Date: 5/25/2005


There are 2 messages in this issue. Topics in this digest: 1. BASHED HINDUS AND PERISHING SIKHS MUST TAKE HEED From: 2. COPY THE SIKHS AND COMMEMORATE WITH CONVICTION YOUR DEAD, TOO. From: Message: 1 Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 20:14:54 EDT From: Subject: BASHED HINDUS AND PERISHING SIKHS MUST TAKE HEED NEED TO INSIST ON HAVING HINDUS IN TOP CHAIRS. None would know more about the need for COMMENDING our religion with utmost COURAGE of CONVICTION to Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam. Hindustan broke up VIOLENTLY into three ludicrous fragmens in 1947 due to NO other reason but the High Treason of Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his All-India Congress Party that has literally hijacked Hindustan in order to BASH and BATTER the unfortunate land further, till the LAST surviving Hindu is recovered from the RUINS. But think of the BAD LUCK of PUNJAB, especially the SIKHS, once the "Sword Arm Of Hindustan". It broke up into FIVE ridiculous fragments (West Punjab, East Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Union Territory). Searching his AGONISED soul deeply, one SIKH yelled an urgent "appeal for sanity" at his LEADERS. Noticing a rapid increase in the number of mosques and churches in his Much Reduced East Punjab, he fears the final extinction of the brave Sikh people, or the Sikh Panth, from South Asia. After the frontier dropped from Khyber to East of Lahore suddenly on one day (August 15, 1947), it is no laughing matter, or a joke, to realise that EAST PUNJAB today is the new North West Frontier Province of India. Reading this WARNING SHOT by the Sikh, we need to SIT UP and yell at the Hindu world, too, for the MILLIONTH time, to STAND UP and be counted on the territory called Bharat. The Muslims, having conquered their PAKISTAN, have no right to demand Hajj subsidies, or the provocative mosque in Ayodhya. Similarly, the Christians, have looted and plundered the country and after sending its wealth to LONDON and ROME, ought to pack up finally and take the Daughter of Italy, SONIA KHAN, back to Europe with them. The Hindus who are now smiling at them and serving them with utmost loyalty and dedication will soon be in tears when the FOREIGNERS on our soil unite and attack us again. The following cry of the much reduced (in TERRITORY) EAST Punjab is for the Hindu LEADERS to take action and declare general MOBILISATION at the earliest. It is not the time to see the sad Sikh plight from a safe distance but to ACT immediately in order to stop the rot of "Adoration of the Italian and of the Islamic Hindu Charmers". Kuru _www.partitionofindia.com_ ( May 24, 2005. ==================== DESPERATELY NEEDED REFORM UNLOCK THE BRAINS - REMOVE THE BARRIERS, YOU "NISHKAM SEWAKS". Appeal by Sikh NRI's to their breathless sleeping LEADERS back home: It is well known that many NON SIKHS, especially in Europe and North America, are put off from taking the final jump, that is, taking the "Amrit" and the commitment to wear FIVE visible “K’s” on person day and night. We, therefore, propose to introduce a PRE-AMRIT Initiation Ceremony before the ultimate step (Baptism as Khalsa). This is something radically so different from the usual "way of life" for most inhabitants of this earth, whose own geo-political history is totally different from the crushed and tyrannised slave colony called Hindustan in the 1690's, that many shy AWAY. Even for many born "brown Sikhs", this commitment seems heavy to carry, especially when an individual lands in a very different social and political climate, or "among the Moguls", that they revert to former shape, become "patit" or simply renounce the Sikh Faith. Proof? Growing number of churches and mosques in East Punjab where one would NOT hear a word about the Ten Divine Gurus. A Sikh once confided that undergoing the ceremony at the age of 10 remained incomprehensible to him, and many years later, he "did in Rome what the Romans do." But he is still a devout Sikh, donating his "das-wandh" to local Gurdwara and Sikh charities. He regularly does "langar sewa" and has Guru Granth Sahib in a separate room at home. Do we really have no other way to bring the NON SIKHS into the