Date: 5/14/2005


In a message dated 14/05/2005 00:27:11 GMT Daylight Time, XXXXXX writes: Below is a perfect example of a crazy Khalistani Sikh who lost control of his senses. Obviously this person belongs to Babbar Khalsa which is a terrorist Sikh organization that was banned in USA. BELOW WAS ABUSE AND CRITICISM OF SIKH GROUP CALLED BABBAR KHALSA. ..................------------------------------ COMMENT: Respected Sir, You are perfectly right in what you say about these "fools." But most of us go for the easy target "AS PER WILL OF DEVIL & DOGS, and we don't even realise that we are grinding the axe of Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam, while ignoring the fact that we live in "Partitioned Indian Secular State" that is decomposing without a HINDU backbone. We expect Sonia to think high of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Abdul Kalam to call himself a Hindu with pride. But that is IMPOSSIBLE. What kind of a PRODUCT will a SIKH be if his ambient climate is Hindu collapse? Were the Sikh leaders consulted or listened to, over the unconditional SURRENDER OF LAHORE and Sri Nankana Sahib? One is like KARBALA to Shias, the other like MECCA to Sunnis. Were the Hindus of WEST Bengal consulted over the SECOND SURRENDER of East Bengal to MOHAMMED (1972), who derives great pleasure by slaughtering the HINDUS and drinking their blood? I would simply request writers of your high standing to think DEEP before taking serious note of the antics of a "disturbed" child. We do need to look at the parental care that it gets. The way things are going, the CIVIL WAR, that was avoided by cowards Gandhi and Nehru in 1947 by promptly surrendering ONE THIRD of India's TERRITORY, has again become a looming reality. It may seem IRONIC now, but you are a seasoned politician with feet firmly dug in history. Surely PARTITION is not "history" for you as it is to the entire Lok Sabha in New Delhi, praying for a false smile from Sonia and her Pope. In the ensuing bloodshed and general mayhem that will follow, many Hindus will run towards the small piece of territory in East Punjab, that will be SAFE and SECURE for them under these very "BABBAR KHALSA" whom you have called "terrorists" without batting an eyelid. O yes, they ARE "terrorists" like the BAJRANG DAL and Shiv Sena, even VHP and RSS, for the ENEMY and we need not hand over our vision and perspective to this ENEMY that is ruling our smashed and ENSLAVED Bharat by Fraud, "Bandooq", "Danda", PAISA, Disinformation, Intimidation and Corruption. In this HINDU BASHING political and social climate we need to repeat to every Hindu, day and night, "Gaurav se kaho, Hum Hindu Hain!" as well as the futile hopes and pathetic prayers, "Hum Sub Ko Samjhayen ge, Mandir wuhin banayenge." Let us see Reality and the POWER RATIO in the POWER VACUUM on the sub continent. There will be NO mandir for the next 700 years and by then the Hindus will be decimated and PULVERISED as in Sindh, North Kashmir and EAST Bengal. One is surprised the Hindu PARENTS have not gone MAD over the political and ideological set-up in which Lahore is free but not Amritsar, Dhaka is OUT but not Kolkata, not one Hindu is seen alive in North Kashmir, the Temple in Ayodhya is still in ruins, and the "secular" Constitution is the work of a Buddhist under the gaze of a Bandit, not a patriotic Hindu scholar's work. If the Army goes into debauchery, booze and drugs, let us not blame the soldiers but their GENERALS. In this case Generals like Laloo Prashad are licking the shoes of Sonia Khan and defraud even the ANIMALS of their fodder. And what about the BOFORS CHOR and ONE dynasty ON TOP since 1947? What else would they produce in this STINK if not Babbar Khalsa? So, it is up to the INTELLIGENTSIA to correct the course of the ship before we blame those who are jumping overboard, confused, afraid and disoriented, seeing the vessel SS HINDUSTAN heading towards the rocks of Vatican and Mecca instead of calm seas of Ayodhya and Sri Nankana Sahib. I will understand the PATRIOTIC motivation if a BENGALI were to "go mad" over the bogus and absurd PARTITION of his State when he sees MOHAMMEDANS all over Bharat, too, not only in Bollywood. And what about the SIKHS? They must be dull or morons, or born with STRAW in their heads if they were not to react to their grand province split and fragmented into FIVE parts today. The United Punjab is SMASHED under State design and they are NO part of that "Design" apart from being dull, duffer and DAMN FOOLS who did not take their chance in 1947, seeing the ship HINDUSTAN BREAK UP into smithereens and SINK, and if Secularism was to be rammed down their throats but not imposed on LAHORE and NANKANA SAHIB. They do not have the GENETIC terror of Islam as it is deeply imbedded in the Hindus. Would there have been PAKISTAN had India been 80 per cent Sikh? I firmly believe that when genuine SECULARISM, PATRIOTISM, DEMOCRACY and RULE OF LAW are restored at the highest level in PARTITIONED India, and Sonia KICKED BACK to Italy and Abdul Kalam despatched to PAKISTAN (as per "Act of Partition, 1947"), the few errant Sikhs (receiving our abuse and ridicule) will come back into the fold. The MAJORITY community may ACCEPT that BOGUS Hindu smashing Partition and all voluntarily go under the foot of an Italian ex maid. but would anyone expect the SIKHS to follow suit? Then what was the need of that electrifying ceremony in 1699 that was meant to transform the Hindu nation in the spirit of Dignity and PRIDE? Alas, now little is seen of that SPIRIT in the Hindu nation. The whole world SEES and KNOWS our collective SPIRIT over the reconstruction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. They also see and know how the attack on Sri HARIMANDAR SAHIB was promptly avenged by the Sikhs each time starting with Ahmed Shah Abdali. Instead of having heads turned INWARDS to batter each other, we need to FLY UP a bit and then look down and see the two chairs right on TOP OF THE PYRAMID, one with BOOK, the other with GUN. Can we not see ITALIAN BORN Sonia in one and a MUSALMAN Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam in the other? Sprawled SPIRITLESS under them, from horizon to horizon, is our dear HINDUSTAN including our noble and virtuous native WOMANHOOD. Every Sikh will be "REFORMED" and become proud of Hindustan. All they need and desperately want to see, is PERFORMANCE by MAJORITY community. The Hindus, due to sheer numbers, are now the defenders of the Sikhs. The table has turned. Head count is decisive, not the sword. That was proved in 1947 when the Hindus FLED five provinces helter skelter (Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, West Punjab, East Bengal and later even North Kashmir) and the Sikhs followed suit. Did they have a choice? Did they have a chance? Betrayed by Gandhi and Nehru, we both suffered a crushing DEFEAT, losing two million DEAD, and 15 million homeless and "vertrieben" in disgrace (driven away in shame from homes, leaving murdered relatives and abducted, raped, sisters behind). Then, INFIGHTING was the "natural" reaction of the beaten, disgraced, demoralised, degraded and the DEFEATED, who cannot take on the CONQUERER (Indian Muslims) then, and now. The result? While the entire nation is at the feet of Sonia Khan, some Sikhs have "GONE BONKERS." Are we surprised? They are MANLY and VIRILE. So, they need to see a manly and virile "HINDU RASHTRA" if West Punjab and East Bengal are allowed to become totally MOHEMMADAN. Self respect, sense of dignity and HONOUR is not a joke with them. With these qualities, when properly LED, they hoisted the Bhagwa on KHYBER, a feat that is beyond the dream of entire LOK SABHA. Please take the misguided Sikh "children" AS MUCH under your ambit as the headless runaway "grandparent" Hindu "chickens" who call Partition "history" without blinking an eyelid. Thank you. ...........................000000000