Date: 5/8/2005


NDA had such a golden opportunity to succeed in the last general election, but it was thrown away due to the lack of vision by its leadership. NDA lost their best friends in Tamil Nadu. BJP put Naidu in the National map and lost the Andhra as Naidu took away from the grassroots level, efficient upcoming leaders for paperwork to Delhi. Consequently he lost grassroots' level information as to what was happening in AP. The greatest failure of BJP was its failure to build and support a dedicated cadre like the communists. BJP could have done that very easily while in power. Recently many learned and better informed of my friends were trying to give credit to BJP where it was not due. My comments may be taken as that of a person who wants the BJP back in power at any cost in the near future. We have some very best leaders in Uma Bharati, and Kalyan Singh etc. They have gut feeling about the masses and unfortunately, some of the persons in the BJP headquarters does not seems to think so. I was very much pained when newspapers reported that one Jayachand in the BJP leadership had tipped off Congress about a pending arrest warrant against Umaji. This could be a planted information or even true. But if it was planted information and there was no hand in that by a Jaichand in BJP Umaji should have been back in position in no time. As this did not happen, it is clear that in the BJP top leadership there is a Jaichand. BJP should have made Advaniji the PM from the beginning and then BJP would have been in power even now. There are areas where many BJP leaders try to claim that great things like nuclear bomb testing, IT revolution etc had happened. If we are very objective and wish to give credit then the credit for nuclear bomb should go to P.V.Narasimha Rao. Shri Rao was ready to test the fusion bombs, but had to postpone because of US intervention. Hajpayee did not do any thing special during his time that will get the common man's vote. Even the first bomb was developed during Indira Gandhi's time. She had the guts and vision to make India a nuclear power. Many a time I felt that we really miss Indiraji and Hajpayee is a weakling for a powerful nation like India. When P.K.Iyengar and Anil Kakodkar (the present Atomic Energy Commission Chairman, Kakodkar was given unnecessary extension by Hajpayee) tried the first model of the atomic bomb, it was a failure. During one of the meetings, Ramanna told the members that heads will roll if the project is not successful. It was T.S.Murthy who intervened and told bluntly that the first head that will roll will be that of Ramanna. That was the power Indira had over the Scientists. T.S.Murthy's idea of implosion technique for our first atomic bomb was successful. I was also part of the first bomb project. Unfortunately it is not the real guys who enjoy the benefits of success. Kakodkar, who was just an ordinary engineer, was in the good books and so was in the fast promotion list and this led him to be the director of BARC and later the chairman of AEC. Unfortunately Hajpayee, lacked the basic common sense and vision, extended the service of Anil Kakodkar even after retirement, which Kakodkar never deserved. This had brought in a lot of heartburn for other senior scientists as their promotions were affected. Such extensions are not given and instead the retired Chairmen are put in advisory role to the government. What I think is that some very strong commercial interests are involved in the extension given to Kakodkar, as there is a massive expansion of Nuclear power programme is going on India. Some one in PMO's office, most likely Brajesh Mishra might have made lot of money. Secondly the argument that in information technology India is on the top because of BJP. This is not true and strangely the reason for success is the fact that Government does not know what is information technology that is going on. As government didn't know what it was, IT industry made a lot of progress. Mahajan a corrupt and showy (Collected Reliance Shares and think that public will never know about it and was showing how he was using computers to get votes to the TV channels about which I wrote at that time.) leader who brought in the information technology act. As a person he may not know what is inside the computer and how the information travels in the internet. His information act will make every Indian who is using the internet a criminal and can be arrested. (esp. those who surf the internet have no idea on the content of a site and if some pornographic material can get downloaded, and the person can become a criminal as per the act) This comment is based on my reading of the draft act when it was put up. Mahajan didn't contribute anything for IT revolution. Had he been corruption free like Arun Shourie, or other BJP leaders, one day he could have been our PM. One thing every Indian had to suffer under NDA was the destruction of cheap cable TV to every home. They brought in CAS which no one is using now. The only state where it was introduced in Tamil Nadu and Maran had imported a lot of set top boxes hoping to make a killing. On a visit Chennai, one cannot see any star movie or HBO etc in the TV sets of their friends. Tamilians being in the lower ladder of intellectual development is not doing anything about it. Maran's imported set top boxes are waiting with patience for the change of Tamilian mind. Maran is now advertising heavily discounted set top boxes. The interference by BJP and allies on cable TV can be described simply as a disaster. Some one claimed that food became surplus because of BJP. This may not be exactly correct. The progress we