Date: 5/18/2005


MUSLIMS IN INDIA INFLICTED THE WORST EVER DEFEAT UPON THE HINDUS. WITHOUT FIRING A PISTOL AT THEIR ENEMY, THEY CONQUERED ONE THIRD OF INDIAN TERRITORY ON JUST ONE DAY, AUGUST 15, 1947. STILL, THE VANQUISHED, DEFEATED, DEGRADED, DISGRACED, HUMILIATED AND SHAMED HINDUS HAVE APPOINTED A MOHAMMEDAN AS THEIR SUPREME COMMANDER AND WATCH MOVIES "MADE IN INDIA" IN WHICH ALL SORTS OF LOAFER KHANS PLAY THE FOOL WITH HINDU FEMALES. OFF AND ON STAGE. IT DOES NOT BOTHER OR EMBARRASS ANY HINDU. THE SHOW GOES ON. THE PRESIDENT OF THIS BROKEN BHARAT IS ABDUL KALAM, A MUSLIM, AND TRUE TO HIS FAITH AND PROPHET, HE IS DEVIOUS, "BEIMAN, SHAITAN, HAIWAN" AND THE SECRET AGENT OF THE WORLD OF ISLAM, ASPIRING TO PUT THE REST OF INDIA, TOO, UNDER THE MUSLIM FLAG. ........................================= ISLAM: CALL IT A CULT AND SHUT IT DOWN! >By J. Grant Swank, Jr. > >May 17, 2005 > >Islam is a cult ó a killing cult. America shuts down killing cults. > >Then letís do it. Islam is labeled as a world religion. Is it? If you want to categorize it as that, go ahead. But itís more than a world religion. Itís a killing cult. And that foremost. > >There is no other religion on the planet that sets forth killing as its prime postulate. Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Judaism, and Christianity do not set forth the dictum that devotees kill off non-devotees. > >Islam, sometimes referred to as the Muslim religion, dictates, >according to its deity, Allah, that Islamics kill all non-Islamics. >The latter are called "infidels." That would mean that the planet >eventually would be populated only by Islamics. That is the goal of Islam ó to extinguish all others than their own. > >Thatís a cult ó plain and simple. Killing off is the ethic. Murder it the moral base. Slaying is the virtue. > >And to commit suicide in order to see through the leveling of >non-Muslims guarantees males an eternity of cavorting sexually with females "on the other side." There is nothing promised females for women donít count except for dung in Islam. > >In reality then, according to the Christian faith, Islam does have its actual quotients. Itís not merely a myth. Itís a reality spun from a literal hell. Therefore, Allah is Lucifer. The Koran is demented revelation from demons. Mosques are meeting places for demonic preaching and activity. Clerics are agents from The Pit. > >There is no such person as a holy deity in Islam. There is no such book as a Holy Book in Islam. There are no such persons as holy clergy in Islam. > >There is no gospel in Islam ó no good news of salvation. There is only the promise of orgies aplenty in the next sphere, that is, for the suicide prone. And for the others, an eternity in Islam paradise, the definition left to Allah. > >Now there are Islamics who contest all of this. These are Muslims who are not at all knowledgeable concerning their own cult. They are akin to church goers within Christendom who are ignorant of the Bible and Christian doctrine. > >In any religion there are those who go along for the ride but have little or no idea the details about the map. Itís the same with Islam. >There are therefore those Islamics who are aghast when the truth about >their cult is spelled out. > >For instance, the webmaster of spends most of his time dialoguing with naïve Muslims. He, an ex-Muslim, knows the reality of Islam being a killing cult. He seeks via his site to expose Islam as just that. > >However, he gets numerous communications daily from Muslims who >contest his every revelation. These Muslims, in other words, are the Islamics along for the ride. They pray five times a day. They attend a mosque or donít attend a mosque. They wear the garb or donít wear the garb. They have certain rituals that they see through. However, as to the killing dictates of the Koran, they are ignorant. > >America must come to its senses. With that, America must call Islam what it is ó a murdering scheme by which to wipe out Americans except those Muslims now inhabiting the nation. > >The killing cult then is not to be tolerated by the White House, >Congress, the Supreme Court, the National Educational Association, the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches, any Christian denomination, any Jewish body, any town hall, no one. > >Itís insane for a democracy such as the United States to remain so utterly naïve about Islam. Further, itís suicide for our politic to continue to baptize Islam as a "peace religion." >Islam fosters "honor killing." That is the custom of killing Muslim women who offend males. The Muslim female is considered cursed from conception. She has ten curses upon her existence. The curse is defined as exposing her genitals publicly. Therefore, the female is as dung to the male community. Thatís why she is garbed from head to foot, never revealing her identity, thus voiding her of self-expression and self-respect. > >If the Muslim woman offends the Muslim male in any way, she may be shot in the head or her neck slit. Husseinís soccer stadiums were not used so much for athletics as for shooting Muslim women in the head. > > ...........................000000000