Date: 6/3/2005


..........A COMMENT SEEN ON A DISCUSSION LIST: The Congress, quick to seek an apology, should explain two things: how did Ottavio Quattrocchi leave India in 1993 (under Congress rule) when he came to know that the CBI was investigating his role in the case? And what about the charge that Madhavsinh Solanki as External Affairs Minister in the Narasimha Rao Cabinet, delivered a letter to his Swiss counterpart seeking the slowing down of investigations in 1992? Maybe, it is the Congress that should apologise to the nation. .......................============= Sir, A robber never apologises unless there is a higher force, e.g., police to catch him. Congress in India will never apologise unless the nation under their foot becomes a higher force, unless the people defeat them decisively at elections, unless the people rise as one man in revolution as in Eastern Europe, unless they do to Sonia Gandhi what they did to Shah of Iran or President Caucescu of Romania, unless they unite like the INDIAN Muslims in 1947 to snatch their separate Homeland. But when is such a situation likely to take place in India where people accept even PARTITION as "history" in order to hail Gandhi and Nehru as heroes who got us freedom. I never heard anyone in that "Nation of Morons," "What about the freedom of Lahore, Karachi and Chittagong? Let us catch and HANG someone for their slavery under the flag of Mohammed." At present there are two well defined LAYERS of public life in India. People in dust on earth and Congress above the clouds. No other country on earth has suffered so much due to unmitigated reign of terror and oppression unleashed by its rulers, making talent and thousands of pairs of feet flee the land, as in India. No other country has communities and elements that can be played against each other, and so violently, so easily. Just think of the surrender of whole of West Punjab to URDU language while soon afterwards there was fierce rivalry between Hindi and Punjabi in much smaller East Punjab. The supremacy that URDU gained overnight was on nobody's mind anywhere in India. Just think of the ease with which Indira Nehru could conceal her surname KHAN after marrying one Feroze Khan of Allahabad. And just think of the ease with which Indira Khan could isolate the small but fiercely patriotic SIKH community from Hindu mainstream in order to launch her devastating and brutal attack on Golden Temple on the occasion of a major religious festival being held there in 1984. And just think of her son's role in the large scale massacre of Sikh across India after her assassination. There was NO tribunal or court to try Mrs. KHAN for High Treason and sentence her to death by firing squad. That HONOUR fell to her two bodyguards on the day of Halloween in 1984. Look at the release of HINDUJA Brothers last week. The only reason was their close connection with Gandhi Dynasty and Prime Minister Tony Blair of UK whose Labour Party is always on the side of CORRUPT Congress but not on the side of people of India. It is more so now since Tony Blair and Sonia Khan are both devout CATHOLICS. One Hinduja paid a large donation to LABOUR PARTY to get his British citizenship out of turn, and both brothers got acquitted in BOFORS case in India. Their conviction would have tarnished the name of Rajiv Gandhi, who is whiter than Christ in Hindustan. There are statues for him, Foundations named after him and a lot more. Even Connaught Place in New Delhi was to be named after him. I don't know whether it did happen eventually. Gradually the rising generations will only know of thugs and rascals called "Gandhi" as the saviours of our HINDU nation while the real heroes are sinking into oblivion. Many school books giver more space and emphasis to Gandhis than all the avataras of the past put together. How easy it is for semi literate Daughter of Italy to have senior Hindu politicians in Bharat bending down deep in front of her to touch her feet with the whole nation watching the cheap "tamasha" on television screens. There was no revolt in Lok Sabha when Nehru pulled back our own advancing troops in Kashmir, or when Rajiv Khan sent our Jawans to crush Tamil aspirations in Sri Lanka or when Indira Khan returned our captured territory of EAST Bengal to Mohammed, the Savage Kafir Killer whose teachings inspired the birth of Pakistan on the soil of India. It will be a few decades more till LITERACY spreads in Bharat when the ordinary people reach the intellectual level and political awareness of the French and the Dutch to say "NO" to Hindu bashing "Dirty Dynasty" in Bharat and their rotten, cowardly, CONSTITUTION that is totally silent on the devastating CIVIL WAR of 1947 when one third of India vanished from her map. ......................000000000