Date: 5/26/2005


...........SEE NEWS ITEM FROM 1887 AD BELOW: Then as well as NOW, the Sikhs in Amritsar were NOT sovereign. Foreign government ensured corruption at Golden Temple. Is the Government today, with its HEAD at Union Territory at the OTHER end of State, any better? The problem is SLAVERY: then under British, now under ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN and their CONGRESS PARTY in control of East Punjab since 1947. Those who have their affairs firmly in their OWN hands, live in East BENGAL. .......................================== In a message dated 26/05/2005 04:33:51 GMT Daylight Time, XXXXXXXXX writes: This editorial appeared in Tribune 118 years earlier. Situation at present looks no different in management of Darbar Sahib. Same holds true for Gurdwara managements around the globe. (Big Gumbads but no Gumbads on their head, and glassy in their hand). Things changed for the better 38 years later in 1925 after this editorial appeared in 1887. Now it is 2005, does it mean we need to wait another 38 years till 2043 for the current situation to improve. Battle then was to remove Masands and Pujaris. Battle now is to remove Radhasoamis, Havan and Hanuman Chaalisa conductors. ......................============== From the pages of January 5, 1887 ................Mismanaged golden temple THE management of the Golden Temple does not show any improvement. The Manager, protected by the Government authorities, is indifferent to all that is said against him. But we think it will not be long before he will have to resign his office or things will assume a very serious shape. We have received a copy of a memorial which was a few days ago presented to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor by the Pujaries, Mutsadis and Priests of the Durbar Sahib of Amritsar, and it discloses the utterly rotten state of the present management. Some of the charges that have been brought against the Manager in this memorial are indeed very serious, and we hope no time will be lost in making a thorough enquiry into them. The present manager is also an Honorary Magistrate and he has been charged by the memorialists for having abused his magisterial powers.... We do not know how far the charge that has been brought against Sardar Man Singh is true, but we hope the Government will make a due enquiry into the matter .......................000000000