Date: 5/25/2005


NO. NO. NO. On the Independece day 15.08. 1947. India became a slave country again because Lord Mountbatton was appointed as first The Governor General of India so that Nehru could continue his affairs with Edvina the wife of Mountbatton.This a well known fact and later confirmed by daughter of Mountbatton in a TV interview an many magazines and books. Futher to this Nehru rather Nehru confirmed in writings that he was proud to rule India as a last whiteman- Englishman. The Nehru-- Gandhi dunasty has ruled Hindu fools for most of the 57 years since independence and at present 1000million goats and sheeps of India being ruled by white Italian called Antonio Maino Gandhi - Khan. There is no freedom in India because constitution has divided India and there are two laws for the people one for Muslims and one for the non Muslims.This real apartheid. The states are not equally treated by Central government because JAMMU AND kASHMIR AND MEGHALAYA have special status. The goods cannot move freely from one state to other. Even the President and forces who sacrifice their blood cannot settle in J AND K. There is rule of one dynasty in the country and under this banyn tree[ Peepal] nothing can grow so until and unless this tree of Nehru-- Gandhi is not destroyed India will remain a slave country and Indians wuill suffer from slave and servant mentality. The simple solution is SONIA HATAO, INDIA BACHAO. ----------------------------- SONIA NIKALO, INDIA SAMHALO. -----------------------------JAN RAY. >From: "Mohan Gupta" <> >To: <> >Subject: Is Bharat Really Independent? >Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 00:34:14 -0400 > >Is Bharat Really Independent? >By: S. Bakre >August 15th, 2005 will signify 58 years of freedom for India. Jawaharlal >Nehru, India's first prime minister gave a speech to Constituent Assembly >at midnight on August 14, 1947. "At the dawn of history India started on >her unending quest.she has never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the >ideals which gave her strength. We end today, a period of ill fortune and >India discovers herself again." His speech inspired us with ideals about a >new beginning for India. >Has Bharat lived up to these ideals? > >Although the British no longer occupy India, is Bharat really independent >of their influence? >While they were in India, we began to follow their traditions, their >philosophies, and their lifestyle. We silently allowed them desecrate our >heritage, culture and religion. Yet now, it is we, the Indians that >continue to propagate their regime. We continue to honor those that tried >to destroy our culture. > >Perhaps the biggest tragedy has been in the area of religion. We have >continued to carry the torch for the British missionaries in their attempts >to dissuade our belief system. We continue to allow the desecration of the >essence of Bharatiya culture and tradition - the scriptures. Not only do we >believe in wrong information, we allow for the propagation of it through >textbooks in prestigious Indian schools and universities. Fictitious >theories about the Aryan invasion, the history of Indian civilization, the >origin of our scared Sanskrit language are being taught to our youth even >today. Let's take one example of a great Indian philosopher, Sarvepalli >Radhakrishnan, President of India from 1962 - 1967. Widely renowned for his >philosophical writings and lectures, he was highly influenced by the books >of the European writers who wrote about Hinduism and the history of India. >His own writings perpetuated the British belief system rather than the >knowledge of Bharatiya scriptures._*_ >( > > > >For example he wrote in his book Indian Philosophy Vol.1, "Rama is only a >good and great man, a high-souled hero, who utilized the services of the >aboriginal tribes in civilizing the south, and not an avatar of Vishnu. The >religion it reflects is frankly polytheistic and external." Further, >Radhakrishnan remarked that "brahamanization of Krsna religion and >elevating Vishnu as the great God took place around 300BC." In his writings >he has called the early Hindus 'the beast,' the Divine wisdom of the Rishis >'the God-making factory,' and defined the Vedic religion as 'the religion >of >the primitive man in the world of ghosts and goblins who were only >satisfied with bloody sacrifices.' He described the teachings of the >Upnishads and the Puranas as 'speculation, myth, parables and heretical >doctrines,' called Mahabharat 'a non-Aryan epic poem' and tells that 'the >higher mysticism of Yog Darshan was mixed with drug intoxication.' > >In fact, Hinduism, originally called Sanatan Dharm, is a universal religion >intended for the whole world, not for any specific race. The Vedic culture >is the heritage of world civilizations and we should be proud that it >originated in India, not shy away from it. The spiritual wisdom of ancient >India is a gift to mankind and we as Indians need to cherish, nurture and >be proud of it. > >Many of us want to be "like the West". We wear Western clothes, watch cable >TV, send our children to convent schools and allow them to be taught by the >very books that were authored by the British. The impressions of our >freedom struggle are from a history book in English rather than our >national language Hindi or in Sanskrit. Trousers and shirts replace >traditional dress. Urban youth are shying away from Indian culture and >gravitating towards Western assimilation. Modernization has been equated >with Westernization. Somewhere along the way 150 years of the 'Raj' has >definitely left its mark. > >We have somehow lost our way towards the pursuit of independence, and have >continued to be ruled by an invisible 'Raj'. We have lost sight of our >quest. We have forgotten the ideals which gave us strength. There is still >time to >change the future, to return to our roots. We can re-discover Bharat's >timeless teachings, we can change the generations to come. Perhaps the >question is not whether we have the ability to do it, but rather will we >take on the challenge? 