Date: 5/5/2005


THE WAIL OF THE TRAPPED SIKH IN DECOMPOSING HINDUSTAN Personally one would like to know the victories of these BOGUS Indian Army divisions. Was it the CEASE FIRE in Kashmir in 1948, and then in Sri Lanka, 1987 and then the LIBERATION of East Pakistan to return it straight to enemies of Secularism. What good are these "brigades and divisions" if their overall supreme commander is a MUSLIM DESPITE PARTITION? Couldn't "smashed" Hindustan (Partitioned Indian Secular State) wait to appoint one in that highhest office until Pakistan conceded the rank of Brigadier to a Sikh and a Subedar to a Hindu? By cowardice of politicians and HIGH TREASON of top leaders, such divisions are wiped out in hours in real war. In India under Sonia Gandhi from Italy, there is NO concept of national security. It (BROKEN BHARAT) will go the way it went in 1947-- ONE THIRD LESS overnight. What event, ceremony or commemoration in the nation marks the unconditional surrender of Lahore and the run (ROUT) from Sri Nankana Sahib? DOES ANYONE KNOW THE E-MAIL ADDRESS OF THE CHIEF MINISTER OF EAST PUNJAB? Should his "government" not know what all the Sikhs round the world are talking about for years on end, without getting anywhere on vital issues of survival? East Bengal, with its seat at UNO, will survive. But how about our own EAST Punjab? Why will it not go the way of NORTH KASHMIR? .......................000000000