Date: 4/12/2005



The Governor of EAST Punjab is someone called SF RODRIGUES, possibly from distant South India, who does not speak a sentence of PUNJABI. In there any other wretched country on earth where the people's surname is SINGH but the ruler or Governor is called Rodrigues?

Is there any other miserable land on earth where the ruler or GOVERNOR does not speak the language of his subjects NOR SHARE THEIR RELIGION?

NO, but there is this cursed HINDUSTAN where the people by and large are HINDUS but their SUPREME COMMANDER is one ABDUL KALAM who must put his KORAN above their Gita and Granth. Otherwise he would keep is MOHAMMEDAN NAME. Would he?

But no worry. The natives of HINDUSTAN hold world record in slavery and such considerations do not occur to them. They also call Sonia KHAN, from Italy, "one of their own", or "Mother of Nation". Now please read on-


...............India's Punjab is at peace

Northern Indian province was once beset by violence. Today, the only shooting is of Bollywood films.


AMRITSAR, India—Sikh devotees prostrate themselves to kiss the threshold of the Golden Temple, the holiest site for the faithful. ..................................... (UNQUOTE)



OH! WHAT AN IDYLLIC SCENE OF DEVOTION, DIVINITY AND PEACE as reported by MARTIN REGG who seems to be a fan of Bollywood and its Shah Rukh KHAN, Sameer KHAN, and Akbar KHAN but not one SINGH.

Would reporter MARTIN have heard of the mighty but truly secular Khalsa Raj whose flag flew over KHYBER, of our Ten Gurus, the BLOOD DRENCHED PARTITION OF PUNJAB in 1947, or even Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale?

Please note that I have added three words to the Subject line above.

This is now the latest kind of LETHAL BUT EFFECTIVE propaganda by Congress (ITALY & ISLAM) has turned into a trap for the gullible.

They are using all tricks, to brainwash and subdue the Sikhs by painting a rosy picture in which we see a SIKH prime minister, chief of the army staff and ministry of foreign affairs, but not yet a Sikh high commissioner in London where all the wealth of BOFORS CHOR, Nehru Dynasty and their numeerous Foundations is deposited in banks, waiting to be disclosed to ignorant public, or confiscated by a future nationalist NON DYNASTIC government in India.

We SEE Singh the puppet, not Sonia & Kalam, the puppeteers. We see SHEEPISH Hindustan, not Pakistan and Vatican, the TIGERS. Having conquered one third of India and the whole of West Punjab on one day, they have established their superiority over the Infidels. What a wishful thinking by the defeated that they (Pakistan) will take their eyes off the further prize. The kind of iinspiration and motivation their children get at school and madrassa, our children do not get even in universities.

The rulers of India know that the Sikhs NEVER reacted to Bandit NEHRU'S unconditional surrender of LAHORE and NANKANA SAHIB in 1947 and chose his Political Party (Party of Partition, Corruption and One Dynasty) umpteen times to MISRULE them since the first division and partition of Punjab in 1947.

The Sikhs are still doing what is unthinkable, unimaginable, like the lambs coming up to lick the teeth of the TIGER.

They know that the surrender of NORTH KASHMIR and its continuous occupation by Pakistan and the ongoing violent militancy in SOUTH KASHMIR has escaped the notice of the Sikhs whose State shares borders with Jammu & Kashmir.

They are happy that like a "herd of cattle", the Sikhs have NO clue to the FUTURE fate of Kashmir in which EAST Punjab will be directly embroiled and involved with lethal consequences for the Sikhs.

They are happy that the "sleepy" Sikh PANTH, reposing full faith for their defence in Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam, are not demanding their right to self determination despite the fact that the Muslims in the contiguous State to the North (Kashmir) are yelling at the whole world (UNO) to enable them to exercise that fundamentalo human right.

They know that the Sikh INSURGENCY due to the uncalled for savage and brutal MILITARY ATTACK on Harimandir Sahib after imposing curfew across the whole of EAST Punjab in June 1984, was crushed BY FORCE of arms, killing THOUSANDS OF YOUNG MEN who cannot be heard any more.

They know that the Sikhs have not conveyed their case to indict the criminal Congress ministers and officials who instigated Sikh massacres in June and November 1984.

They know that the Sikhs FORGET their DEAD in a second. The latest horrendous memory, too, will be gone after passing away of current generation.

Those who were in their 40's in 1984 are now in their 60's and dying. Those who were in their 20's during earlier GHALOOGHARA of 1947 are now in their 80's unable to hold a pen or utter a coherent sentence.

They are very pleased that the Sikhs have been turned into NISHKAM SEWAKS, proud of serving FREE OF COST tens of thousands of FREE food at gurdwaras across the world each week, instead of INVESTING money in I.T. or UNITY or a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM, or IDEOLOGICAL awareness.

