Date: 6/4/2005


A NOBLE NATIVE LADY FROM PUNJAB WRITES. I was brough up in a small town and used to visit a small gurdawara. The priest there used to tell me good "sakhis" and always reminded me : 1. The 5 K's are important element of sikhism. Every Sikh must take Amrit. 2. Sikhs must not do anything that may hurt someone else e.g gossip etc. 3. Other then Guru granth Sahib there is nothing else a Sikh must bow his/her head. 4. Do no idiol worship. 5. Do not believe in rituals. Those who believe in rituals are weak ppl. Sikhism tells us to start work with "ardas" and initiate the steps required to meet vision. God will help you as you help yourself. If you are at a roundabout choose the direction and work for it to reach your destination. 6. Do not celebrate festivals that are not relevent to sikhism e.g Diwali/Fasting etc. Remember the birthdays and important history days for the Sikhs. 7. Before sunrise, do your prayers if you cannot read gurmukhi at lease say "mulmantar" or "waheguru". Above advice from the giani sounds simple and makes the religion great , but why is sikhi being distorted? e.g., 1. Look at what is happening in Punjab - there is so much of dirty Politics by our leaders where the focus on developing religion is not reaching anywhere to the mission of this organization. 2. The hindu web sites have put Golden temple as one of their temple and Sikh as a sect of hinduisim. 3. We tend to accept by our actions that we have elements of hinduism by worshipping idiols/Rituals and celebrating Diwali. I know one of our Gurus saved 40 Kings from a prison, but does this festival become one of our big festival? Did no greater things happen other than what happened on Diwali day. I also understand this event took place on another date but we have linked this to diwali. 4. Look at Punjab, and is just shocking the number sikhs that worship pictures and humans. 5. In today's hindi films and serials , all sikh charectors tend to worship hindu gods rather than showing what Sikhism should be doing. (Hindus take the back seat or even VANISH when KHAN brothers and loafers take their girls out in broad daylight.) 6. There are no Sikh functions without having alcohol even if is sponsored by a Gurdawara. If there is another Sikh conferance , I hope in the paper this issues will be addressed and plan be developed to solve this issues to ensure Sikh way of life is according to our Guru's. I also hope someone from SGPC and Akal Takht Sahib will respond to this e mail and tell us what action is being taken to ensure that the MUSLIM INFESTED Hindi films are controlled or eliminated. If they show a Sikh person , they must be guided by the sikh way of life. ....................====================== COMMENT ON ABOVE: We have extremely INFERIOR calibre of COWARDLY leadership today. It is sad that we hold world record in MEDIOCRITY and TIMIDITY. We are "towing the line." O yes, can anyone tell me when West Punjab (the Land of Three Rivers) vanished from the map of Bharat, and why? If President of the entire country is a Muslim DESPITE PARTITION, (O yes, can anyone tell me if we are allowed to mention the word PARTITION, instead of Independence?) If we all call PARTITION "Independence" If ours is the only Chief Minister on UNION TERRITORY, ever ready to garland any ABDUL KALAM or SONIA KHAN, If the "Mother of Nation" is a heavily guarded semi literate Italian CATHOLIC "White Elephant" of BOFORS CHOR, who is committed to HER OWN "Lord" then to Guru Nanak or Guru Gobind Singh, If the Memorial to the MARTYRS of 1984 has still not been made AS TALL AS INDIA GATE in New Delhi, and the one to the MURDERED AND THE RAPED OF 1947 NOT EVEN TALLER, If NONE in our "Hindu" nation wears a black ribbon on August 15 when Islam overwhelmed Lahore and Nankana Sahib once again as was the case before SIKH and the BRITISH Raj, then what else can one expect? What else? The decomposition of Hindu nation is apace under the hammer and BOOT of Buddhist Ambedkar's Constitution which imposed secularism on Delhi while letting Lahore get off easily, and confirmed the CONGRESS Party's flag as the flag of India simply by replacing "CHARKHA" (spinning wheel) by Ashoka Lions, then God help East Punjab that still calls itself PUNJAB without batting an eyelid like a proud COCK. ........................000000000