2004 The Vedic Foundation > >----------- > >AN EYE OPENING MESSAGE TO ALL MODERATES, SECULARISTS ETC THAT NO ONE CARES >FOR YOU IF YOU DON'T CARE FOR YOUR COUNTRY. THIS IS THE RESULT! > > > >Indian leaders have failed to safe guard the interest of their own country >then how can they be trusted to look after the interest of the people of >the world by becoming member of the security member with veto power. Bharat > has failed to provide adequate clean water to drink so one can imagine >what they are capable of? India may have some foreign currency reserve but >the politicians lack the vision to make country stronger and they suffer >from slave and servant mentality and unable to take action in the interest >of the country. For example Madarssas are increasing day by day with >government financial support. Jihadis being given over 200 crores of Rupees >for Hajj every year. The under world and mafia controlling many politicians >and high ranking police officers. There is no democracy in India it is >kakistocrasy [government by the worst] murderers and chors are in cabinet >and M.Ps. > >Bharat cannot stand on world stage because people still suffer from >starvation. Only 20 percent of population is enjoying the present boom rest >of the population have no access to proper health care, no proper schooling >to millions of children, cities are full of slums, no proper roads, the >railways are filthy, there is no proper sanitations no proper toilets for >people .People urinate and defecate on roads and this can be seen all over >the country including Delhi and Mumbai. The priorities are not right. India >needs TEN MILLION proper bath/toilets for men and women in public places to >make the country a bit cleaner and control diseases. India does not deserve >a U.N.S.C. seat and must not join because it will be waste of time, money >and energy in useless talks. Bangladesh is humiliating us by killing our >border security guards then what is the use of Billions of dollar spending >on defense. India has become a joke due to impotent P.M. who is acting like >a servant of Sonia, then how low will Indian P.M. go and take India with >him? > >America has put India where it belongs. How can a country claim to sit in >there when the Prime Minister of India is not the real P.M. of India? How >can India think of getting a responsible place when there are two laws for >the citizens one for Muslims and one for the others? > >The country is divided by its constitution and it is apartheid. How can >Bharat claim to be democratic when majority being ruled, abused, fooled and >humiliated again and again by the most corrupt politicians of Bharat where >the tainted politicians are in the cabinet of government of Bharat and its >head is a foreigner called Antonio Maino Sonia Gandhi-- Khan, Who can lie >even about her false qualification? How can India be trusted when one >state has a special status and others are treated as second rate states? > > How can Bharat be trusted when it treats its people differently by >reservations in jobs, admissions and promotions where Merit and honesty has >no consideration? How can Bharat be trusted where corruption is in the >government from top to bottom and bottom to top? Bharat is one of the most >corrupt nations on earth. How can Bharat be trusted where 4000 farmers >have committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh alone in the year 2004 and the >problem is rising? > >Indian leaders are bunch of jokers and are not strong as politicians and >America knows that Bharat has and will act like an Islamic country >according to past records of Indian politicians because No country gives >subsidies to their citizens for pilgrimage but India gives to Jihadi >Muslims for votes. No non- Muslim country has holiday on Mohammad's birth >day except India. No country gives financial aid to run Madarssas except >Indian government to produce Jihadis an insane situation in India. > >America knows that India not only behaves like an Islamic state that it >will be an Islamic state soon so they cannot risk to allow India as a >member of U.N.S.C. with veto but these corrupt degraded politicians are >not able to understand this basic fact. > >The opportunists like M.M. Singh and others do not deserve membership of >Security Council till Bharat is still a mentally slave country, where >English language, the language of colonial masters is still a dominant >language in stead of Sanskrit or any other Bharatiya language. > >How can Bharat be trusted when 4000 SIKHS including Hindus WERE KILLED IN >Delhi When Rajiv Gandhi was P.M. of Bharat and the present Sikh P.M. has >failed to put it before Parliament, the Nanavati inquiry report? One can >see the gutless Sikh P.M. who has no guts to make it public and betraying >his own Sikh/ Hindu community for the love of P.M.'s post. > >How can Bharatiya leaders be trusted when they have failed to guard the >territorial sovereignty of Bharat? > > How can Bharat sit in the civilized world when it cannot even provide >clean drinking water to the people of India? How can India be trusted when >the leaders from J.L. Nehru to Manmohan Singh have failed to guard the >borders and where illegal infiltration is a daily routine from Bangladesh/ >Pakistan now totaling over 20 millions? > > In spite of Supreme Court of India's circular the G.O.I. HAS TAKEN NO >ACTION AGAIST THESE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. It shows that there is government >of India but there is no government in India. > >The cabinet is a bunch of thugs, tainted ministers, murders and chors and >wife of Bofor chor Sonia is the head of state of Slave India so a slave >nation cannot be a Member of U.N.S.C. WITH VETO. > >Hindus are cowards. If Hinduism has survived it is due to its inherent >inner strength. Yet we fail to recognise it. > >The Hindus should join the Christian inter net groups, then see how much >venom and hate Hindus have to face there. How tough and lonely a fight >there is for a Hindu to put correct perspective of Hinduism. > >Krishna in a case provides divine eyes to Arjuna. Krishna and God gave the >best they had. > >See the superiority of Krishna, and make Christians to acknowledge the >superiority of Hindu Gods and Hindu Goddesses. The most fundamentalists of >them should not be able to criticize what Lord Krishna did, and make >Christians to apologies for their Jesus God and their all Popes! > >How many Hindus see the superiority of their theology, or are even aware of >it. > >JOIN CHRISTIAN GROUPS AND PUT ACROSS THE POINT. DONT REMAIN IN THE GHETTOS >OF HINDU GROUPS. > >Visit and join Christian groups. Click to join > > >_ >( > > > >The SAD part is, we Bharatiya people treat ourselves as Westernized >Vaidika Bandhu, who are still hung up with slavery. British left 58 years >ago, but we can not give up INDIA, and accept ÀRYÀVARTA (a land of Arya - >cultured people) or even BHÀRATA. >Also 21st Century is after your Jesus. Why can we not use our Era of Kali >Yuga (or Yugàbda 5105) or 52 century! > >---------------------