Date: 5/28/2005


..........IS PARTITION (of India) ALREADY "HISTORY"? I listened to one GREAT Hindu leader of ALL-INDIA STATURE, who declared unilaterally, WE ACCEPT PARTITON. I was so shocked in disbelief that I nearly fell off the chair. I asked point blank, “On what condition or conditions, Sir?” He went silent. His face resembled that of poor Mrs Margaret Hassan who was seen pleading for mercy, and lost her condition rapidly in her death cell. Later due to “mercy” that is enshrined in KORAN, she was BEHEADED by her own fellow Muslims in Iraq. Her terrified face is still deeply imprinted in every mind that saw her on television. I didn’t expect our great leader to go silent on this LIFE & DEATH issue for our India. So I INSISTED on an answer. Embarrassed and off colour, he looked at his watch and said, “Oh! I am late for my appointment. I must go now.” So off he went (that is, "f.o."), and VANISHED. Having similarly failed to get a convincing answer from the Prime Minister and the Supreme Commander of India, my best alternative seemed to be to GO ON INTERNET and ask the WHOLE WORLD the same question fearlessly. “How could the MAJORITY community, that boasts of brave Rajputs, martial Marathas and warrior Sikhs, clever Brahmins and smart technocrats, and Intelligentsia, simply COLLAPSE under the threat of Muslim bullies, and then promptly accept the SURRENDER of one third of India, without referendum, challenge or fight? India is a "banana republic" today with five provinces missing from her map, and Sonia Khan sitting in front row in Parliament at New Delhi, but then in 1947 she was still something of a country. How is it that after the diabolic deed became a certainty, there was NO Resistance and NONE rose to BEHEAD or ASSASSINATE Gandhi, NEHRU and TERRORIST Mohammed Ali Jinnah who insisted on “disembowelling, beheading and bleeding” HINDUSTAN? It is incomprehensible to most on earth that India was savagely ATTACKED by all these “TRAITORS and BASTARDS” (GANDHI, NEHRU and JINNAH) who were themselves born in INDIA and ought to have been singing patriotic songs on the eve of departure of the British. Now it is nearly SIX DECADES on, and yet NO ONE mentions “PARTITION” in order to commemorate and HONOUR the Dead of that year with ceremonies, parades, speeches and memorials. There is no pledge by any leader, even Constitution, to “stitch up the pieces, join up the dismembered limbs and re-unite the mutually antagonistic segments". Cowardly brainwashed Hindus follow their leaders blindly, and ACCEPT the surrender of FIVE provinces overnight, and the timid and DEVIOUS "bunya" Sikh "Sardars", instead of commemorating “LAHORE DAY” and “SRI NANKANA SAHIB DAY”, have now erected another platform to yell, “KHALISTAN!”. Khalistan, unlike what Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan would have us believe, is NOT a terrorist demand, but the OTHER SIDE of the coin called PARTITION. The aspiration to KHALISTAN cannot be snubbed now if the absurdity of PAKISTAN cannot be wiped out by the HINDU NATION by becoming manly and virile in the shortest possible time. Khalistan is not the only separatist demand in PARTITIONED INDIA but it is the one that has come to the fore due to the uncalled for treacherous and malicious Operation "BLUE STAR" launched by Indira KHAN in 1984. There are countless more mutinies and revolts in the making, all standing in the queue, waiting for KASHMIR and EAST PUNJAB to get out first, following the lead given by EAST BENGAL and NORTH KASHMIR. It is a simple matter of psychology that after each victory the spirit and morale of the victor goes up while that of the defeated and the vanquished sinks and sinks. Ours has been SINKING since 712 AD, since we NEVER managed to capture Mecca, Istanbul, Tehran, Kabul, even London, Rome and North Kashmir. When India had her skull fractured and limbs chopped off, Pakistan, while still counting her tanks and guns, INVADED Kashmir. India could again not RETALIATE but got stuck in the mud of CEASE FIRE that later became QUAGMIRE. India now is NOSE DEEP in it. Energies are being wasted on huge armaments and nuclear deterrents but not on SPIRITUAL AND MORAL recovery and upside. Let us see the two scenarios: 1. India has bought or manufactured vast quantities of arms and ammunition and destructive weapons of war and also created a stockpile of nuclear bombs and missiles. Yet NOTHING has been achieved on ground. Pakistan has matched shot for shot. MOHAMMED is still sitting all over HINDUSTAN where he was. Since they have increased their numbers arithmetically, the Hindus have started fearing the worst. In many cities and areas the Hindu is not safe to walk alone, leave aside his daughter. 2. Now take the SPIRITUAL or MORAL SIDE. Declare this Broken Bharat, with mushrooming mosques and increasing Fifth Column, “HINDU RASHTRA”. You will see the results at once. The aliens, the non Hindus and the enemies of State and Secularism in Kashmir will SHRINK in size overnight. Now imagine the ULTIMATE which is simply a theoretical guess work at this stage. PRESUME that all the Hindus have got the KNOWLEDGE of what happened in 1947 and the PREMONITION, or FOREBODING, of what is coming and then act according to the following PROCLAMATION:- “Dear Hindu brothers and sisters, on the stroke of midnight August 14/15 next, you will take up the surname, “SINGH” or “KAUR”, and carry a sword on your person when you step out of the house. When you greet each other, say “SAT SRI AKAL”, and at the end of every Puja, PaaTh, katha, keertan and Aarti, the Priest should cry out, “BOLE SO NIHAL!” with the congregation responding with “SAT SRI AKAL” as we see in every gurdwara in the world. Now visualise with great thrill the very TOP of anti Hindu “Secular Sarkar” in New Delhi packing up. If MORAL is not put above the MATERIAL, then we shall be forced to accept the map that looks utterly ridiculous if not contemptible. Has anyone compared the decent map of India of 1947, with the disgusting one of TODAY? The difference between “Akhand Bharat” (United India) and “Broken Bharat” (Partitioned Indian Secular State) is the difference between “AMRIT” prepared by Guru Gobind Singh ji and the water from gutter (P.I.S.S.). Would you not NOW expect each and every Hindu LEADER to DECLARE from public platforms, “PARTITION NOT UPON MY NELLY!” and then cry at the loudest, “BOLE SO NIHAL!”? .......................000000000