Date: 5/9/2005


CONTRIBUTED: In a message dated 09/05/2005 19:23:01 GMT Daylight Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes: Japan closes its door for Indian scientists Press Trust of India Posted online: Monday, May 09, 2005 at 1850 hours IST Tokyo, May 9: Japan has refused visas to 11 Indian scientists since 1998 when the country conducted nuclear tests, sources said. The visa rejections began in 1998 when India conducted underground nuclear test. In that year, the Japanese Foreign Ministry refused to issue a visa to an Indian scientist, the sources were quoted as saying by the Kyodo newsagency. There were three rejections in 2003, six in 2004 and one so far this year, it said. Though the Ministry has declined to state reasons for the refusal, saying the issue is 'a matter of national sovereignty', the sources maintained it is due to India's failure to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. A scientist at a Japanese research institution, who had invited an Indian scientist, quoted a Ministry official as saying the visa 'will never be granted because the Indian scientist belongs to an institution that has some connection to nuclear weapons'. However, the research field of the Indian scientists are basic sciences, irrelevant to nuclear weapons development and those in Japan inviting them said the refusal was ‘unreasonable’. __________________________________________________ COMMENT ON ABOVE; JAPAN CLOSES ITS DOOR ON INDIAN SCIENTISTS for GOOD REASON. An Indian does not have higher image in Japan than what it is in UGANDA and FIJI, East Bengal, West Punjab, North AND South Kashmir and even in Sri Lanka. Why should the Japanese accept the REJECTS of the world? Why? They have money to hire the best scientists from ESTONIA and LITHUANIA, even CZECH REPUBLIC. Then the Father of Indian Scientists is one ABDUL KALAM, who did not migrate to PAKISTAN in 1947 unlike the Sikhs of Lahore who got the BOOT in Lahore. To the Indians, "So what?" But NOT to the Japanese. They KNOW that whatever the "Father" has taught his Indian children, he has also taught his Pakistani children. Islam is ONE family from Indonesia to Morocco. Thirdly, Japan has been watching India not for one year but since 1947. India has kept its face turned TOWARDS THE WEST. O yes, England is great, US is greater and the Islamic Nigeria even greater but the Middle East is the greatest of them all since Mecca is in it and the Indian Muslims are sent there, air fare PAID. We had to send some university students to Japan in 1950's and more in 1960's and even more since. We had to import some decent JAPANESE films to raise awareness of Indian "coolies" instead of tolerating the nonsense from all the KHANS of Bollywood. Indian Government had to tell the Japanese to come to India for pilgrimage and we had to renovate and reconstruct their ancient shrines and temples to pristine glory. Instead of inviting the Pope as State Guest twice, India had to invite the Head Priest of Shinto Japanese Religion once, to address the Buddhist audiences in India. NO, Sir. Under India's SECULAR HAMMER it is legal to beautify the mosques and invite all the KHANS but to keep the temples in ruins, attack the Sikh gurdwaras, see them massacred in South Kashmir, and discourage the Indians from knowing that Buddha was not only Son of God but also Son of India. I congratulate the Japanese to shut the door on Indian "niggers" who tolerate the destruction of own holy places and youth, and an Italian and a Muslim to rule them. and go out of their way to please every Nawab, Haider, Sonia, Khan, Kalam and Rodrigues. WRITES THE SIKH FINALLY, "A Sikh was meant to call a spade a spade. That is why ONCE he was respected and trusted. Today under the label INDIAN, even Japan would not have him. We must suffer for being Indian. Why did EAST Bengal get out of this Decomposition?" ..........................9 May 2005. ..........................000000000