all the “keshadhari LIONS OF GURU GOBIND SINGHJI" converted to the religions of our new deceptive "Saviours" and GOVERNORS.

We did have one (1947) who went out to discuss Independence for “Akhand Bharat” but returned with PARTITION and ordered us to call it INDEPENDENICE.

In the "constitutional" hierarchy, our people In EAST Punjab have one nondescript unknown ALIEN figure called SF RODRIGUES, the Governor, a Catholic, and then, an ABDUL KALAM, a MUSLIM (in our “post PARTITION” defeated India).

And on the “political” ladder, we have the son of Maharaja Yadavindra Singh (Amarinder Singh) and above him, Sonia KHAN of Italy, the “Daughter” of Pope & Mussolini. What a LAUGH we (Hindus and SIKHS) are!.

Let us see the unity, devotion, commitment, dedication and loyalty of the entire Catholic world today, and learn a lesson from their STRENGTH, especially having FLED LAHORE in 1947 in three clothes because of such "surrenders" in peace time.

There is no punishment for learning from history, or copying the SUCCESSFUL on earth.

So, let us also call August 15 the day of PARTITION OF PUNJAB to look brave to the world.

In just ten days from today the most cowardly (collectively speaking), being GOVERNED by a "foreigner", will celebrate the historic day of utmost courage and valour of their fore-fathers (BAISAKHI) in 1699 when Guru Gobind Singh ji asked his HINDU followers to have the guts to question and challenge, even ATTACK their corrupt or devious and deceptive RULERS.

In that SPIRIT the Hindu masses should question, “Why a Mohammed in the chair of Supreme Commander, as if all the HINDUS are eunuchs when it comes to defending our territory and temples, and in the same Spirit, the Sikh masses must ask, “Why a Catholic to GOVERN us in the name of his Pope? Are all the Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singhji eunuchs?

We need leaders and Governors to rule and govern us in the name of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Guru Nanak and GURU GOBIND SINGH, and NONE covertly in the name of Mohammed or Christ.”

Can't we see with our naked eyes that the Governor of EAST Punjab cares two hoots for our Sikh religion and LITTLE for the much proclaimed Hindu Dharma.

Neither a Sikh nor a Hindu has shown the guts to either ask for his prompt dismissal or transfer, or commended his own glorious native religion to him.

What about a RESOLUTION passed by every Gurdwara and Mandir, or any other organisation, demanding the appointment of a SIKH Governor of EAST Punjab, and HINDU President (Rashtrapati) of Hindusthan?

Can we see a Hindu Governor in any province in Portugal or a Sikh Governor in any province of Pakistan? Why is our UNILATERAL collapse before the foreigners continuing?

Our weakness will only INVITE yet another aggression or onslaught. 1947 and 1984 did not come about accidentally.

When I first arrived in England, I saw a non violent “attack” on a bus. The conductor found one man without ticket, refusing to pay the fine. While he was pleading with the conductor in the manner familiar to us, “Array bhai, chhod do, kuchh tars karo. Kiyon itne kaThor ho, bhai?”

Suddenly all the other passengers cast a stern gaze on him. Sheepishly and most embarrassed, he looked at the other passengers. Not one moved his angry gaze or showed a trace of smile. Thus “beaten” by public disapproval, he left the bus, eyes down, at the next stop and vanished out of sight.

How about fixing our own angry collective gaze on the Rashtrapati of Bharat, the Rashtramata of Bharat, and on the Governor of EAST Punjab?

Let us usher in the Era of Proud Hindu now, without any melting heart or tearul COWARDLY wet eye.

We need to remember that ours is not Sudan or Guatemala but Bharat where our Avatars and Gurus were born. If they become second rate, subdued or eliminated from their own land of birth, they will have NO chance to thrive among the wolves (merciless killers and remorseless converters) anywhere else on earth.

Covertly our NON Hindu political top is dreaming of the surviving Hindus and Sikhs to go on reservations as in North America.

Those of WEAK heart, die of heart failure very early. Therefore, “O Bharat of appeasing, surrendering semi naked MK “Bapu” Gandhi, you need a new RASHTRAPATI.”

“And YOU, East Punjab! Wake up, you (damn) fool. You need a new GOVERNOR.”

O yes! The Hindu has to be reminded of his Akhand Bharat and the Sikh of his Sri Nankana Sahib and LAHORE, both under the flag of the Mohammed of Arabian Desert.



Hindustan swas conquered, beaten, thrashed, plundered and ruined by two foreign ideologies, ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY.

But while our Bharat celebrates and commemorates the heroes of war against the civilised British, there is NO ceremony to honour those who fought the barbarian and savage MOHAMMEDANS. Why is this so?

While the honourable British left, bag and baggage, without taking away even an inch of our territory, the dirty dishonourable MOHAMMEDAN muck, the “bastards”, have stuck to Bharat’s body, digging their teeth into her soft body, despite taking away one third of our territory.

Why don’t we celebrate those who fought and defeated the Muslims in our history?

The reason: The Brisih were civilised and can tolerate criticism and condemnation, while the Muslims are savage and threaten to burn Delhi within a day.

We should now concentrate on CELEBRATING victories over the barbaric and savage ISLAM throughout Bharat. Let us find out where Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Guru Gobind Singhji and Maharaja Ranjit Singh won battles and hoisted BHAGWA on our territory.



Can we see anyone else on earth who is second class on his own territory and looks up to his enemies or aliens to RULE and GOVERN him, even thrash and beat him?

We Hindus need not hold World Record in Slavery, Cowardice and Lack of Courage of Conviction.

We must never again hear, “Oh NO. We can’t commend our native religions to anyone. Ours are not good enough for our Muslim masters and the Italian maids.”

April 5, 2005.