glorious Sikh fold more gently, in view of the changed times and circumstances since the age of merciless savage ISLAMIC "butchers & killer-converters" of 1699? The constant drumming of the need of "Amrit" has acted as a deterrent to the rapid growth of Sikhs across the five continents on earth. People KNOW how wonderful Sri Guru Granth Sahib is and also the wonderful life and teachings of Ten Divine Gurus. But most would prefer INNER conversion before the visible OUTER conversion. Most would prefer SPIRIT to SYMBOLS. In the climate of orthodoxy, there has been NO poll, or referendum, on the issue. Such polls and referenda are out of question in a country where none consulted the people before unconditionally surrendering the whole of West Punjab in 1947 and later before launching Operation "Blue Star" across East Punjab in 1984. We are putting off MILLIONS non Sikhs across the world from entering the House of Gurus. All the time and everywhere, we do see many Sikhs, born of Sikh, Gursikh and Khalsa parents, without visible symbols, sitting comfortably in gurdwaras all over the world, some on gurdwara management committees, most doing "sewa" and contributing to charities in their own way. They are our kith and kin and part of our Panth. Yet we have kept the non Sikhs OUT on this one doctrinal point. The results in the past have cost us TERRITORY and LIVES. Ironically, those who ruled us in the past, and still rule and misrule us, are not in Khalsa "roop" either, nor has any Sikh preacher, teacher or "Sanstha" appealed to either the PRESIDENT of India or his High Commissioner in London and Ambassador in Washington, to take "amrit". West PUNJAB vanished from the map of India because even during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh there was NO "parchar" to EXPAND Sikhi to outdo, or match, the Muslim increase in numbers. Emperor Aurangzeb, on the other hand, had ensured Muslim Majority in West Punjab and Kashmir within a decade of his rule. We can condemn his means and misdeeds richly and profusely to our hearts' full, but we had to flee the whole of West Punjab within days in 1947, as a direct result of that mental collapse and lack of ideological initiative. Later, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh were easily taken out of EAST Punjab because there had been NO effort to bring the Hindus into Sikh fold, a task still CRIMINALLY neglected. None has spared a thought over the consequence of letting things as they are in the new NORTH WEST FRONTIER Province (East Punjab) with its State capital on Union Territory. It is time to wake up to reality and think seriously of bringing in the NON Sikhs, especially in the present "Much Reduced East Punjab" to the Sikh fold. If we cannot dare to touch this “hot potato” then our tomorrow in EAST Punjab will resemble our dreadful yesterday in WEST Punjab. The Intermediary ceremony, or stage ONE, of the final Initiation is to substitute the Five Symbols by an Oath to DEFEND five D’s. (All the Hindus can take this on board immediately.) These are- DEFENCE OF 1. DHARTI 2. DHARMA 3. DHANN 4. DHAYAAN 5. DHEE (DAUGHTERS OF SIKH PANTH) We do not even recall the Dharti that was LOST for no good reason (except the despicable collapse of whole of Hindustan) in 1947. We need to remind the new entrants into Sikh fold of their commitment to the Religion of Guru Granth Sahib ji, the FINAL divine guru. (Dharma) We need to build and then DEFEND our lands, estates, educational institutions, homes, libraries, and GURDWARAS. (Dhann) We need to keep our Spirits high and always stay in high morale. (Dhayaan) Lastly, we need to safeguard the dignity of our daughters. We have forgotten the thousands LOST in 1947 due to lack of commitment to the DEFENCE of Daughters. We could not erect a memorial in their sacred memory even on our own patch of dharti. (Daughters of Sikh Panth) The NON Sikh who takes this first INITIATION Ceremony (details to be worked out by an enlightened well informed Sikh organisation OTHER THAN SGPC who have shown NO initiative or calibre in any direction since PARTITION of PUNJAB in 1947. They do not even think that a Memorial to the Dead of 1947 is worth the thought.) What is unbelievable is that none has considered taking a step forward on intellectual plane. None has pronounced the “dream” of seeing congregations in Western Gurdwaras 90 to 99 per cent WHITE natives. Please spot a White face in gurdwaras, even mandirs, in Bharat. We share this lethargy, orthodoxy, inertia and resignation with the Hindus, yet we declare loud and clear, “We are not Hindus.” Finally, we must reassure our Amritdhari brothers and sisters that we regard them with utmost esteem and respect. That is why the need of the ultimate step (KHANDE DI PAHUL) has not been played down in any way. It still remains the final "giant step" from Sikh to Khalsa. 