Date: 5/7/2005


CASTRATING THE HINUDS (SPIRITUALLY): BASHING THE HINDUS PHYSICALLY. COMMENT ON A POSTING ENTITLED "US takes aim at Hindu groups" PUT ON INTERNET BY A HINDU PATRIOT LIVING IN THE USA: Let us not forget that when citizens are BASHED within and without the country, the only FORCE besides public opinion (if there is a public opinion and any semblance of national unity!) are the President and the GOVERNMENT of these wretched people. In our case while Discussion Lists are "hot", thanks to the discovery of Internet, we must ASK, "Where the HELL are the PRESIDENT, the Italian born MOTHER OF NATION, and the limp and useless PRIME MINISTER? Why are they all chasing the Pakistanis like jokers, dwarfs and midgets, to win the perpetually devilish Mohammedan hearts and minds?" The action against Saddam Hussain was not undertaken by the citizens or churches of America but by the PRESIDENT. We don't even know HOW our own President feels when the news of Hindu killings and even massacres comes in from South Kashmir and East Bengal regularly. Does anybody know how Abdul KALAM feels? I think NOT. He gets our unconditional obedience and trust just as Bandit Nehru gave away Lahore to the "bastards" unconditionally. And THEY are the cause for our being kicked in Fiji, getting thrashed in Uganda, Bashed in East Bengal and outright exterminated in Kashmir and West Punjab. Let us never take our eyes off the REAL enemy. These NATIVE INDIAN traitors, "bastards and bitches" live in comfortable bungalows and mansions, go around in chauffeur driven limousines, own immense wealth stacked in banks, and attend lavish banquets in the capital of India, New Delhi- not in New York or London. It is NOT the enemy abroad although they are given a lot of encouragement to go on denegrating (and spiritually CASTRATING) the Hindus by events like STATE INVITATIONS to the Pope, only to hear his dismal views on Hinduism that are published in the main media across the globe. ........Why should the "US not take aim at Hindu groups"? ........................000000000