Date: 5/9/2005


This excellent contribution (BELOW) from Dr Suseelan ought to be posted on ALL Hindu Discussion Lists. "WHAT CAN ONE HINDU DO?" Little, except shed tears at the sinking HINDU ship with an Italian Captain and Muslim crew that have confiscated the only helicopter on board for their own escape- in the manner of American escape from Saigon in 1975. But there is an irony: While Vietnam was left to the Vietnamese, Bharat will not be left to Hindus. One can shudder to imagine who will take over this SHIPWRECKED India. Any thoughts? Here is ONE: India will become BATTLE GROUND between two bitter and brutal "fighting beasts" who have specialised in murder, plunder and CONVERSION land LAND grab. The end war will be fought ferociously over the bones and flesh of HINDUS as in 1947 when MOHAMMED triumphed over all the Sikh Gurus in West Punjab and over all the Hindu mahatmas in East Bengal. Today (9 May 2005) what the Western World is remembering is just one thing: WHAT MAN CAN DO TO MAN IN THE NAME OF IDEOLOGY. What they are not telling or talking about is WHAT MAN CAN DO TO MAN IN THE NAME OF RELIGION. Tragically the Hindus are extremely ignorant and naive by State design. Their sources of INFORMATION and AWARENESS are their enemies, the Congress appointed/ Sonia approved Minsiters of Information and Broadcasting and the entertaining treacherous Bollywood KHANS. The HINDU is in darkness about his past and future. How will Bharat under ITALY & ISLAM fare in the future is not a guess but certainty. Please start a CRUSADE for Hindu Awareness. Let us designate a day for it. On that day let us RECALL and REMEMBERS in writing, speeches and rallies, meetings and even processions that PARTITION just like the West is recalling and remembering VE Day and VJ Day. What is gong in MOSCOW today (May 9, 2005) is not for our entertainment but a cruel REMINDER to do likewise over our PARTITION and DEATH in Lahore and Dhaka. The West has buried their ENEMY and are tackling them valiantly in Kabul, Karbala and Baghdad while OUR enemy is all round and ON TOP. We are still in cuckoo's world expecting Pakistan to feel the bite in conscience, apologise and vacate North Kashmir, and for East Bengal to join West Bengal, accepting Secularism and Democracy of George Bush. "What can ONE Hindu do?" is not just to read and forget but to pass on from mouth to mouth, from one to another, to a million, TO A BILLION, and insist on "HINDU RASHTRA" if there have to be provocative undemocratic beastly brutal "MUSLIM RASHTRAS" on EITHER side of our tightly wedged and BASHED secular Bharat. ......................================== WHAT CAN ONE HINDU DO? [...] Dr. Babu Suseelan, USA: If you are a Hindu and are concerned with the present state of affairs, begin by identifying the nature of the problem. The battle is primarily intellectual, not merely political. . . . Real change comes from the heart and into people's hearts. The levels at which a lasting transformation of mindset survives are the emotional and the psychological. Take the example of the couple of members of the US Congress with whom I have been communicating for many years. Most of the "intellectual" information they have read about Bharat from our Hindu viewpoint has gone into one ear and out the other. But when I showed them pictures of beheaded Hindus and bodies of Hindu infants torn apart by Muslims during the Muslim-against-Hindu riots of the 1940s, and when they actually met and hugged wounded victims of Muslim carnage, they understood in a moment what they had not from all the intellectual information in the world. ...............................000000000