Date: 5/30/2005


DEEP FROZEN STINKING STAGNATING DECOMPOSING HINDUSTAN. GREAT THAW IS COMING ................WHAT IS THIS "THAW"? There is a tendency in India to BREAK AWAY into fragments or lose territory outright. . The fist proof came on August 15, 1947 when not one district but FIVE PROVINCES broke away to establish a hostile ISLAMIC republic that swore permanent enmity towards Broken Bharat from Day 1. The second proof came when the people of Kashmir started militancy and called upon India to QUIT. The third round came about, when Government of India declared the CEASE FIRE LINE across Kashmir to be the new international frontier between two countries. The fourth round came about in 1972 when Government of India RETURNED the land captured from ENEMY. That is how East Pakistan became Bangladesh overnight. FUTURE: Please add comments. Is it not time that EAST Punjab and Tamil Nadu, even Gujarat and Maharashtra, looked at themselves afresh and compared their status with that of EAST Bengal, Slovakia, Latvia and even East Timur and then asked, "Why are WE zero at UN when all these countries have their representatives present there? 29 Indian States (four more than in European Union), some larger than France and many, more populous than Germany, will not remain "frozen" in present state like the cod fish in my freezer. When the thaw begins, which direction or shape will it take? The good news is that the GREAT THAW IS ABOUT TO BEGIN. ...............===================== EVEN IN THE LAND OF SERVILE HINDU "MICE" SITTING AT THE FEET OF SEMI-LITERATE ITALIAN BORN CATHOLIC FEMALE, KNOWN AS "RASHTRAMATA", ONE OF THE HINDU CHIEF MINISTERS IS ABOUT TO REFLECT ON THE DEGRADATION OF HIS OWN NATIVE HINDU WOMANHOOD AND CRY OUT, "UDI!" .......THE THAW WILL BECOME A TORRENT AND THEN A DELUGE. .....................000000000