Date: 5/10/2005


V-E DAY EUROPE AND AMERICA are celebrating VICTORY that is, INDEPENDENCE of Europe from NAZI tyranny. Since September 11, 2001, the world has come to REALISE that in our own time we now have ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM instead of NAZI FUNDAMENTALISM of World War 11. This realisation has YET to hit every Hindu in and from PARTITIONED India. People who still "celebrate" on August 15 are at the level of SHEEP with regard to the reality of PARTITION. This realisation is not spreading in BROKEN BHARAT due to terror of ruling Congress establishment who control jobs and livelihood, and where the MP's and ministers swear loyalty to those who were TRAITORS to motherland in 1947. Although BJP got a chance to rule for some brief time, they could not muster guts to PUT THE RECORD STRAIGHT. They sat like the mice sitting under the stern and angry stare of the hungry Catholic CAT, Sonia Khan. At the moment of writing (11 a.m. May 8, 2005), ceremonies are under way in France (Paris), United Kingdom (London), Netherlands (Margraten) and elsewhere to mark the victory. Is there any victory parade going on in New Delhi? Why not since the alternative to allied Victory in Europe was the slavery of India under the NAZIS? INDIA would have celebrated her INDEPENDENCE and VICTORY in the same way, had she arrested MOHAMMED ali JINN before he flew from New Delhi to Karachi where he was to declare himself Governor General of the new REBEL state of PAKISTAN. But this never happened since India's own leader was the creation of the British Imperialism and a child of British Colonialism. He had remained the bosom friend of JINN-AH since the days the latter, the eternally deceptive, treacherous and devious Muslim, was the PRESIDENT of All India Congress Party, swearing by Secularism. India came out after suffering the worst ever DEFEAT and HUMILIATION in history. She lost ONE THIRD OF TERRITORY to the separatist, fundamentalist MOHAMMEDANS on one day and signed off not only territory but also the minorities that got TRAPPED behind the KORANIC CURTAIN of fire and death, rape and brutality. Most of these unfortunate HINDUS were forced to flee and nearly TWO MILLION hacked or beaten to death, countless families burnt to cinders behind closed doors with howling mobs shouting "Allah Hoo Akbar", laying siege to Hindu/Sikh localities. The American and the European is CELEBRATING their Victory over NAZI ideology with heads held high, bands playing and wreath laying on the graves of heroes who died defending LIBERTY, SECULARISM and FREEDOM from the NAZIS. In sheer contrast, the enslaved INDIAN nation goes through the motion of "celebrating" Independence with no thought for the territories surrendered, the millions betrayed and the tens of thousands of girls and women, the HONOUR OF OUR HINDU NATION, abducted, raped, killed or CONVERTED by the Savages who were no different from the wild hordes invading our land of peace and Dharma in the earlier centuries. Nehru, the Bandit, the TRAITOR, the COLLABORATOR, never sent any Recovery and Rescue force into West Punjab to recover each and every Hindu was trapped while trying to head for his/her INDIA for safety and security. Nehru, the Son of a "Bitch", was actually the Son of a Mohammed, and deliberately ignored his own doomed subjects who, too, were looking forward to the "glow of freedom" but DIED due to betrayal by him and "Gaandoo" Gandhi. Neither gave the call, "RISE AND RESIST. OUR PEOPLE AND TERRITORY ARE PERISHING!" They just put the gags and fetters on fighting communities like the Marathas, the Rajputs and the Sikhs and did not issue them with the means of RESISTANCE as was seen in occupied France, Yugoslavia and Ukraine. Our own fighters were ridiculed and condemned openly by "Bapu" Gandhi and they were pushed to the side, if not kept under foot. Our leaders ought to have known that MUSLIM is only an opportunist predator, murderer and vandal, not a determined fighter. That is how the Hindus and Sikhs could wipe them out within days after STANDING UP TO THE BULLIES. The Sikh army captured Khyber after defeating the Afghans and flew the BHAGWA there, a feat not repeated since, not even over Rashtrapati Bhawan right in New Delhi. BANDIT NEHRU kept his armed forces in check and did not send them to West Punjab to RESTORE law and order while the new Paki army was still in the making. Now we know