Date: 6/3/2005


ONE WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THE SIKHS TO BE A BRACE COMMUNITY ON EARTH. YES THEY ARE, EXCEPT THAT THEIR LEADERS ARE THE SHEEP LEADING THE LIONS. HERE IS A POST ABOUT SETTING UP A MEMORIAL TO THE DEAD OF 1984 WHEN INDIRA KHAN SENT TROOPS, NOT TO LIBERATE NORTH KASHMIR, BUT TO ATTACK GOLDEN TEMPLE IN AMRITSAR. .......................================== BLUESTAR-BADUNGAR PHAGWARA, JUNE 2 (PTI) Former SGPC President and a member of Political Affairs Committee of Shiromani Akali Dal Prof Kirpal Singh Badungar today sought intervention of Sikh High Priests, especially Akal Takht Jathedar and Head Granthi of Harmandar Sahib Amritsar,for resolving the controversy in Sikh circles about raising the memorial for Sikh "martyrs" of 'Operation Blue Star' of June, 1984. Talking to newsmen here, Prof Badungar said that he had met yesterday Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti,Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib and Singh Sahib Gurbachan Singh ,Head Granthi of Harmandar Sahib, in this regard. He claimed that the issue of raising the memorial was not new. He cited resolution No 263 adopted in the meeting of Executive committee of SGPC on February 20,2002 during his Presidentship of SGPC. "We had decided then that befitting memorials would be raised for Sikh martyrs of two holocasts (ghallugharas) and Operation Blue Star," he asserted. Since the memorial for Blue Star Operation martyrs was to be raised inside Golden Temple Complex,it was decided in that resolution that Sikh High Priests(Singh Sahibans) should be consulted for finalising the form and shape of the memorial, he said. Even Sub-committees were set up then for this purpose, he remarked. ...................============= COMMENT ON ABOVE: Did we read memorial to be raised INSIDE Golden Temple? ................NO SIR, NO, NO, NO. ......SHAME ON THE ONE WHO EVEN SUGGESTED IT. The Memorial has to be OUTSIDE the Golden Temple, in the open, with its door, or FRONT, towards DELHI. It should be VISIBLE like your Five Kays even from a space satellite above the clouds, and from top of every mosque minaret in Lahore. I recall the defeated HINDU NATION at the time of Partition. With all their temples DESTROYED during previous Islamic Era, they used to do Puja in a corner of their bedrooms. There were very few mandirs in the open standing on ground across North India in those sad days. Many older Sikhs will testify to this. Now the mandir construction is apace in Bharat except in Ayodhya, East Bengal and South Kashmir. Only brave nations set up VISIBLE Memorials to their dead. The Jews have at least TWENTY Holocaust Museums across the globe and NOT ONE is inside a Synagogue. NOT ONE IS INSIDE A SYNAGOGUE COMPOUND. So what on earth are YOU talking, "Sardar Sahiban"? The cowards dare not even tell the world that they were BEATEN UP, THRASHED, TIED UP, TORTURED AND KILLED by the police and the army in so-called free India. Every time we see the pictures of our martyrs on Gurdwara walls, I feel very sorry for the SIKH "AQAL & GUTS" that these are not placed in a proper and decent HOLOCAUST MUSEUM out in the open for PUBLIC view, instead of inside the gurdwara buildings only for sangats. There is NOT A SINGLE Memorial to the DEAD of Partition anywhere in India although on that day ONE THIRD OF INDIA vanished from maps and TWO MILLION Hindus were put to DEATH by sword, stick, dagger and gun. Many were "drowned in spit" west of Wagah. Let us not be HINDUS. Please for God's sake, let us NOT be Hindus. What a devious cowardly idea by some Hindu "bunya" calling himself "SINGH"! Show up, please, that we are SIKHS, some of us with Amrit and Five Kays. I will not have the least respect for a community that commemorates its glorious dead INSIDE a compound or building. Those who died had the option to leave the Sacred Precincts with hands raised. They deserve to be COMMEMORATED at least a mile away from Golden Temple in a big MAIDAAN where every year half a million honourable citizens and tourists from round the world could gather on June 6 to pay them homage. Why is Gandhi "Samadhi" not inside Birla Mandir where he was shot dead on January 31, 1948? There is NO need to HIDE the fact that in FREE India, an evil political "Witch" ruling and fooling Hindustan ordered her troops to open fire to KILL and DESTROY "sangat" at a Gurpurb. Please re-think the whole thing. Cover yourselves in glory and honour, not in cowardice, appeasement, concessions, shame and "burqa". One day we expect a new breed of brave Sikhs to take the case of that wanton and barbaric ideologically (and politically) motivated ATTACK to UNITED NATIONS and WORLD COURT. It will be better to have the Memorial to the Glorious Dead OUT IN THE OPEN. .........................000000000