Date: 5/6/2005


Application in CMWP 15342/2005 Sheo Ashrey Tiwari Vs Ist ADJ GKP Hon’ble Sir, Dtd:05.05.05. Judiciary is organized gang of extortionists, pettifoggers, frauds and terrorists. You lost your right to sit on the chair of justice, no sooner you took oath to uphold the Indian Constitution, the Article 29(1) of which stipulates that every Muslim and Christian would have right to conserve its culture, which essentially is murder, plunder and rape of your own women. I have given details in my plaint & do not wish to repeat. In my past letter I prayed to appoint any other judge in lieu of Mrs. Poonam Shrivastava J. Still she heard the Writ on 27.4.05. Wanted unnecessary documents and did not direct her subordinate court to execute stay order dtd. 4.3.04. Again she deliberately did not fix next date of hearing in CMWP 15342/05. You are killing two birds with one stone. Your listing office extorts Rs. 100 for listing cases to share extortion money with you. My Writ is not available on Court Web site. I prosecute my Writ in person. It appears that High Court is intending to dismiss my Writ like CMWP 9672/88, which was released by Mr. S.N. Srivastava J on 1.10.2002 without fixing any date and was dismissed by Anjani Kumar J without notice to me on 22.10.2002. No sooner you would do justice, you would land in Naini Jail like Ex J Shmit Mukhrjee of Delhi High Court. I, therefore, pray to depute other judge if you have least moral and sense of justice. (Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi) Petitioner No. 2 in Person. ............................000000000