Date: 5/7/2005


A THRILLED INDIAN RESIDENT OF THE UNITED KINGDOM WRITES: "Khabra and Vaz exuded confidence and pledged support to India. "I would very much hope that the government will treat India on (SIC) par with China," Khabra said. " ..............======================== KHABRA COMPARED A SHEEP WITH A TIGER IN ONE BREATH, AN INDIAN ROPE TRICK, TO FOOL THE IGNORANT INDIANS OF THE WORLD. ........LET US SERVE THEM WITH THE FOLLOWING COMMENT: To BOTH MPs we ought to say, "China is called PEOPLES REPUBLIC while India is called BANDIT NEHRU-DYNASTY'S REPUBLIC. It has only seen ONE dynasty on top, unnoticed by these parliamentarians breathing the FREE air in Britain. China has a government and PEOPLE who share spiritual roots. Khabra's India is an ITALIAN and a MOHAMMEDAN colony. Look who is AT THE VERY TOP. Do you see Sonia and ABDUL? May be, NO. To a goat all animals look goats. With regard to Keith Vaz, he was born in YEMEN to share the "honour" of patriotism with SONIA KHAN who was born in ITALY. There is another big difference between China and India. Surprising these MP's do not know! China is AKHAND, still in the same frontiers as in 1947. India is just one fragment of the original whole that was called Akhand Bharat by Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. China is a SUPER POWER with a NUCLEAR bomb of its own and also is a PERMANENT MEMBER of Security Council. With regard to India's nuclear bomb one can only LAUGH, not just because the MUSLIMS call it "HINDU BOMB" and LAUGH. The "Father of Indian Bomb" is one ABDUL KALAM who is also the SUPREME COMMANDER of Hindustan, the Land of Hindus since Partition. Chinese membership of Security Council is not disputed by anyone on earth. BUT there are strong objections to INDIAN membership of that august body by YEMEN, PAKISTAN and even SOVEREIGN EAST BENGAL that is now respectfully called "Bangladesh" by Khabra and Vaz. The rate of economic recovery of China is manifold that of India. A corrupt minister faces gallows when tried. In India the BOFORS CHOR (Rajiv Khan) cannot even be tried, leave aside stood before a FIRING SQUAD. His punishment was meted out by a simple woman, a young Tamil mother, instead of India's Supreme Court of rabbits. Another difference is that China actually OCCUPIES part of India (Messrs. Khabra and Vase, Have you ever heard of AKSAI CHIN?) while India does not occupy an inch of China, nor has India pressed her claim over NORTH KASHMIR and LAHORE in any international forum. The world is not blind to the fact that the Chinese stand up to danger UNITED as one man. In the case of India, will an East Bengali, West Punjabi and North Kashmiri or Hindu South Kashmiri (now in a refugee camp at Pathankot), sit and act united with a Sikh from Hoshiarpur or a Catholic from Kerala? Finally China is keen on dismantling its own PARTITION, that is, the separate status of TAIWAN. What about India of Piara Singh Khabra? (By birth Keith Vaz is NOT Indian however the Indians, especially the Gujaratis, may go out of their way to embrace and EMPOWER him.) The entire LOK SABHA (Indian Parliament) where counterparts of Mr. Khabra sit, has ACCEPTED that bogus Partition as final act of history. The word PARTITION is not even in India's Constitution. So there is no question of officially paying any tribute to the memory of TWO MILLION INNOCENT "Kafirs" slaughtered by our own MUSLIM fellow citizens in that year. Khabra who is an MP in UNITED Kingdom ought to have missed the word "UNITED" from the title of his own land of birth, not only India but also PUNJAB. His town of birth, Hoshiarpur, lies in ONE FRAGMENT of the original whole that was made by FIVE fragments (West Punjab, UNION TERRITORY of Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and of course EAST PUNJAB). These two INDIAN MP's in London, one a secular "demolished" Sikh, the other a committed devout CATHOLIC, ought to have approached the Government of United Kingdom asking for an APOLOGY for breaking up their INDIA without any referendum, challenge, argument, fight