They know that the Sikhs were UNPREPARED for the onslaughts on their body in 1947 and 1984, and are again UNAWARE AND UNPREPARED for the next one.

They are pleased that the Sikhs cannot see the SIMMERING FIRES to the North in Kashmir and believe that the Indian Army ("Eunuchs in uniform" and experts in cease fires) will ensure the end of MUSLIM MILITANCY in that State.

They are pleased that the Sikhs have chosen a Sikh-KILLER Congress Party once again to rule their tiny state that is now ONE FIFTH of its original size in 1947.

They are quite happy that the Sikhs call the PARTITION of Punjab and its repeated FRAGMENTATION "Independence".

They are most pleased that the name GANDHI is still a magnet for Sikh masses who have dumped their own Gobind, the Tenth Spiritual and Divine MASTER.

They are very happy over the bitter "mona" and "Khalsa" divide that batters their heads together and does not make them look OUTWARDS.

They are happy over the spread of drugs, drinks, AIDS and Culture of CORRUPTION in EAST Punjab and her massive PENETRATION by Biharis and BOGUS-(Bangla)deshis.

They are happy that NONE in East PUNJAB looked at the sovereignty of East BENGAL and her flag in New Delhi and high commission in London, and cried out, "Hey, we too want to be at par with the East Bengalis who got away scot free from your suffocating corruption twice (1947 and 1972)!".

They are happy that the Sikhs still call the Land of One River as PUNJAB for the ILLUSION that Five Rivers are still flowing through it.

They are happy that the so-called WARRIOR community has not mustered guts and courage to establish even ONE Holocaust Museum on the blood drenched soil of EAST Punjab.

They are very pleased to note that in THIS respect alone, today's Sikhs are HINDUS with the further disease of following a new Gandhi from Italy at the HIGHEST political level.

They are very happy that the ONLY Chief Minister on UNION TERRITORY dare not shift or move his capital to Patiala or Nabha but will want his subjects in Ferozepur, Gurdaspur and Amritsar to travel all the way, and then see his high office after crossing a FRONTIER manned by Security Guards appointed by Dirty and Corrupt Sarkar in Delhi who has put the DEFENCE of our Gurdwaras, Daughters and TERRITORY in the hands of one ABDUL KALAM who doesn't know who the Sikhs are and where EAST Punjab is, NOR A WORD OF PANJABI.

They are very pleased that the Sikhs can only see VISIBLE dangers and not the INVISIBLE ones that are now more common than in the days of KILLER/CONVERTER Aurangzeb.

They also know that COLLECTIVE Sikh IQ is equal to that of one RABBIT and therefore they can be slapped one day and then set down on a meadow with GREEN grass.

They know that when you shoot them dead, they are angry and agitated but when you smile at them, they come forward to embrace you, even touch your feet.

So the strategic ENEMY is on course to annihilate the remaining Sikh community by forcing out the INTELLIGENTSIA abroad to all continents on earth.

First came the British GUNS to enslave, demoralise and BRAINWASH us in 1849. Then they used Sword of Islam in 1947 to break the Sikh backbone that lies along the axis MULTAN-NANKANA SAHIB-LAHORE/AMRITSAR,-GUJRANWALA-RAWALPINDI.

Then they used BULLETS to destroy Sri Akal Takht Sahib in 1984 to impoverish us spiritually, in order to bring us down to the level of spineless HINDU servants & slaves, "Poorbias & Bhayyas" who were regarded "jackals" by our Tenth Master. (Now Sonia Khan, Abdul Kalam, Pakistan, even Bangladesh, and The Vatican think the SAME of the Hindus).

Now they are using LOVE (very false and pretentious, indeed, for the SIMPLETON), with the same END GOAL. And any fool can guess it.

But watch out for their false LOVE to evaporate within a year or so when the political climate in India changes.

The Sikhs, who are too busy in "nishkam sewa", may not notice that the Hindus, too, are no more a "herd of cattle" who could be slaughtered, bullied, terrorised and drven out of five provinces (Pakistan) overnight, but RISING in temper and militancy. Sikhs need to see what is about to happen OUTSIDE their own "tiny deep dark well of ignorance" called Punjab.

The small Sikh Panth on its HOME GROUND is once again ready for Revolution or Annihilation. The "Sarkar" at Centre has created momentary calm before the STORM.

Of course, there can be a peaceful revolution and change of doctrinal traps. But if anyone is interested, let us have an International Conference on the theme of "WHY THE SIKHS ARE DOOMED IN DECOMPOSING/DISINTEGRATING HINDU INDIA".