Date: 5/25/2005


WHEN EDWINA MOUNTBATTEN, wife of the lsst Viceroy in India, LOOKED DEEP INTO THE EYES OF OUR MUCH ENAMOURED & MESMERISED INDIAN COOLIE, PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, AND SMILED, THE HUMBLE SUBJECT OF HIS EXCELLENCY LORD MOUNTBATTEN LOST ALL CONSCIOUSNESS OF HIS OWN MAHATMA'S "AKHAND BHARAT" AND SIGNED THE DEADLY "ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA" WITH EYES SHUT IN 1947. THE RESULT WAS UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER TO ISLAM OF ONE THIRD OF INDIA AND TWO THIRDS OF OUR PUNJAB OVERNIGHT IN AUGUST 1947. THE "BANDIT" THEN ASKED HIS SUBDUED AND SUBJUGATED NATION TO CELEBRATE THEIR INDEPENDENCE! THEY STILL DO. TODAY WHEN ITALIAN BORN COMMITTED CATHOLIC SONIA GANDHI AFFECTIONATELY LOOKS INTO THE EYES OF MANMOHAN SINGH, HER SIKH PRIME MINISTER, HE IS MOST WILLING TO "TOW HER LINE" AND "DO HER BIDDING", AND TURN A BLIND EYE TO THE VACUUM OF SPIRITUALITY IN HIS OWN LAND OF BIRTH. RESULT: Christian missionaries all over Punjab (and India, too.) The missionaries and maulvis are drilling holes in the hull of HUGE Hindu ship and it is slowly SINKING with all on board, while "party is going on" on top deck. Here is the news from EAST Punjab, and our COMMENT BELOW: ......................=============== In a message dated 25/05/2005 07:12:56 GMT Daylight Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes: I cannot see the SGPC** matching the skills and resources of the Americans in this field. To me personally the right wing fanatical Christain mob in America is quite nauseating (** Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Sikhs' highest religious organisation located in EAST Punjab.) ...................====================== All too true, I see these guys all the time. Funny thing is most of the guys that come around, are 17 18 year olds. I actually asked them, don't you work? Or go to School? (University). Their answer is that spreading their religion is their work and School! But I think I got their number, I started talking about Sikhism! One of them said, "read the bible, and you'll wake up happy every morning". My reply was "why just wake up happy, I go to sleep happy and wake up with a great big smile" With love and respect to all. Signed. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ...............================================ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ji, and all the Sikhs and friends of Sikhs across the world, There is something called "GAP YEAR" in the UK. The same may be true in the USA. After leaving school at the age of 18 or 19, there is one year free before they join university for further studies. It is in THIS year that millions of youngsters in Europe, Australia and North America can undertake long and short journeys across the world, on the mission of "SPREAD THE WORD OF LORD" and go around the world, seeing different cultures with firm mission within own minds. Local churches give them full support, administrative backup, and accommodation everywhere. Back home, they submit reports to church authorities that are invaluable in locating and targeting "soft" areas for renewed onslaught in the following year. There is nothing so sophisticated in the narrow and limited intellectual realms of our SGPC, sitting in the SHADOW of "sarkari" displeasure and disapproval. I see these youngsters in their hundreds in the newly liberated EASTERN EUROPE every summer. They appear in June when their schools finish, and disappear by September before their university courses begin. They are seen holding youth and Bible camps everywhere, and roam the streets with their Bible literature. They position themselves at strategic points such as main thoroughfares, shopping centres, and around university campuses. Sometimes when one of them with a clipboard or a bag full of literature, spots me in Gedimino Prospect in VILNIUS, Lithuania, and asks, "Have you heard of our Lord?", I say, "Glad to see you, brother (or sister), I am also on a similar mission like yourself. I am a SIKH missionary from the Land of Five Rivers." That is the time when I tell them about not one but TEN "Sons of God" and the Holy Granth with its universal message of love. I also ask them to go into a gurdwara if they have one in their country back home. Speechless and either embarrassed or impressed, they do go away with a new revelation. Hopefully some go back and visit a Gurdwara where I hope they get much more than just free food and see much more than spineless "appeasing" friends and "nishkam sewaks". There is nothing like this upsurge of youth activity in Gap Year in our "BASHED AND SMASHED" East Punjab, or the rest of "PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE." And you are quite right. SGPC have NO eye to see them, brain to ASSESS their doings and IMPLICATIONS, and NO power to COUNTER them even on their own patch now. Sorry, WE HAVE TO NAME AND SHAME THEM NOW. In a way, and unknown to our masses, teachers and preachers alike, they did "invite" the lethal blow of that absurd Partition of Punjab in 1947, and later, Opeation "Blue Star" in 1984, due to turning a BLIND EYE to the political and spiritual VACUUM in that rapidly disintegrating pseudo secular country where Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Sita, Laxman, and our TEN Gurus were born, and where our HOLY scriptures were composed and written, not only for the Sikhs but also for ABDUL KALAM and SONIA GANDHI. Our SGPC ought to have "CAUGHT ON" and sent thousands of Sikh youth with suitable literature and translations of "Gutka" and "Gurbani", (even Gita), and Love Of Gurus, across India to TELL the confused Hindu masses who are looking up to ABDUL KALAM (Muslim President of Partitioned India) for their safety and Italian born Catholic Sonia Gandhi for inspiration. ............................000000000