or CONDITION in 1947. They were also expected to notice their OWN degradation in not being privileged to get DUAL NATIONALITY that Sonia Khan back home enjoys (Italian and Indian). Both are keen to "serve INDIA" but they cannot buy a square inch of land in KASHMIR. They have nto read Article 370 of Indian Constitution yet, that makes them "NIGGERS" in South Kashmir. Indeed they will be serving their own families and bank balances. There is a saying, "HE CAME, HE CONQUERED". In their case one can aptly say, "THEY CAME, SAT INVISIBLY AND VANISHED." So let us be very SCEPTICAL when we read the headline, "Labour's Asian MP's to speak for India." Look at the word "ASIAN". They are not proud of India at all but wish to MERGE their INDIAN identity in the cloud called "ASIAN". Yet "The Hindustan Times" of a slave nation thinks otherwise. There are many countries in Asia. Will proud Turkey, Iraq, Japan, even Sri Lanka allow these two INDIAN MP's ("midgets") to speak for them? O yes! Grand titles do please the INDIANS. One fragment out of three is still INDIA. One river out of five is still PUNJAB. You would recall the story when a servant, who cleans and sweeps the Master's Mansion all day, dreams at night of driving the Rolls Royce, sitting beside the Master's wife. PS: Would someone kindly forward this mail to the editor? Thanks. .............------------------------------------- FULL PUBLISHED ITEM: Labour's Asian MPs pledge to speak for India The Hindustan Times, May 7 2005 London, May 6, 2005. Two veteran Asian-origin Labour MPs on Friday celebrated their victories in the British general elections and said they would continue to represent India's interests in Parliament. Piara Singh Khabra and Keith Vaz returned from their Southall and Leicester East constituencies respectively even as other Labour seats tumbled across Britain. Khabra, from Hoshiarpur in Punjab, won with a slightly reduced majority of 11,442 but an increased proportion of the vote. However, Vaz, a former junior minister of Goan origin, managed to increase both his winning margin and the proportion of votes - a remarkable achievement in a difficult election for Labour. British Prime Minister Tony Blair won a historic third consecutive term in office but his Labour Party returned to power with a sharply reduced majority. Khabra and Vaz were among the eight Asian-origin MPs voted into Parliament in Thursday's elections, including debutante Sailesh Vara, a solicitor who was elected from the safe Conservative seat of Cambridgeshire Northwest. Vara became the first Asian vice-chairman of the conservative party in 2001 and is the first ethnic Gujarati to be elected to the British parliament. He came to Britain from Uganda as a boy in 1972 and this was his third attempt at becoming an MP. The others to be re-elected were: Khalid Mahmood (Birmingham Perry Barr), Marsha Singh (Bardford West), Mohamed Sarwar (Glasgow Central), Parmjit Dhanda (Gloucester) and Dr Ashok Kumar (Middlesbrough South and Cleveland East). One Asian MP - Liberal Democrat Parmjit Gill, who won a by-election from Leicester South last year - lost his seat to Labour. Khabra and Vaz exuded confidence and pledged support to India. "I would very much hope that the government will treat India on par with China," Khabra said. "Gordon Brown (Chancellor of the Exchequer) has already shown his interest in China. I hope there will be further interest by the government in India, which is emerging as a major global economic and trading power." Vaz, whose constituency includes a large number of Indian-origin Britons, said he was "absolutely delighted" at his win, "especially after the results of the Labour Party". "I've been an MP for 18 years and I've always been a great friend of India. I hope the relationship between India and Britain will grow faster during Britain's coming presidency of the European Union," Vaz said. (Indo-Asian News Service),001301730000.htm ...........============================== .........BEWARE OF THE SHEEP POSING AS A TIGER. ...................000000000