Date: 5/10/2005


contributed: When I was in Lithuania, I learnt that Marshal Stalin (counterpart of GENERAL Musharraf) had occupied that land promptly just as the Germans were made to quit during World War 2. The Soviet repression was savage and brutal. ONE FOURTH of entire population of Lithuania was deported to Siberia or killed outright. Therefore anyone going to VILNIUS, the capital, ought not to miss visiting the HOLOCAUST MUSEUM there. A Lithuanian visiting Delhi will not find any memorial to the Hindu DEAD of millennium. After that Soviet occupation (like the ISLAMIC occupation of West Punjab, East Bengal and North Kashmir), started the darkest period of Lithuanian history. In this post war dark period (comparable to ISLAM in Lahore and Est Bengal after 1947) when India was handed over to Bandit NEHRU, the Lithuanians noticed one thing: He made frequent visits to embrace Marshal Stalin and swore eternal loyalty and friendship with that MASS MURDERER DICTATOR. He never travelled beyond Moscow, to set foot in Vilnius. The abuse the Lithuanians hurl in private on Jawaharlal Nehru, is UNPRINTABLE. Today they can see Georgia Bush going BEYOND Moscow to Georgia to address the public rally in FREEDOM SQUARE. Two days ago, when Moscow celebrated their LIBERATION in 1945 (INDIA has still to celebrate the liberation of Lahore and East Bengal), MANMOHAN SINGH, Sonia's "Servant" Prime Minister was also there. But again this SONIA KHAN'S "coolie" had no time to travel beyond to VILNIUS to tender an apology for Nehru's neglect of their plight. Sorry to say, while Lithuanians love India, they are just fed up with the NEHRU TRADITION of Indian coolies that has lasted more than half a century. Today something else has taken place on this earth. In BERLIN the Germans have erected a GRAND MEMORIAL to the six million Jews killed by Nazis. The world will naturally be looking towards Delhi IN VAIN for a similar Memorial to not six but SIX HUNDRED MILLION Hindus slaughtered and exterminated by MOHAMMEDANS in their 700 long barbaric rule over Hindustan. We would expect the next HINDU government to do two things immediately, 1. Erect a HINDU HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL like the one in Berlin, and 2. Send a delegation to VILNIUS to apologise for Nehru's betrayal of Freedom at home and abroad, especially in the three Baltic Republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The world and the LITHUANIANS are watching us to do the HONOURABLE thing before we die. Now it is up to us, to die in honour or disgrace. ..........................000000000