Date: 6/1/2005


................FRENCH AND DUTCH show the way. Europe was becoming TOP HEAVY, bureaucratic, and self serving club of smooth tongued corrupt officialdom like the Indian cabinet and Lok Sabha in the Congress controlled non Hindu Bharat. It was an exclusive club, removed from the common man, and meant to reward itself. The MEP's voted huge salaries and travelling allowances to themselves, and stayed in 5 star hotels and drank champagne and caviar, and enjoyed expensive holidays on public expense. Rising prices and unemployment went unchecked and their "open door" policy for all the fleeing millions who were being chased from their own countries by corrupt native Brown and Black politicians, and rising poverty due to bad administration, red tape and corruption in Africa and Asia, got on the nerves of common people. Suddenly peaceful localities across Europe saw the influx of overwhelmingly single male MUSLIM refugees who brought with them their own Koran, mosque and Islamic culture and added to the crime rate in cities, and increased the flow of drugs, making lives in towns and cities very different within a few years. In the democracies of Europe we now see increasing culture of drugs, block voting, intimidation of political opponents and assassinations. We all watched Europe fall in quality of life. What is now the proverbial "British way of life" with black "burqas" covering head to foot of women holding British passports now, and with young men of a certain religion going to Afghanistan and Iraq to take on the British troops there instead of joining them in recruitment centres in this country (the UK)? What can one say of our traditional way of life with more and more of our fellow citizens reading their Holy Book and then looking at us as Infidels and Kafirs exactly as we are defined in their Book? We were getting new string of rules and regulations being imposed from the top. Small countries like the Baltic States were perturbed when required by EU officials, to accommodate any fleeing Afghan, Kurd, Pakistani, Somali and Turk. They are now having to put up with growing minorities who do not know a word of Polish, Czech, Latvian or Italian. The more people enter, legally or illegally, from different ways of life, the tighter and more irritable will be the central controls on us all. These laws now drive the Scandinavians and the Greek with the same stick and we all have to have our digital personal data recorded on passports at extra expense. Will the 25 States of Europe be controlled from Brussels as was the case with the Soviet Union, all controlled from Moscow, or like the 29 states of India, all, including South Kashmir and East Punjab, controlled by the distant and remote bureaucrats in Delhi? Please ask the Indians abroad and those who wish to come abroad, as to why they left (or want to leave) their rich land. If given the choice, they, too, will all vote like the French and the Dutch to reject the Sarkar of Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan. Well done, France and Holland! You have pointed towards the light of Freedom, rejecting the top heavy expensive "White Elephant" of European Union in which the fat salary of an MEP has no relation to the low wages of the common man or a pensioner. Should we not have similar referendum over the Indian Constitution now, after nearly 60 years of its imposition? According to it, one fragment in the middle is now again INDIA. The citizens of India were not asked about it, nor about PARTITION. It was the discordent duet of NEHRU and AMBEDKAR. ..................---------------------------- sonia hataao, India bachaao. Sonia nikaalo, India sambhaalo. VANDE BHARAT MATARAM. .......................000000000