Date: 6/2/2005


A well known PATRIOT, Shri Keshav Acharya, has suggested that there should be a suitable Memorial to the memory of Gen Jagjit Singh, popularly known as the "Hero of Bangladesh." He proposed to name Indira G. International Airport in New Delhi, as Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora International Airport. Making a strong plea for his suggestion, he concludes by saying, there is nothing wrong is the above renaming." Please see his original line and the COMMENT below. ----------------------------------------------- (Quote) So there is nothing wrong in the above renaming. (Unquote) (Keshav Acharya can be contacted ar 21/33 Sagar Aptt., Link Road, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri, Mumbai-400 102.) ..................============== COMMENT: "Respected Acharyaji, you say, "there is nothing wrong in the above re-naming," as suggested by you with noble thoughts. However, may I humbly say, "There is EVERYTHING wrong in honouring a Sikh (even a HINDU) in secular Bharat today." It will take a long article to explain the above line. I am sorry, your idea is bold, but detached from the REALITY in today's "decomposing Hindu bashing" India. As Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru felt mighty upset seeing the Sikh troops advance in Kashmir (autumn 1947), so was Indira Gandhi even more upset in Gen Aurora's quick victory. She was so upset that she NEITHER thought of annexing EAST Bengal to her own secular Bharat, NOR even put a condition that its Constitution would be SECULAR like the one under her own foot. She was above reproach, above Law, like her son BOFORS CHOR. People of India were seen by Indira as her serfs or dumb cattle. None was allowed to muster patriotic guts to shout, "Hey, STOP! That is OUR territory that was surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY to Islam even in 1947!" 12 years later (1984) she boldly stepped out, to "teach" EAST Punjab a lesson for dreaming of such sovereignty as she conceded to EAST Bengal so readily, muttering "Al Hamd-ul-lillah!". We Hindus have spent SIX DECADES without really getting a peep into the IDEOLOGY of those who rule Bharat today. We don't even know when the Hindu refugees would return to their homes in Srinagar. There are a million other issues upon which Sonia and Kalam will rather die than yield an inch. We can wait for another "100 years" before they call themselves "Hindu". But mention NARGIS along with the name of Sunil Dutt, and you see Lok Sabha promptly declare a "Day of Mourning" and gladly vote a million rupees for his Memorial. Hindu nation must be bold enough to believe in two things: (1) Every square inch of AKHAND BHARAT, surrendered by despicable collaboraters and traitors, belongs to BHARAT in perpetuity. (Akhand Bharat is not dead.). (2) Trial of those who signed the "Act of Unconditional Surrender of India, 1947" must be brought to trial and SENTENCED for High Treason against India. The fact that some of us are mentally as small as "ants" or as big as "elephants" plays NO role whatsoever in this regard. Treason is Treason whether committed by a dacoit or a mahatma, by a pauper or a pundit. .......................000000000