Date: 5/25/2005


In a message dated 26/05/2005 01:04:51 GMT Daylight Time, XXXXXXXXX writes: Shri Rao (article's author) is a product of macauly education system. How can brown slaves like Rao not to praise the white english master Macauley? Colonial virus still runs in the blood of many brown slaves. They feel they are more English than english people. I am sure, Rao perhaps feel embarrased being a Bharatiya and having Telegu as his matri-bhasa/ mother tounge. We too speak and write english, but we have self-respect and love to our own matri-bhasa. We shall never think such disgust. Germans speak much better english than we Bharatiya Macaulites. But they will never say, they need english to be modern. Two Germans together never use english are communication language. Nor do tiny Switzerland's people will say. Nor by Japanese. Not more than 1-2% Bharatiya can speak english. But for Rao, english is central to modern India. It seems Bharatiya bhasa speaking people are primitive and made no contribution to the development of the nation. Its clear, he misunderstood modernization with Westernization. Bharat ..............In praise of Thomas Macaulay He was not perfect, but donít forget that heís central to modern India http://www.indianexpress.com/full_story.php?content_id=71045 ..........--------------------------------- The tradition of slavery of the West and self negation as Indian COOLIE is still deeply entrenched in our veins and psyche. What else is SONIA KHAN, the worthless import of BOFORS CHOR from Italy? Would any self respecting nation have tolerated Rajiv's AFFRONT and INSULT of native Indian females? In ISLAMIC republics including Pakistan and Bogusdesh, he would have been given the broom to sweep the streets and in ALL other countries without fail he would have been ostracised as "Foreign Licker" or "Lackey" and given the meanest job to perform, 18 hours a day. Yet in Bharat he could become the PRIME MINISTER overnight with his foreign spouse in his bed every night. He has a "Samadhi" at State expense and a Foundation, too, in his name, in order to insult and degrade the Hindu nation still further! Then we have a very secular man, but still a MUSALMAN, as the Supreme Commander of Bharatiya Armed Forces. What TOP SECRETS can a HINDU nation, after being decimated in 1947, have from anybody on earth? The state of our so-called freedom is really and truly LAMENTABLE. It is time for our dull LEADERS to give us all a manly and spirited LEAD. .......................000000000