Date: 5/8/2005


THE KORAN AND THE MEIN KAMPF ARE TWO COMPARABLE BOOKS, SPEWING HATRED OF NON CONFIRMISTS. THE ATTACK ON INDIA TO CARVE OUT PAKISTAN WAS LIKE HITLER'S ATTACK ON CZECHOSLOVAKIA AND POLAND. THE TREATMENT OF JEWS, GYPSIES AND THE REST IS SIMILAR TO MOHAMMEDANS' TREATMENT OF HINDUS, SIKHS AND BUDDHISTS. WHILE THE FREE WORLD THEN UNITED TO SMASH HITLER, THE FREE WORLD IS IN ALLIANCE WITH MOHAMMED IN SAUDI ARABIA AND PAKISTAN. THE MOST DESPICABLE THING RIGHT NOW IS THE ACCEPTANCE OF THAT AGGRESSION AND SAVAGE OCCUPATION OF PARTS OF INDIA, BY NONE ELSE BUT INDIA HERSELF. IN THAT STATE OF MORAL COLLAPSE THE INDIAN PRIME MINISTERS ARE GOING TO PAKISTAN WITH OLIVE BRANCE OF PEACE. THEY DO NOT HAVE BRAINS OR KNOWLEDGE OF HISTORY TO ASK, WHY DID PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT, MARSHAL STALIN AND WINSTON CHURCHILL DID NOT TRAVEL TO BERLIN WITH OLIVE BRANCE OF PEACE? ..................=================== What can the War against Nazism teach us while fighting the War on Terror While we observe the 60th anniversary of the victory over Nazism, we need to remember what lessons that victory has for us in winning the War on Terror. This is an actual archived photograph of Hitler's meeting with Amin Al Husseini who was the founder and President of the World Islamic Congress (WIC). After WWII, the WIC now known as the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) actively shaped the agenda of the Muslim world. The Nazi-Islamic nexus would be clearer from the evidence at this page. Similarities between Islam and Nazism The Second World War was started by a Megalomaniac, who wanted to exterminate a race - the Jews, the Jihad was started by a Megalomaniac who wanted to exterminate all non-Muslim, by giving them the choice - Islam or death (or a Dhimmi status of second class citizens that would be worse than death). World War two was launched to ensure lebensraum for the Germans (specifically Nazis), the Jihad was started to occupy all non-Muslim nations by aggression. The Nazis under Hitler enforced all Germans to join the Wehrmatch (German Army), the Muslims under Mohammed forced all converts to Islam to join the war to convert other non-Muslim to Islam in an offensive war called Jihad. The Nazis were hypnotized by the ranting of Hitler who raised a frenzy among the Germans of their being the "Master Race", Mohammed's ranting in the Quran and the Sunnah have created a Superiority Complex among the Muslims who look down with contempt on all non-Muslims. Hitler codified his ranting in the Mein Kampf that was looked upon by the Nazis as sacrosanct, Mohammed codified his ranting in the Quran, which is looked upon as the inviolable word of some allah by all Muslims. The Nazis built a personality cult by including the name of their gang lord in their slogan "Heil Hitler", the Muslims built a personality cult by including the name of Mohammed in their exclamation "Mohammed (Peace be upon him)" Similarities in the way to defeat Nazism and Islam Before the war against Nazism began in earnest, the Western Democracies tired to appease the Nazis by allowing them to re-occupy Rhineland, then establising an air force (Luftwaffe) and then first offering them Austria and then Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. Before the war against Islam can begin in earnest, the Western Democracies have offered them numerous sops like the forced Roap Map to peace between Israel and Palestine, ignoring the fact that the Palestinian want the destruction of Israel and nothing less. The war against Nazism was begun by trying to persuade the German troops to seek peace by dropping leaflets across the Seigfried Line. the war against Nazism has begun, by stating that "Islam is a religion of peace(sic)", asking for despotic rulers of Muslim countries to allow free and fair elections, but being blissfully unaware of the fact that till Islam is around, and Muslims vote in an election, it is the most vituperative among the Muslims who will get elected. This has happened in Algeria, and now in Iraq where elections have brought to the fore a majority of legislators who want an Islamic state. And an Islamic state is a war-mongering state. Nazism displayed the evil that it was through the Ghettos and death camps it made for the Judenvolk (Jews), Islam would be exposed only after it stages the first attack of Nuclear terrorism against the West. 9/11 was just a trailer of Islam's innate evil. Nazism scored early victories against Poland, France and then Russia, Islam has scored early victories like 9/11, the USS Cole bombing, the bombing of the Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the killings of Marines in Mogadishu and Beirut Nazism was defeated after the Western World realized that Nazism cannot be appeased or kept in good humor by platitudes, but that they have to actively seek to destroy Nazism utterly to the last Nazi. Islam will be defeated only when a similar realization comes into the minds of Western statesmen. Story Credits ........................000000000