Date: 5/8/2005


HERE ARE SOME COMMENTS SEEN ON A JEWISH LIST. FOR INFORMATION OF HINDU RASHTRA: OUR FATE IS SIMILAR WITH THE MUSLIMS SQUEEZING US ONTO EVER SMALLER TERRITORY, TIGHTENING THE STRANGULATING NOOSE FROM ALL SIDES. EAST BENGAL WAS PUT UP LIKE A "BARRIER OF DEATH" BETWEEN HINDUS OF BHARAT AND THE BUDDHISTS OF MYANMAR. THE STRATEGIC STATE OF KASHMIR IS UNDER SERIOUS ATTACK IN ORDER TO CUT US OFF FROM AFGHANISTAN, TIBET, CHINA AND RUSSIA. THEN THE FATE OF THE REMAINING HINDUS (and SIKHS) WILL BE FINALLY SEALED. ================= COMMENTS: IF INDIA COULD SETTLE 15 MILLION REFUGEES WITHIN MONTHS IN 1947, WHY CAN'T THE DISHONEST ARAB / ISLAMIC WORLD SETTLE THIS PLO IN THEIR VAST LANDS CAPTURED FROM NON MUSLIMS. ISLAM CAPTURED ONE THIRD OF INDIA ON ONE DAY (WITH BRITISH HELP) IN 1947 AND EXTERMINATED MILLIONS OF MINORITIES. ISRAEL MUST EXPAND AND EXTEND HER TERRITORY TO SURVIVE IN FUTURE. 05/08/05 2:36:32 PM MST 80% of American Mosques are Wahhabi Mosques, infestesed with the deviant monies of the Saudi's and just about EVERY Politician in Washington, is in bed with this Saudi lobby and have been since about the time of FDR. The result is that Saudi's can come into the USA, rape and murder US Citizens, then return to Saudi Arabia with Diplomatic Immunity. Washington is selling out the Israeli's, because of Saudi involvement and pressure, based on their Totalitarian Government corrupt with Oil Money. Wahhabi's are slaughtering close to 19,000 Americans annually and any American who fights back and kills the Saudi or other Wahhabi, sect, will be incarcerated. Israel wake up and realize that American Politicians are not your ally. They are not the ally of the American People, and they should have bombed Mecca on September 12, 2001, and taken over their Oil fields. Instead, they continued to take Saudi money, allowed them to rape and kill American Citizens, with immunity, and they have increased the funding to Palestinians, who are Wahhabized, as well as mentally insane. What does that tell you? Actions speak louder than words. 05/08/05 12:37:42 PM MST The Palestinians are squatters to begin with and have no claim to Jewish lands. In reality they are the occupiers and should go back to their wide open arab lands. 05/08/05 10:49:09 AM MST How can any man challenge G-d's word to Israel about the land? 05/08/05 10:46:03 AM MST Never Ever!!! It is not ours to give!! Only HaShem has that right. 05/08/05 8:45:43 AM MST Treaties mean nothing to these people. They are just words to be disregarded when it suits. This is not just a Palestinian arab/Israel problem. It's a Eurabia/Israel problem with America waiting to see what's best for itself. 05/08/05 8:19:25 AM MST No surrender what belongs to Israel 05/08/05 7:58:58 AM MST you well never have peace with arabs that can not have peace with ther owen people howe can thay have peace with you jeffrey seath kernersville N.C. USA 05/08/05 7:42:52 AM MST the leaders of Israel are gone mad to think giving up land will bring peace 05/08/05 7:27:46 AM MST in fact, rather than give up any more Jewish land, i feel we should take back Sinai, parts of trans-jordan and parts of syria. 05/08/05 7:11:33 AM MST FOR MORE, please see .......................000000000