Date: 5/30/2005


If one sees the performance of the Indian Army since 1947, it has fought only for CORRUPT CONGRESS PARTY, NEHRU Dynasty, but NOT for India. It is a MERCENARY army, now contemptuously called "EUNUCHNS IN UNIFORM". This was shown in following events 1947: The army was supposed to defend LAHORE and East Bengal. But it evaporated overnight. ONE THIRD OF INDIAN TERRITORY WAS LOST OVERNIGHT. BOGUS CEASE FIRE in Kashmir when they were recovering the lost territory for India. Their advance was not in line with the Congress Ideology. FAILURE TO DEFEND NEFA AND AKSAI CHIN in 1962 and failure to recover the lost territory. FUTILE campaign in EAST Pakistan. The territory was won but quickly surrendered to ISLAM. What kind of secular principle does India defend and where? Operation Blue Star was against an INDIGENOUS and fiercely patriotic community that was the RECRUITING GROUND of Indian Army. The Dynasty did not want those (THE SIKHS IN EAST PUNJAB) who live along the frontier and also known for their martial spirit. STALEMATE in Kashmir. The Indian Army is ordered to look at our own territory in North Kashmir from the bunkers through binoculars only. The Supreme Commander of this Army is a MUSLIM and that is DESPITE the most horrendous DEFEAT of Indian Army in history when Pakistan was created and the Muslim forces inflicted a most CRUSHING DEFEAT on India. Please don't forget the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FEMALES abducted, raped, killed or CONVERTED at the time of Partition. If the police were USELESS, then Army had to be gallant enough to put a stop to that GENOCIDE. Their curses, wails and cries and pleas for mercy and help were ignored by this army that is DOOMED as a result. One could go on. But we have made the point even for the most gullible and naive. .......................000000000