Date: 5/10/2005


POLICY OF THOSE (ITALY AND ISLAM) WHO ARE TIGHTENING THE NOOSE AROUND THE HINDUS' NECKS. DESTROY THE SIKH AND PUSH THE BAMBOO UP THE "HIJDA" HINDU FROM BOTH ENDS Dear readers, I am a college student in delhi. The motive behind this article is to unveil the supression a sikh youth has to face in his college life. I am amritdhari sikh and I used to wear kirpan over my clothes. When I was new in the college my seniors opposed my wearing of kirpan. They used words like katar chaaku which were quiet obscene for me because I pay full respect to the kirpan. They used to asked me if I my relatives participated in terrorist activities in 80s and if I am going to be a part of it in future. They used to address me as a terrorist. This was not the end of story. Once when I gave them a fitting answer to their cheap comments they asked me not to forget the riots of 84. They said they can repeat it anytime and remove the sikhs from the society. This happens with most of the amritdhari sikhs. It continues till you dont become voilent to be labeled as extremist or a terrorist. Even if you talk to fellow sikhs you are an extremist. Last year I went on a treking camp organized by NCC. We were celebrating on the last day of the camp. Some guys had taken alcohol. Our instructor was also drunk. He specificaly pointed me out and talked to me. He asked the place I belong to. Delhi was the answer. He asked that do I know about the anti sikh roits of 84. I said that it was a shame to the country. Without any hesitation he told me that he participated in the roits and killed dozens of sikhs. I was feeling very angry, but I had to control myself. Even some professors in our college show difference in their attitude towards the sikh students. They try to make us feel inferior just because we are sikhs. Let me tell the readers that the college I belong is one of the best college in our country. ........................============. IT IS SIGNIFICANT TO NOTE THAT THE HINDUS, BORN WITH THE GENES OF "GOATS", DO NOT SUBJECT ANY MOHAMMEDAN TO SUCH MOCKERY OR RIDICULE. THE MOHAMMEDANS ARE QUICK TO RETORT, "REMEMBER THE MUGAL ERA WHEN YOUR SISTERS WERE AT OUR DISPOSAL EVERY NIGHT?" FOR THE PRESENT ANTI SIKH CLIMATE IN PARTITIONED INDIA, THE SIKH LEADERS ARE TO BLAME, THESE "SHEEP AND GOATS" HAVE ALSO BECOME "HINDUS", AND NEVER RECALL OR COMMEMORATE THE BLACK DAY OF PARTITION WHEN WEST PUNJAB WAS SURRENDERED TO MOHAMMED. SITUATION OF PERSECUTED RIDICULED AND TORMENTED SIKH YOUTH IN EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENTS IN HINDUSTAN WILL IMPROVE ONLY WHEN THE IQ OF SIKH LEADERS RISES ABOVE THAT OF A DONKEY'S. THEN THE FOOLS WILL DISCOVER, AND TELL THE HINDUS, THAT INDIRA "GANDHI" WAS A MUSALMANI, AFTER THE HINDUS' BLOOD, TOO. ..........................000000000