Date: 5/13/2005


DEAR PERISHING SIKHS of EAST Punjab, We shall keep on crying like the HINDUS over the spread of aggressive, advancing ENEMY in our midst. Their gain is our LOSS. We have NO conviction in religion like the Muslims in EAST Bengal and North Kashmir. So there is VACUUM in the Sikh brains of all those ignorant and bogus "SRI SINGH SAHIBS" who refuse to learn and improve. They have left it all to AKAL PURKH forgetting that AKAL PURKH gives a BOOT to such "turbaned bhangis" as He did in Lahore and Rawalpindi and puts Mohammedís flag on NANKANA SAHIB, too. Two DARK CLOUDS are moving slowly towards Delhi. One is what you see in the title line above, the other is loud and ear deafening cry of ALLAH HU AKBAR. Not one KHALSA LEADER OR MLA, MP OR "MAN" ON UNION TERRITORY could squeak to throw a MANLY CHALLENGE TO Broken Bharat (Partitioned Indian Secular State), "EITHER FRONTIER BACK TO KHYBER, OR KHALISTAN!" NO. Let us admit. We Sikhs are HINDUS and will go the way of West Punjab. The Hindus, too, now confined to the REST Of India, tightly wedged between ISLAMIC East Bengal and ISLAMIC West Punjab will go the way of SINDH, BALUCHISTNA, WEST PUNJAB, NWFP, KASHMIR AND EAST BENAGL. Are we BLIND not to see? Are be BRAINLESS not to deduce or conclude? Are we unconscious, NOT TO WAKE UP? Each Christian in East Punjab is a "DEAD" SIKH. Each Musalmaan in EAST Punjab is TWO DEAD SIKHS. Each Mosque in East Punjab is Mohammed's TERRITORIAL CLAIM to our sacred secular soil. .................============================== In a message dated 13/05/2005 10:39:54 GMT Daylight Time, XXXX XXXXX writes: May 12, 2005 A close Kashmiri Sikh family once owned a petrol pump in a very secluded little township in rural Ontario Canada. Jehovas Witness visited the Sikh owner at Petrol Pump and spoke to him. Realizing that the Sikh did not know good English, the man asked him what language does he speak? Of course the answer came Punjabi! After exactly 4 weeks the Jehovas man returned with a free copy of Bible printed on very fine paper. Along came two fresh editions of Watch Tower monthly publication, also in Punjabi. He gave them to me as suveniours. A friend told me three weeks back that one fine Saturday morning two people knocked at his door. As he opened and greeted them, he saw this Punjabi looking fellow at the door among the two with Jehovas Witness literature. My friend asked him his name: He was a Sihota as his last name. Soon it was revealed that there is a Dhillon Jehovas witness too. That Sihota is divorced now and his wife a pure Punjaban attends Gurdwara Sahib. Few years back a Punjabi died suddenly while paniting his house at age 44. His name was Mangat. His brother who had converted to Christianity kept on insisting having picture of Jesus during grieving period instead of Sadharan Paath. But the man's wife insisted to have Gurbani Paath at home. I went to do paath one evening, and I did paath aloud. Since I am not such a bad Paathi, and was also emotionally overwhelmed to see grief on faces of young children and young wife, I did paath with very clear loud voice and melody. This Christian convert and his wife kept sitting throughout with rapt attention till the time I was done. He walked outside with me to the door and said: Bhai Sahib tuhada Paath braa changaa lagyyiaa. I said: Eh Paath mra nahi, Dhur di Bani hai hi mithi. I haven't met him since and understands he lives in greater Toronto area driving cab. Would be interesting to meet and document their stories and reasons for conversions. .......................================== "DAMN FOOLS, THE "WITNESSES OF JEHOVA" APPEARED SINCE THE "WITNESSES OF OUR TEN GURUS" WERE NOT TO BE SEEN ANYWHERE. IF JEHOVA'S WITNESSES DID NOT APPEAR, THEN THE WORLD WILL CALL THEM "INDIAN COOLIES", TOO. ...........................000000000