made in agriculture is due to some of the visionaries who worked on that decades back. Five years is not a long time for Agricultural development. In fact I had seen widespread suicide by farmers in Andhra, Kerala etc and BJP, or TDP never bothered to address the problem. Telephone is an area BJP can take credit of. But the actual reason for it is the international commercial pressure. Ordinary persons never felt any difference during the NDA rule. House to house conversion efforts by chirsitans had increased. Terrorism had increased. Advani, who had promised a white paper on terrorism and terrorists, didn't carryout his promise. Hajpayee was a real weakling who had lost a golden opportunity for guiding our nation in the proper direction. Unfortunately he was in another world and the government was being run by CIA and ISI agents. The type of BJP leadership is such that they have roped in part time actresses. Poonam Dhillon was in Congress and later brought in to BJP. I am not sure where she is now. But the worst is Smriti Irani, whose career is similar to Sonia, and started her life as a sweeper in McDonald in Delhi. She has a secondhand Parsi husband as her husband had married someone else earlier. Her only qualification is that she acted in some serials. How can such an immature person come to the top leadership except through the casting coach is the thought that is worrying many? Irani was seen condemning Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in public. This could have been even due to Hajpayee's instructions, as we see periodically Gujarat BJP MLAs complaint about the leadership of Modi, on someone's instruction from the BJP headquarters in Delhi. There is no harm in taking the services of a prostitute as was done by Sonia in the case of Tehelka. But it is another thing to keep them in the BJP policy making bodies. BJP should drop these undesirables from the party leadership. Who decided on this selection? There is something fishy about it. BJP had suffered in the hands of another child prostitute actress Jayalalitha. Jayalalitha, born in Mysore, in 1948 to a cabaret artist Sandhya, dropped out of school to follow her aunt Vidyavati into films to support her family in the childhood. Jayalalitha was the first to show her thighs in the Tamil movies. Her first film was in 1961 and never had the time to study. Like Jayalalitha, we have another success story of the illiterate Sonia Gandhi. Jayalalitha tried to get Subramanian Swamy killed, and Swamy once said about Jayalalitha as "I'm fighting Idi Amin 10 times over, I'm not fighting a woman, and I'm fighting a demon." Judicial officers, IPS officers are her dogs who will plant evidence and arrest Hindu priests on drug charges and under goonda act which even her own judges had to squash as they found it difficult to swallow. It always helps for a party like BJP which is the culmination of aspirations of the Hindus, to do a background check on all those allies and new entrants. Hajpayee could have controlled very effectively with proper intelligence input from our IB who would have supplied sufficient photos of Jayalalitha's earlier days. But the tragedy was Hajpayee was trying to protect Sonia and Rahul. See how the illiterate barmaid Sonia is so openly using IB for her end now. Before the last election BJP had become the resting place for muslim leaders. BJP even wanted to make P.C.Alexander the president. Alexander is a traitor Syrian christian in whose office the infamous Coomer Narayan spy case had happened. Alexander in his own words was claiming that he was solely responsible for bringing in the Nehru dynasty back by installing the immature Rajiv Gandhi after Indira's death. Had this christian intervention by Alexander was not there, our democracy would have taken a normal course with Pranab Mukherjee as PM and our nation would have been a better place to live in today. What BJP had forgotten when it was in power, was that it was always under attack by the minority community. I had seen the way the christians and muslims speak of BJP outside India. They will do anything for defeating and destroying the BJP. It was no wonder that the money for Tehelka came from Dubai. It was the Bangaru standard that caught the BJP on the wrong foot. I cannot envisage a dud fellow worse than Bangaru Laxman. Persons in higher positions will never discuss money, but they discuss only policy. Bangaru Laxman forgot that he was in a powerful and responsible position which is being targeted by minority enemies. Even a peon would have put in an intermediary to collect such a petty sum of one lakh Rupees from Tehelka. It is not the corruption I was worried but the stupidity of Bangaru Laxman and Mahajan. All these will old things will pass and there will be other golden days for BJP. The bottom line should be the thought that others are trying to discredit the party and it is the duty of every one in BJP to make sure that they themselves does not discredit BJP. Next time when in power BJP should do things boldly and should behave with common minimum intelligence. Congress also is no better. They are much worse than BJP. This is due to the very nature of Indians. We just don't cooperate, but fight and blame each other and are unwilling to accept the leadership of another colleague and call him the boss. What Congress has now is a white skin leader. Over generations Indians were taught to respect the foreigners and white skinned persons. So all the congress fellows go and bent in front of Sonia. That is the reason why the congress is more or less united for the time being. Bharat J Gajjar, USA. May 8, 2005. ......................000000000