Date: 5/12/2005


O All-Mighty America, I do a deep Pranaam to you while my Lok Sabha does a deep Pranaam to a sem-iliterate brat, the worthless White Elephant, from Italy. While your tanks are guarding the streets of KARBALA, BAGHDAD and even MECCA & RIYADH, I cannot visualise our Bharati tanks appearing in Lahore or Rawalpindi, I am obliged to do a deep Salaam to Abdul Kalam, the Supreme Commander, entrusted with the DEFENCE our HINDU Dharti, Dharma and SIKH Daughters. And despite the entire WEIGHT of history, I am to trust a Musalmaan, while pinned down under the yoke of my secular Constitution that was written up only after the unconditional surrender of my city of birth, LAHORE. I pray to you for one thing. "The Allied Forces did not leave vanquished GERMANY under its Book called MEIN KAMPF. Germany is at peace for all time to come. It is not a SEPARATIST Monster any more. Learning a vital lesson from history, please DON'T leave vanquished Afghanistan and Iraq under their own Book of Separatism, Hate and Destruction, called the KORAN. Wish you success whereas my own Bharat has remained MINUS one third of her territory since August 1947, and totally RECONCILED. ......................000000000