Date: 5/27/2005


............TIMID SIKHS MUST COPY THE BRAVE HINDUS NOW. WHY? BECAUSE EAST PUNJAB IS SIKH TERRITORY AND IT IS THE OBSTACLE IN THE WAY OF WILD, SAVAGE AND SPIRITED ONSLAUGHT BY ISLAM, GOING FOR MORE TERRITORY AND THE THROATS OF SOFT HINDU TARGET BEYOND ITS "UNION" TERRITORY. EAST PUNJAB HAS TO BE OVERRUN BEFORE THESE MOHAMMEDAN HORDES GET TO DELHI AND OCCUPY "RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN" WHERE THE PRESENT INCUMBENT, ABDUL KALAM, WILL WELCOME THEM. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HINDUS WHO HAVE APPRECIATED THE DIRE SITUCATION, GETTING WORSE BY THE HOUR, AND HAVE TAKEN TO THIS POLICY OF UTMOST COURAGE. WHY SHOULD THE SIKHS, WHO ONCE LED THE HINDUS IN VALOUR AND RESISTENCE, NOW SIT BACK, WEARING THE BLACK "BURQA" OF LACK OF CONVICTION? SO, HERE IS THE LETTER TO SGPC, THE "SHIROMANI GURDWARA PARBANDHAK COMMITTE," THE SIKHS' HIGHEST RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY THAT SAW THE BRAVE SIKHS' ROUT AND RUN FROM LAHORE WITHOUT DRAWING ANY CONCLUSION, AND LATER IN 1984 SAT THROUGH THE VICIOUS AND DEVASTATING MILITARY ATTACK BY INDIRA KHAN, WITHOUT DRAWING ANY LESSONS. IF THEY CONTINUE TO SLEEP AND IF THEIR CHIEF MINISTER SITS IN GREAT DISTANCE ON UNION TERRITORY, THE DAYS OF THE SURVIVING SIKHS IN MUCH REDUCED EAST PUNJAB ARE NUMBERED. ........................=============== CALL TO THOSE CONFINED WITHIN ONE MIDDLE FRAGMENT OF INDIA SINCE 1947, TO GO OUT TO CONVERT THE TRAITORS AND ALIENS ON YOUR OWN MUCH REDUCED TERRITORY WITH VIGOUR, CONVICTION AND COURAGE. DON'T SIT DOWN TO EAT "LANGAR" TILL WE SEE SECULAR FLAG OVER LAHORE and SRI NANKANA SAHIB, OR SAME POLITICAL STATUS FOR EAST PUNJAB THAT EAST BENGAL ENJOYS WITH FREEDOMS NOT SEEN IN OUR DREAMS. .......................============== http://www.hinducounciluk.org/forum.asp SGPC, please SEE the above URL and do something urgently like the much bashed and battered HINDUS, in a manly and virile manner, and take up the IMPOSSIBLE and UNTHINKABLE task of bringing all the NON SIKH East Punjabis, including the non or anti Sikh GOVERNOR, into the fold of Sikhism. It is not a luxury any more to say, "Let everyone be what he/she likes." You ought to be ASHAMED of the death, destruction and ROUT of Sikhs in West Punjab because Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a convictionless, gutless "GOAT" in this respect. He never commended Sikhi as official polity of (the once in millennia) Sikh Raj. Please tell your NISHKAM SEWAK following the result and COMPARE it to the aggressive policy of all Mohammedan emperors and Governors ON OUR OWN TERRITORY to do "sunnat" and shave off the heads of the NATIVES of Hindustan. Do you not see Mohammed's flag over LAHORE, where it should be YOURS? Now WHAT are YOU going to do about it|? Let us hear. Just "langar sewa" without such courage and conviction is simply the task of disinterested, secular and NON ATTACHED terrified Sikhs. You are not gaining any NUMBERS. In 1947 it was, and in the future it will be the NUMBERS' GAME, ..........................000000000