24 May 2005. ===================== Message: 2 Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 09:08:39 EDT From: Subject: COPY THE SIKHS AND COMMEMORATE WITH CONVICTION YOUR DEAD, TOO. Call to Hindus, "let's copy the Sikhs and commemorate our dead, too." BELOW, AS PER REPORT, THE SIKHS ARE COMMEMORATING THEIR MARTYRS OF 1984 BUT THERE IS NO SIGN YET OF COMMEMORATING THE MARTYRS OF 1947 WHO ARE AT LEAST A THOUSAND TIMES MORE IN NUMBER. BEFORE WE COMMENT ON THE INTELLECTUAL INADEQUACY OF THE SIKHS, WHAT ABOUT THE "MOSQUITO'S MEMORY" OF THE HINDU LEADERS WHO HAVE NO DAY SET ASIDE TO COMMEMORATE THE MEMORY OF TWO MILLION DEAD OF 1947 ALONE? IT IS FOR THE HINDU LEADERS TO SEE THE SIGNS OF TIME AND DESIGNATE A DAY OF MOURNING ON AUGUST 15 WHEN ON THAT DAY IN 1947 ONE THIRD OF INDIA VANISHED FROM THE MAP AND GENERAL MASSACRE, ABDUCTION AND RAPE OF HINDUS AND SIKHS TOOK PLACE ACROSS WESTERN INDIA, THAT IS NOW UNDER THE PROVOCATIVE FLAG OF MOHAMMED AND THE IDEOLOGICAL CAMEL'S FOOT OF SAUDI ARABIA. THE HINDUS, DUE TO LACK OF SELF ESTEEM AND COLLECTIVE PERFORMANCE, ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF HUMAN PYRAMID. EVERY CONQUEROR COULD CONTEMPTUOUSLY CALLED THEM BY DEROGATORY TERMS, FROM "BABOONS" TO "BABOOS". OBVIOUSLY WE ARE RECONCILED TO BEING "BABOOS" AND FEAR THAT THE WORD "BABOON" WILL RE-APPEAR VERY SOON EVEN IN DELHI AS IT IS ALREADY THE CASE IN UGANDA AND FIJI, EAST BENGAL AND NORTH KASHMIR. OUR HINDU LEADERS MUST BE VERY DULL IF THEY HAVE NOT COMMENDED GURU GOBIND SINGH JI TO THEIR TERRIFIED FOLLOWERS YET. ........................============== PLEASE READ ABOUT THE SIKH COURAGE TO COMMEMORATE THEIR DEAD OF 1984. 21h Anniversary of the Attack on the Golden Temple 12th June2005 Sikh Holocaust Remembrance Day for Justice & Freedom Over 10,000 Sikhs from throughout the United Kingdom will march through London on 12 June 2005 The biggest remembrance rally for over 15 years 1000 black balloons will be released to commemorate the thousand dead and those who continue to languish in India’s prisons after 20 years without trial Many people marching on Sunday have lost family and friends in the continuing human rights violations against civil rights activists. On Sunday 12th June, 2005, Sikhs from throughout the UK will converge on Hyde Park London for a rally to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1984 genocide of Sikhs in India. On 3rd June 1984 a 25,000 strong contingent of the Indian armed forces attacked the Golden Temple complex with heavy artillery and tanks. The attack was not only illegal and unconstitutional, but was aimed to coincide with services to mark the anniversary of the first martyr of the Sikh faith, when in the scorching heat of the Punjabi summer thousands were thronging to pay their respects inside the precincts of the Golden Temple. With a resonance to that first sacrifice in the 17th century, the newly appointed Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh in 1986 describes the attack during his tenure at Sidney Sussex College Camridge. He points to ‘the civil-rights movement which was initiated in 1982’ and ‘the brutal way in which it was suppressed’ and ‘the aftermath of the destruction of the Sikhs’ holiest shrine, the Akal Takhat, and the barbaric violence against Sikhs outside Punjab.’