Date: 5/8/2005


THERE IS CONTROVERSY IN SIKH WORLD OVER SOME MISGIVING THAT WE ARE REALLY HINDUS, SIMPLY THE ONES WHO GROW LONG HAIR. Is it not better to leave it to the individual to do what he likes with his hair without being dragged into debate on Internet? Does this question relate to APPEARANCE only, or SPIRIT that is invisible? What about the COLLECTIVE performance, aims and aspirations of a community or nation? To me, while religion is a PERSONAL affair, the Sikh community is HINDU for doing exactly what the Hindus do. Example: The Hindus accept Partition. So do we. Neither they wish to recover territories lost in 1947, nor do we the Sikhs. Example: The Hindus have NO enemy on earth. So do the Sikhs. But the reality is otherwise. Did we surrender LAHORE to friends? Example: When an opportunity comes to recover the lost territory, the Hindus MISS it. East Bengal was captured by Gen Aurora but promptly returned to enemy. Now look at North Kashmir. Does anyone think that Pakistan will return it to India? Example: When Sikhs and Hindus become refugees, they are expected to forget it and get on with life. Now look at the PLO refugees. They insisted on remaining refugees and are now to be given their land back. When will the Sikh farmers get their farms and fields back in Lyallpur (whatever name the city has now) or shops and homes in Rawalpindi? How can we seal our lips over our extermination at such a large scale, over so much territory? Is that in accordance with Sikh character or HINDU character? Example: When a top political post is vacant, the Muslim JUMPS on it to OCCUPY it firmly. The Hindu runs away from touching executive responsibility. When India BROKE UP violently in 1947, Mr. Jinnah the MUSLIM leader declared himself the first Governor General within seconds. India's Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, a Hindu at Heart, trembled, hesitated and pulled back. He requested Lord Louis Mountbatten, the Viceroy, to STAY ON IN INDIA and occupy the post of PARTITIONED India's first Governor General. Today our Sikh Chief Minister does not feel his disgrace in being confined to "UNION Territory", nor the Sikhs (in reality HINDUS) who vote for him are perturbed over his inferior political status. These are vital points that cannot be bypassed or ignored. They define a Sikh AS WELL AS a Hindu. The Hindus collectively do not know which way they are heading. Nor do the Sikhs. But ask any Muslim and he will say without hesitation, "Our final aim to put the Rest Of India, too, under Islamic flag." ............................000000000