Date: 5/30/2005


WROTE A HINDU PATRIOT: i do want to be in this group. as It is a group of people who just want to cry after looking into history and far removed from present . I am a practical person who want to fight illetracy,poverty. bye ...................________________________ COMMENT BY ANOTHER: A SUPERB POSTING that went straight deep into our hearts. Indeed, we are "churning water" for decades but without any result ON GROUND. We started doing so from Day 1 of Partition when we were forced to call it Independence. Lahore is STILL under Mohammed's foot from where both Secularism and Sikhs are chased out. Ayodhya Temple is still in ruins, with our Cry for Reconstruction fading into distance. Rashtrapati Bhawan still under ABDUL KALAM who is vegetarian, loves Sanskrit and reads Gita but will rather die that say, "I am a Hindu." Rashtramata is still the Daughter of Pope and Mussolini with love of Italy at heart, not of Sri Ram or Sri Krishna. For charging her spiritual batteries she will rather go to Vatican than Ayodhya or Amritsar. Bharat's SIKH prime minister, himself a REFUGEE from West Punjab like quarter of a million Hindus from South Kashmir (those in North were exterminated within days in 1937), reminds us of the PERFORMING BEAR, a common sight in Indian villages and towns. In 1984 we were made to turn against our own fiercely patriotic and brave Sikh minority while 12 years earlier Prime Minister Indira KHAN alias Gandhi, had returned EAST Bengal to Mohammed with full sovereignty and a seat at UN. For the slightest sign of Hindu resurgence in Gujarat, its chief minister is threatened with dismissal or trial at Hague. Jinnah House of history's worst ever TRAITOR is maintained at State expense. HINDU "SHEEP" DO NOT RECALL THE FATE OF SPANDAU PRISON IN BERLIN WHERE A SEPARATIST NAZI LEADER (RUDOLF HESS) WAS KEPT TILL HIS DEATH. When the Albanian nun Teresa died in Kolkata, the whole country went into State mourning for seven days. MANY HINDUS AND THE ENTIRE LOK SABHA (INDIAN PARLIAMENT) WEPT FOR HER, CALLING HER "MOTHER"! When a "loafer" Sunil Dutt of so-called BOLLYWOOD died, his aspiration was taken up by the whole nation because he had a MOHAMMEDAN wife who was BURIED, not cremated. There is a talk of his "samadhi" in New Delhi, next to the one of BOFORS CHOR, to be built and maintained at State expense again. The rulers of India who never thought of a Memorial to TWO MILLION DEAD HINDUS of 1947, want to construct one for this Bollywood admirer of Khans. We are made to chant "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai" while across the bogus border to West and East, our former fellow Indians, have the license to make the Hindu's life a real HELL and his daughters a game. Dear Patriot, we appreciate your line, "I am a practical person who wants to fight illetracy, poverty." So are we all, still waiting for our great LEADERS, the presidents of VHP, BJP, BAJRANG DAL to take up this line with vigour and conviction and then BROADCAST to the whole nation. Even the SIKH leaders, much bashed and battered and even MASSACRED through history, have not given the call- "ADOPT THE SIXTH "K" now, i.e., "K" for COMPUTERS." Computer illiteracy in EAST Punjab is worse than in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe while one Gurdwara in Amritsar boasts of feeding thousands of FREE MEALS to one and all, including those on pleasure and "girl hunting" trip from Lahore where they live in houses whose Sikh owners were murdered in front of their children and their daughters abducted and raped. You are likely to get a hearty response to your mail from the Hindus at grassroots but we now wait for a HINDU LEADER to "set fire" to his EGO and acknowledge your call for Literacy or rather COMPUTER LITERACY down to villages, not just in cities like Delhi and Bangalore. .......................000000000