Date: 5/10/2005


A Sikh bravely claimed, "Sikhs are not Hindus as declared by Honorable late Bhai Kanh Singh in 1896." =================== HERE IS A COMMENT ON THE ABOVE; Sir, If they were not Hindus then in 1896, then they are most certainly now. Here are the Hindu qualities that we Sikhs have now: They are put down in BLACK & WHITE, quite clearly, below. 1. Accept surrender of West Punjab as FINAL. The Hindus, too, do not say the word PARTITION. 2. Reconcile to CONGRESS anti Sikh and anti Hindu rule. In fact this treacherous political party (who all need to be stood before a FIRING SQUAD for accepting the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of Lahore on OUR behalf!) is ruling our SIKH State today! 3. Do not research their very RULERS political, spiritual and ideological orientation. NO Hindu knows that Indira was a MUSALMAANI like Aurangzeb with a stone heart. Her husband Feroze Khan changed his surname to Gandhi to fool the Hindus. The Sikhs, too, were fooled by her, without any problem. 4. Like the Hindus, the Sikhs have NO territorial ambition. Neither the Hindus wish to see Karachi back in India nor the Sikhs wish to see Lahore back in EAST Punjab. 5. Like the Hindus, the Sikhs do not relate to TERRITORY and FELLOW SIKHS. When 36 Sikhs were shot dead in South Kashmir, we did not see any big demonstration or "GHERAO" in Union Territory or Amritsar or even in Patiala. 6. Now the Sikhs are as "family oriented and business minded" selfish as the Hindus. 7. The Hindus KNOW that an increase in MUSLIM population will eventually mean ISLAMIC flag over Delhi and their mass slaughter or conversion. Yet they couldn't care less. Similarly NO Sikh is worried about the population shift and tilt in EAST Punjab which is our last remaining HOMELAND. 8. The Hindus of WEST Bengal have NO wish to leave the QUAGMIRE under Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam, called "Broken Bharat", or demand membership of UNO like the BOGUS (Bangla) Desh. Nor do the Sikhs of EAST Punjab wish to exert this right to SOVEREIGNTY if East Bengal is allowed to be sovereign. 9. Neither the Sikhs wish to "RECOVER" Sri Nankana Sahib, nor the Hindus show determination to reconstruct Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Neither the Sikhs DEMAND The Vatican style status for Sri Amritsar, nor the Hindus wish that for Ayodhya. 10. The Sikhs are not bothered if the Governor of their State is a Catholic called SF RODGRIGUES. Nor the Hindus are perturbed over the fact that the President is a MUSLIM and the Rashtramaata is an ITALIAN BORN CATHOLIC who would not touch native Hindu religion even with a barge pole. 11. Hindus are stuck in the quagmire of caste and regionalism. We are stuck like limpets to SYMBOLS, not SPIRIT, any more. 12. The Hindus do not notice the DEGRADATION of their own womankind. Is there any outcry against ITALIAN BORN CATHOLIC Sonia Khan, imported as spouse by Prime Minister's son, in any Hindu circle? And has any Gurdwara or Sikh organisation ever passed a Resolution that such an act of surrender and moral corruption at the top is HIGH TREASON? If the Sikhs, too, "lump" the degradation of their females. Then how is it that we are not Hindus? 13. The Hindus are INCORRIGIBLE. They cannot give up subservience, betrayal of fellow Hindus and India (once Akhand Bharat), deviousness and the love of foreigners (Sonia and Abdul) ON TOP. Nor will the Sikhs change their outlook on symbols, or our rigid "We are NOT Hindus!" stance. So, it is futile to debate, discuss or argue with BOTH. 14. The Sikhs and Hindus are both permanent PRISONERS of the past practices, utterances and BELIEFS. They cannot comprehend that the Christians had to DISREGARD Jesus' teachings to be active in Afghanistan and operating in Iraq. They RESPONDED to September 11 attack not in the manner that Mahatma Gandhi would have wished. (So, what are the statues of this cowardly MK GANDHI doing on the blood drenched soil of EAST Punjab if we cannot see one anywhere in West Punjab?) Dear brothers and sisters, do you want some more SIMILARITIES between the two inferior products of perennially slave soil of south Asia? If two animals are meat eaters, then we put them in ONE category, carnivorous. How is it that despite SAME food, culture and social habits the Sikhs are NOT Hindus? I wish Bhai Kahn Singh jee was alive, or had seen the rout and flight of Sikhs from West Punjab and North Kashmir, and the extermination of Hindus in Noakhali a year earlier. NEITHER has ever looked back. The proof would have been BLACK FLAGS on August 15 and a spirited call to the nation of "jackals, rats and vermin ": "Either frontier back to Khyber, or KHALISTAN!" And if we were NOT like the Hindus, but like the MUSLIMS, who all demanded Pakistan with ONE voice, then NO Government on earth would have shot dead 20 million of us! The manner of gaining Independence by tiny LATVIA and GEORGIA from the Soviet Quagmire is totally lost on the mentally scattered Sikhs, leave aside the "pulp", or "mass of flesh" called the HINDUS. ......................000000000