Date: 5/7/2005


NEWS ITEM, 7 MAY 2005 Hindu priest shot dead by Maoists Kathmandu: Suspected Maoist rebels on Friday shot dead a top Hindu priest and injusred one of his aides in western Nepal while he was delivering a religious lecture, reports PTI. ===================== "Suspected Maoist rebels." O YES? Common sense dictates, a Maoist rebel will kill a Government official, not a Hindu priest. But if the "Maoist rebel" is a MOHAMMEDAN, then he will go straight for the death of a HINDU and, even better, to gun down a Hindu PRIEST who, being the custodian of Hindu Dharma, is a pain in the backside of RASHTRAMATA SONIA KHAN. Please be careful at such news where the blame goes to a cloud called "MAOISTS" when the assassins are MOHAMMEDANS hired by CATHOLIC Power Bloc in Bharat. Let us pray (what else can we do?) for the rest of Hiindu PRIESTS in Nepal whose Hindu body is being punctured and BLED on daily basis. In the United Kingdom when a heinous crime like rape or robbery or drugs is committed the criminal is called an "ASIAN" but when something nice occurs, the hero in the media is always a "Son of Mohammed". That is why India is said to be BROKEN UP and PARTITIONED between "HEROES", the Muslims and the "cowardly dark cloud" called "The Rest". Should it not have been, "India is partitioned between the Muslims and the HINDUS."? But NO. That way we shall expect the Muslims to QUIT along with the British but now we expect them to MULTIPLY and finally take over with "AZAAN" (long and loud howl that scares the Kafirs within hearing) being broadcast from Rashtrapati Bhawan and a Maulvi inaugurating the session of Lok Sabha with recital of an ANTI KAFIR verse from KORAN. Let us remain ON GUARD from terminology. Now WHO will trace that "MAOIST" killer and put his name on Internet so that we know the TRUTH? Are they not making a fool of ALL of us, ALL the time? ...........................000000000