Date: 5/4/2005


One need not look at APPEARANCE, that can be most DECEPTIVE, but at behaviour or actions. Sikhs are Hindus due to following reasons: 1. They have not dared to commend their SIKH religion to the very Governor (SF RODRIGUES) of their own EAST Punjab, that may be called the HOMELAND of the Sikhs of world. Nor have the Hindus dared to request President Abdul Kalam, with folded hands, heads bowed, and noses in dust, "Sire, how about embracing Hindu Dharma if you are our SUPREME COMMANDER and also President, to boot?" One needs to KNOW how long a Hindu minister in Italy and a Sikh minister in Pakistan wil survive. 2. Sikhs have not asked for same status for EAST Punjab that East BENGAL enjoys. Nor have they asked for the CONCESSIONS that South Kashmir enjoys vide Article 370 of India's Constitution. 3. The Sikhs have not challenged that bogus PARTITION that swallowed half a million Sikhs in "Tsunami" called PARTITION and also the whole of west Punjab. (Nor have the Hindus challenged the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of India's five provinces to indigenous ISLAM in 1947.) 4. The Sikhs have not compiled Lists of all the youth and others killed in Operation Blue Star that was malicious and politically motivated. Nor have the Hindus looked at the JEWS working on those lists that now have more than SIX MILLION NAMES on them. 5. The Sikhs have not dared to set up a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM. Nor have the Hindus dared to copy the Jews who have established more than a DOZEN such museums across the globe. So, ignorant, cowardly, gutless like the HINDUS, the Sikhs must be HINDUS, too, and should shed pretensions that put a mona apart from a Sikh and both from Khalsa, all from a poor Hindu. (How did the Hindus defend their daughters in South Kashmir? One must DEMAND to know.) .........................000000000