[1] It is estimated the army invasion of the Golden Temple left 15,000 pilgrims dead and 30,000 people homeless. The attack was simultaneously carried out on 40 other historical shrines throughout Punjab to suppress the civil rights movement that had developed as a result of decades of discriminatory laws and actions by the Indian state against the Punjab region and the Sikhs. Reports spoke of eye-witness accounts to the massacre and the killing of women and children in cold-blood and of Sikh prisoners being tied with their own turbans and then shot in the head. Medical staff were threatened, and some killed, if they gave food or water to pilgrims injured during the army onslaught. Later in the winter of 1984, after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, mobs lead by Congress leaders committed murder, looting, arson and rape across India for over a week. The looting and murder centered on Delhi but spanned most of India left over 5000 Sikhs dead and over 60,000 homeless in Delhi alone: thousands more were left ‘missing’ and unaccounted for. The fear and trauma for the people of Punjab hasn’t ended. Thousands are still languishing in prisons. Soldiers who left their barracks in protest of the attack on the Golden Temple are still held in jail. Families who lost relatives haven’t received any justice or compensation, whilst thousands of bounties have been paid to police and army officers for controlling a self-propelled cycle of killing and kidnap. The thousands of Sikh lives and billions of rupees worth of Sikh property that were lost in Delhi in the Congress organised riots of November 1984 haven’t yet been accounted for, nor justice done or compensation given and property returned to the Sikh community. The only people to return to their status have been the supposed protectors of the people in the form of MP’s. Those same Congress leaders, Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar who have been accused of masterminding and leading the riots in Delhi in 1984 only last month were re-elected MPs and given Ministerial appointments brining further anguish and heartache to the Sikh community throughout the world. Whilst no apology or independent inquiry has been forthcoming from India, the Sikh community in the United Kingdom will be making their displeasure clear on Sunday 6 June in London Kiran Kaur from the West Midlands will be at the demonstration. ‘Two of my cousins disappeared in the summer of 1984. They had just finished school and were out playing on their bicycles. We know that the reason they were taken was because they wore orange turbans and so were seen as associated with the struggle. Their parents haven’t heard of or seen them since.’ “My brother was a qualified engineer and we haven’t seen him since 1986. He had only just returned home after completing his degree.’ Said Shindo who will not be joining the rally because she like thousands of others is afraid of repercussions against her family in Punjab. (Real name not given to protect anonymity). Charan Singh from the North of England will be unable to travel to the march due to ill health but his family will be joining the protest. ‘My nephews had never been in any trouble and were both good and worked hard on their farm. The police killed them and then said they found guns and ammunition. We weren’ t alone most families in our village have lost someone. If there were so many militants with this many guns why is it that there was no civil war in Punjab with all these guns that the police keep saying they find whenever they kill someone after they have tortured and held them?’ Strong images and vibrant messages will be the order of the day. Rally and march for Remembrance, Justice and Freedom Assembly at Hyde Park 12 noon Rally 1 pm March sets off from Hyde Park 2 pm March ends at Temple Place 4 pm ------------------------------------- [1] Cambridge Research Papers on Sikhism: Sikhs, Arms and Terrorism by Devinderjit Singh. Narrative from preface written by Dr Manmohan Singh. January 1986 ....................========================== WHAT SHOULD THE HINDUS DO ON AUGUST 15 EVERY YEAR? GO TO THE BOGUS "SAMADHIS" OF "MAHATMA" MK GANDHI, "BANDIT" JL NEHRU, "POLITICAL WITCH" INDIRA AND "BOFORS CHOR" RAJIV KHAN, AND ABUSE THEM ALL, AND SPIT ON THEIR "SARKARI SAMADHIS" PROFUSELY AND THROW OLD SHOES AND ROTTEN TOMATOES ON THEM IN ORDER TO REDEEM OUR HONOUR AND THE PLEDGE TO SEE "AKHAND BHARAT" RECREATED LIKE SRI RAM TEMPLE IN AYODHYA, WITHIN OUR LIFE TIME. ......................000000000