Date: 6/2/2005


Dear all, Now all the Bofor Chors have been discharged. Had they not been discharged, the judge would have gone to Tihar Jail, like Shamit Mukherjee. Modus operandi is simple. While snatching fundamental right to property of all citizens is not corruption, taking an A.C. in bribe alone is corruption. While Allah alone can be worshipped is secular religion, supporting the freedom of faith is communal. While stealing and keeping in possession the treasury of Aamer Fort needs no enquiry and no FIR, misappropriating Flood fund by collector only is corruption. For the purpose, judges have been granted immunity towards incentive to extort Rs. 5 from litigants. Now, High Courts have improved. Allahabad High Court judges do not fix dates in Writs. The job has been allotted to the Registrar (Listing). These criminals have been deputed to extort Rs. 100 to 500 for listing cases in courts. The money so extorted is being shared by Mujahid President of India Abdul Kalam and man-eater Super PM Sonia. No sooner, the puppet judge would write a word without consent of the Governments, the judge would land in jail like Justice Shamit Mukherjee of Delhi High Court. Judiciary, an immune establishment of usurper Democracy, has nothing to do with justice. She has revealed her deadly fang with the snatching of citizens' fundamental right to property, as was provided vide Article 31 of the Constitution. Still the judges and MPs are not robbers! A judge loses its right to do justice, no sooner it takes oath to uphold the Constitution that amounts to connive & abet Muslims & Christians rape its own women, before its own eyes, get robbed and get slain. One cannot find such an organized gang of puppet extortionists, pettifoggers, frauds, robbers and butchers like POs of Indian Judiciary. They are notorious terrorists protected by the Indian Constitution & laws. Judges have taken oath to uphold the guide of criminals, named Indian Constitution, that provides unfettered fundamental right to every Muslim and Christian to conserve their cultures, vide Article 29(1), which is essentially eradication of aliens' culture. Publishing the verses of Koran and Bible attracts action u/s 153 and 295 of the Indian Penal Code. However the very sources viz. Koran and Bible from where these verses are drawn are immune from any action. Nay! Judiciary has held these criminal guides religious book and declared that no court can sit into judgment on religious books. The judiciary has held Islam and Christianity religions!! Azan and Namaz call for worship and worship!!! See Calcutta Koran Petition, 297 of 1985, Chandmal Chopra Vs. State of WB. Judges have nothing to do with justice. Judiciary has been established to help Governments usurp the booty robbed from the citizens, insure the eradication of Vedic culture, convict those who oppose robbery and usurpation by Governments, liquidate those who oppose Christianity and Islam, and protect those who are ISI agents, cry Azan, recite Namaz and are proclaimed offenders. The judges of the High Courts and Apex court take oath to uphold the Articles 29(1), 39(c) of the Indian Constitution. The Indian Constitution has been compiled by Christians' Congress party to eradicate Vedic culture. We, Aryans, are on the verge of extinction. Our women, properties, lives and liberties have already been delivered either to Muslims or to Christians. Our fate has been sealed with the compilation of the Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution. We are victims of our own Vedic Culture that provides one Property rights and freedom of faith. To know in details one can see our Web-site aaryavrt.com. If one wishes to survive one may join Vedic Panth and support Aryavrt Government. We are determined to arrest cow & man eater and thief of Aamer Fort treasury Sonia and Mujahid (crusader) of Islam Kalam. Christianity, Islam, and Democracy are frauds upon human race. Unless these are eradicated, human race cannot survive. Rise to the occassion. Help Aryavrt eradicate Democracy. Help Aryavrt scrap the Indian Constitution. Let Fundamental Right to Property and freedom of faith revive. Thanking you and looking for immediate attention, Yours faithfully, Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi ........................000000000