where his loyalties lay. He pulled back his ADVANCING soldiers in Kashmir who were advancing to chase the Mohammeds back to KHYBER. His daughter returned our own EAST Bengal back to the "bastards" in 1972 after capturing it, making a mockery of heroism of troops under Gen. JS Aurora. Nehru chose a BUDDHIST "BHANGI", his menial servant and stooge, to write up the CONSTITUTION of HINDUSTAN, our ancient land, and made sure that the word "PARTITION" does not come up in it. He hated the idea of a HINDU writing up the Constitution. He gave autonomy to Kashmir under SEPARATE Constitution, flag and President (Sadr-i-Riasat"). Even today that State is given special privileges, funds and investments under Article 370 of Constitution. The Indian coolie is so wretched like a DOG in that State that NONE is allowed to buy any land in that State. Yet at the same time any Kashmiri can buy land and property across the whole of India. That all the Chief Ministers do not object shows how they are all serfs and coolies of DYNASTY and do not see this degradation. One of them is made to rule his state from UNION Territory. NEHRU was a sworn anti Hindu. He started bashing them right from Day 1. Yet the nation was so smashed and DEMORALISED and even IGNORANT, that none could see through his mind and intention. Thus Nehru succeeded in putting strangulating rules and regulations to keep the economy slow and grinding to halt in the morass of corruption and red tape. We should recall the INTELLIGENTSIA who left to build up foreign countries but were not needed at home. It is only now that the climate of suppression of native talent is changing, thanks to assassination of three Gandhis who wished to keep India (the HINDUS) as non violent sheep and to serve and feed the Dynasty till eternity. Today everyone ought to be watching the world media, paying tribute to ANN FRANK, the Dutch girl who was killed by the NAZIS. Now what about discovering a HINDU girl of the same age who was snatched from her parents and brothers, and dragged to the bush to be gang RAPED before being KILLED. Let us DISCOVER that wretched betrayed HINDU girl and give her publicity no less than what ANN FRANK has got. For this we need to SET FIRE TO ALL THE STUDIOS of Bollywood, INFESTED by KHANS and MOHAMMEDS, and then recreate studies where the directors and producers go looking for heroes of RESISTANCE to MUSLIMS across our lost territories now called Pakistan and Bogusdesh. ========================== Celebrating Freedom's Victory (UNITED KINGDOM) In what is likely to be the last major commemoration the wartime generation will attend, the nation is coming together to thank those brave men and women who held fast in Europe's darkest hours and, together with our allies, emerged into the sunlight of total victory THE UNITED STATES Bush honors WW II dead U.S. President George W. Bush is in the Netherlands to pay tribute to the Americans who died during World War II in the fight to free Europe from the tyranny of Nazi Germany. LONDON Concert: Thousands of tickets were up for grabs but were snapped up within two hoursof being made available. All tickets have now been allocated and the telephone hotline has now closed. The concert is the cornerstone of a programme of VE and VJ 60th celebrations and welfare awareness-raising activities organised by The Royal British Legion, under the banner 'The Nation's Biggest Thank You'. It is also a key part of the BBC's V45 programming marking 60 years since the end of the Second World War. The Trafalgar Square concert celebrates both the day the Second World War ended in Europe and peace was declared, and serves as a thank you to the veterans who brought that peace to the nation. In 1945, May 8, saw a chain of spontaneous street parties throughout the United Kingdom, with the largest and most exuberant in London's Trafalgar Square. The event will be hosted by Natasha Kaplinsky and Eamonn Holmes and feature a stunning line up of artists. ===================== Now look at India whre the stooge3s and menial servants of ISLAM, ITALY AND BANDIT DUYNASTY are made to "celebrate" PARTITION of 1947 as if it was a vicotryer over the British. There is NO word on DEFEAT before MOHAMMED aned bad bashing of our own nativge Gurus and Avataras.. Let us tell evgery fellow India to WEAR BLACK RIBBONS on August 15, to recall the DEAD OF LAHORE, NOAKHALI AND RAWALPINDI. ....................000000000