Date: 5/17/2005


...............MESSAGE ON SIKH BOARD: As some of your may be aware about the injustice Sikhs received in 1984..... I want you to realise that on the 6th June next, is the 21st Shaheedi Day.... So in order to pay tribute to the Defenders of Faith....I need you to forward this e-mail to as many people as you can.....I have attached a personal wallpaper created. PLEASE.FORWARD THIS TO AS MANY PPL YOU CAN Finally, please remember: "The Indian Government Is Like The Prostitute Who Say's She's FAITHFUL to her husband." ......................================== IT WAS INCONCIEVABLE THAT THE BRAVE AND HONOURABLE SIKHS, TRADITIONALLY INDIAN ARMY'S RECRUITING GROUND, WOULD EVER SUFFER AN ATTACK BY INDIAN ARMY ("EUNUCHS IN UNIFORM") IN FREE AND DEMOCRATIC INDIA. MRS. INDIA GANDHI, DAUGHTER OF AUTOCRATIC FATHER, WAS SATISFIED WITH THE HINDUS WHO HAD FORGOTTEN THE HIGH TREASON OF HER FATHER IN ACCEPTING PARTITION AND HAD BECOME GREAT FANS AND ADMIRERS OF INDIRA, HIS DAUGHTER. IN A CRUSHED AND DEMORALISED NATION, LIFELESS AND SPIRITLESS EVEN TODAY (2005), UNABLE TO PUT A HINDU IN THE PRESIDENT'S CHAIR OR TO RAISE SRI RAM TEMPLE IN AYODHYA, OR EVEN TO ESNURE THE SAFETY OF HINDUS IN SRINAGAR, INDIRA, THE WITCH CAME TO BE REGARDED THE SAVIOUR OF HINDUS. SHE AND HER FATHER WERE FOGIVEN FOR THE MANNER OF ACTING AS THE SAVIOUR OF HINDUS IN NOAKHALI, LAHORE, KARACHI AND EVEN EAST BENGAL. BUT MOST CERTAINLY INDIRA COULD AND CANNOT BE FORGIEN FOR THE WANTON AND POLITICALLY MOTIVATED VICIOUS ATTACK ON GOLDEN TEMPLE IN JUNE 1984 THAT RESULTED IN THE DEATH OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT CITIZENS OF INDIA, INCLUDING HER OWN. SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SPLIT IN THE HISTORIC HINDU SIKH FAMILY BOND. INDIRA, WEAKENED THE COUNTRY, ENFORCED HER AUTHORITY BY GUN AND ALIENATED MANY HINDUS AND ANGERED THE SIKHS ALL OVER THE WORLD. ....................======================== ..................."PARLAU DIWAS" (POGROM DAY) TO THE WRITER OF THE ABOVE MESSAGE Thank you for this great REMINDER of the fragility of Sikh COMMUNITY in decomposing cesspit called PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE (P.I.S.S) where the whole nation of one billion regards that violent break up of India and the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of LAHORE, as academic "history", NOT worth talking bout. To this USELESS & DYING nation, the savage attack on Sri Harimandir Sahib in 1984 is also not worth putting under scrutiny. This is the time, 60 years on, that the free Western World is thinking of the HOLOCAUST of Jews and the VICTORY over NAZI evil in 1945. Yet the INFERIOR Indian race and nation has lost interest in what happened in EAST Punjab in 1984. The following TRIBUTE to Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was published in 1984: It could be reprinted, framed and then hung on the walls in gurdwaras all over the world. ...........................============== ...........................THE SON OF GOD REPORTS REACHING DELHI SPOKE OF A MAN IN THESE TERMS: "He has a charismatic personality. And He speaks like the SON OF GOD. He's exhorting the people to break their fetters and to go for freedom." In the murky sea of mud, God had suddenly dropped a gem. The corrupt and dirty DYNASTIC rulers of India, the enemies of people and traitors to the nation, trembled. Those who saw him, spoke excitedly of him, "His eyes gleam reflecting he light of Heaven His words go deep into your soul whereas our daily conversations merely bounce off the surface. He asks his followers to adopt the righteous way of life and to practise the basic virtues. Many vow on the spot to lead a simple honest life. He also exhorts them to look the tyrant in the eye. His sight lifts your soul, and you say to yourself, "What an experience!" His manly physical form bears the name JARNAIL SINGH. people already called him SAINT. But he was more than one. "His downright simplicity sincerity and appeal transformed you on the spot. Yo u leave a nobler man. His tone and voice are those of a Prophet and you are exalted as if you are in the company of the Son of God." The Sikhs must be God's Chosen People that He sent His last Messenger to them. THE SON OF GOD WAS KILLED IN THE HOUSE OF GOD BY THE POLITICAL WITCH OF OUR DARK AGE (KAL-YUG) ON JUNE 6, 1984. ........................000000000