Date: 5/25/2005


FEW COMMENTS ON THE DEATH OF "SARKARI STOOGE" SUNIL DUTT, ACTOR. I had a lot of regards for Sunil Dutta as a film actor. But he drifted to politics as a Secularist Congressman. He licked the shoes of Indira Gandhi to show his loyalty to the Nehru Gandhi family when Indira was down and out after Emergency. But ruthless and scheming Sonia Gandhi ignored him and admitted a Shiv Sena deserter Sunil Anupam against Sunil Dutt's wishes. Just a week back we saw Sunil Dutta in one of his rare emotional outbursts against the Congress High Command. Despite that Sonia did not talk to Sunil Dutt or listened to his advise. Sunil Dutt was devastated and was taken ill. He died today of a Heart attack as a disappointed Secularist Congressman. Sonia, the killer does not want to miss a public propaganda event and is reported to be flying to Mumbai to attend his funeral. Will power hungry Sonia stop at anything to be in limelight ? ..................=============== > Sonia is working successfully the Vatican agenda and sitting on the highest > chair in the land and putting Christians and Muslims in key positions while > Sikhs are chanting SONIAJEE with Sardarjee Manmohan Singh jee the worst to come, at the same time shameless Hindu opportunists are fighing to save Secularism which means anti Hindu, anti Hinduism in India. The policy of > divide and rule and destroy Hindus and everything attached to Hindus . > According to history books the communists and Christianswere with British > Raj during the freedom struggle and they are loyal to Sonia again the worst > to come for Hindus because they are divided on cast, regions, religion, > language, harijans, Dalits and secularism. ''''''''''''''''''''''=============== Subject: RE: [proudHindu] The Year After Will Soniya be India's Undoing> >Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 15:33:52 +0000 > > > >Dharma preaches the necessity to kill if needed and my message to India that Indians should be determined to defend the independence of this land >to >the last drop of their blood.----B.R. Ambedkar. > >Let us keep talking but time has come for action and there is no alternate way. There is no democrasy in India , it is kakistocrasy , the government by >the worst. > >The country needs sacrifices to remove the opportunists and foreign hands >who have grabed the power to destroy our freedom and culture and India is >again under foreign and minority rule. The time is running out and tomorrow >may be too late. > >tune diya desh ko jeevan, desh tumhe kya dega, >apani aag jala rakhane ko , naam tumhara lega. > > > > vande bharat mataram. jaya hind. > > .................====================== The Year After Will Soniya be India's Undoing > > >Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 10:13:13 -0000 > > >An Italian Prime Minister for India was a possibility that did not > > >materialize. For post-colonial India it was no big deal anyway. But > > >what happened seems worse,one year after the ruling coalition called >UPA is in power, the stories from Delhi suggest just that. In the new >Euro-centric world order where rich Christian nations are in charge >poor India is also being `forcibly developed' by the generous rich. > > >Through globalization and privatization among others. Forget that >the debt servicing of debt trapped countries in the poor world is >starving and killing millions. Making their people morbid, ecosystems >degenerate. In Africa, Asia, Caribbean the silent war goes on. Sonia Maino, alias Gandhi, taking charge in India is to be seen in this >backdrop. Post-colonial, post-cold war world is at the cross roads. > > > > > >How alarming is the scene, will India's sovereignty itself suffer is > > >the question now. Those in Delhi tell that the government of India is >now captured. It is not the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) that takes >decisions on crucial matters of the state but the residence of Sonia, >the Congress President. Senior leaders, bureaucrats line up here and >all decisions are later obediently endorsed by the PMO. And this >place, 10 Janpath, is well known to be controlled by shady >characters. Since they don't hold constitutional authority they are > > >also not accountable. Never in the history of India had this happened. There are startling disclosures from the capital of India concerning >decisions affecting national security and sovereignty. The latest is >the passing of the Weapons of Mass Destruction and Delivery systems Bill, WMD Bill in short, by a voice vote when the opposition NDA had >boycotted the Parliament session. How far is this in tune with India's long standing position with regard to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) is not known. There was undue haste in >passing this Bill is certain. Not many media reports appeared, the >much needed national debate did not happen. And the step came soon >after the visit of US emissary Condelisa Rice to Delhi. Who made it >clear that the US was pushing India regarding the nuclear agenda. > > >Forget that the US has tried to handicap India's nuclear programme >all along, what India with stood. Indian scientists and statesmen >always rising to the occasion. > > > > > >Much more devastating was the Patent (Amendment) Bill 2005 passed >some time back, allegedly immediately after the Tsunami hit India, >people in a shock when there was hardly any media focus on such >issues. Soon to come was the Seed Bill 2004 which it seems was stalled by the Leftists, who claim to support the government `from outside'. Many of them are often seen queuing up outside 10 Janpath, >as media reports tell, as the country's destiny is being decided inside. Their street fury subsides when in the presence of Madame, as journalists covering the briefs endorse. The Patent Bill is to be >devastating to India's backbone, the agrarian economy. It was this strength that pulled India through when the US and other super powers tried to teach India a lesson through sanctions after the Pokhran nuclear Blasts. This bill can seal the fate of the Indian farmers by > > >leaving them at the mercy of vulpine MNCs. This will also damage the poor world including Africa. For many of the African drugs affordable to people come from India. This now will become unaffordable. How there were protests against an Indian Bill in Africa. > > > > > > > > > > > >Patents Amendment Bill 2005 will also have wide reaching implications in all sectors of life as this gives concrete shape to >monopoly concepts of the Christian west which is alien to India. It is a clever device invented by the rich west to subjugate the resource rich but poor world. Thus biodiversity rich countries shall become bound by the western conditions and the MNCs there will make profits from what is India's wealth. This is an extension of what goes on unnoticed for the last few centuries. The Seed Bill 2004, the other Bill which was to be passed in haste, would make the native farmers dependent on MNCs far away in the US or Europe who will >dictate which seed they should use and reuse. Apart from its implications to the country's food security, as food can be used as a >weapon in this age of biotechnology, this is a major violation of >India's sovereignty. Part of the clever stratagems of the WTO, which > > >the leftists once opposed but are now signing in, these show a pattern and here the present government in India stands accused. The software industry, where India is in the forefront, will also be >affected as all computer programmes gets patented. Indian success in IT came from not having such controls, which the others now know. > > > > > >Is the Government of India answerable to the people, are the people's representatives aware of what is happening, is the media and the scientists of the country taken in to confidence before these far reaching decisions are made. Many of the answers are unfortunately negative. As the country announces decisions after decisions like privatization of ports and airports, intake of huge loans under the various international, read western, agreements putting the country to heavy debt commitments, the responsible citizens are kept in the dark. Debt commitments can later be used to subjugate the country, as past lessons from history tells. All this forces one to ask who is >running the government of India. There are also many gray areas which > > >leave one in doubt. The caucus running 10 Janpath is allegedly >controlled by a redoubtable group, some key players belonging to the Syrian Christian community from Kerala. > > > > > >The last group have a curious tradition with the Gandhi family as MO Mathai was with Jawaharlal Nehru, PC Alexander, with Indira Gandhi, Vincent George with Rajiv Gandhi and now with Sonia Gandhi. All from the same stock from Kerala. It must be remembered that the same community, who came to Kerala coast as refugees and traders long back, stood with the British in the uprising there lead by Velu Thambi Dalawa in 19 the century. They were attacked by Velu Thambi and later they allied with the British. Some authors even suggest, based on records, that they had brought the colonial Portugese to Indian, Kerala, shores. To have a Christian Kerala and India. No wonder today they are behind the religious conversion machinery throughout India and have a battery of agencies doing that from Kerala, with external church support. After independence they masqueraded as freedom fighters and then became Congress men. Now they rule Kerala, also, in a sense India. Well connected internationally through the church networks what are their links is not fully known. > > > > > >Few months back some Malayalam newspapers had put question marks on the sudden death of JN Dikshit, National Security Advisor, and the reports further linked the sad demise to his objection to appoint Hormis Tharakan a former Police Chief from Kerala as the RAW Chief. > > >Tharakan belong to the same Syrian Christian community and Jyotindra Nath Dikshit perhaps did not want it. By design or default Dikshit passed away suddenly on January 4, 2005 and Tharakan was appointed on Jan. 25 2005. Curiously not many discussed this in the national media. Though there were some stray reports suggesting foul play linking the demise of Dikshit to his visit that day to the Office of the High Commissioner of Pakistan. It seemed planted and if so, by whom. Clearly there is need for scrutiny as to how J N Dikshit passed away. For here was a gem of a man who was brought up by Gandhiji himself at Wardha Ashram though born to Kerala Nair parents. Dikshit was the name given by his adoptee father later. Obviously there is reason for every self respecting Indian to feel alarmed about the state of India. It is a disgrace that India could not find an Indian to rule this great country. The other, threatening, angle is that there are unseen hands behind all that and it is part of a stratagem. > > > > > >(From the coming issue of `Udayor' an enewsletter from > > >This may be freely forwarded or reproduced stating the source) ...................000000000