Date: 5/7/2005

Comment,,,00.html GERMAN RADIO AND TV stations are busy day and night to TELL the world what happened at their own PARTITION in 1945. The scenes are EXACTLY LIKE THOSE across Western India (now NA-PAKISTAN) two years later, with streets littered in towns, villages and cities in West Punjab with mutilated or charred bodies of Hindus and Sikhs, and houses burnt out shells and totally plundered of contents with the survivors fleeing the wrath of their MUSLIM fellow citizens, on blistered bleeding foot, cart, donkey, lorry and car Like a SLAVE NATION we entrusted our media (Broadcasting and Bollywood) to RASCALS, TRAITORS, KHANS, HAIDERS and HUSSEINS, just as now we have entrusted the future and destiny of our ancient land to a scheming CATHOLIC from ITALY who had gone to Cambridge to work as a house maid. Please open this URL,,,00.html and "enjoy" the mosaic of photographs. Or try "" to see their HOME page. Knowledge of GERMAN language would be a great advantage. May be those who know JAPANESE are also being rewarded by such FLASH BACK in history of that nation from that country whose progress since their defeat has been SPECTACULAR and DAZZLING. It is significant to see that there is no "MUSLIM INPUT" in both Germany and Japan. Aren't they lucky? When we come to BROKEN BHARAT (once AKHAND BHARAT) we realise that the vital MEMORY LINKS have been cut off completely by STATE DESIGN. All we can see is BANDIT Nehru delivering his "glow of freedom" speech over the RUINS of his land. The unfortunate INDIANS have been DEPRIVED of KNOWLEDGE like the wretched orphans. We are still an IGNORANT nation, "by STATE DESIGN". The difference between a SLAVE nation and a FREE nation now becomes crystal clear. That is why TINY Slovakia and Latvia (even Islamic BOGUSDESH, the "illegitimate separatist bastard" that calls itself "Bangladesh") have their representatives sitting proudly at the UNO while vast "MAHA-RASHTRA" and TAMIL NADU States are represented there by anyone selected by ITALIAN BORN Sonia KHAN whose heart is at the feet of POPE rather than Sri Krishna and Sri Ram. And where would be the SPIRITUAL heart of Abdul Kalam, with an immaculate ARABIC name like MOHAMMED, be? It is time to THINK and BELIEVE like a free nation before we can become one. ......................May 7, 2005. ......................000000000