Date: 6/4/2005


In a message dated 04/06/2005 11:48:49 GMT Daylight Time, XXXX.com writes: Dear all, The idea of setting up Sikh memorials all over the world is fine but it must be independent of SGPC and we should do so with the co-operation of not only the local and global Sikh community but must also gain the confidence and co-operation of the indigenous government. (SIC) .....................==================== COMMENT ON ABOVE NAIVE REMARK: Did we read INDIGENOUS "government" above? We don't see one except their brown skin. Kindly allow us a mild comment on the word "government" in the context of rapidly decomposing PARTITIONED India. Is that the Government that grants FULL SOVEREIGNTY to East Bengal twice, but denies it to EAST Punjab? Is it the Government that wishes its centralised rule to last till eternity? Is this the Government that pays HAJJ subsidies to Muslims flying off to Mecca, and special subsidies and grants to South Kashmir only because it is a Muslim majority state? Is this the Government that has never mentioned Vatican style status for Sri Nankana Sahib and Sri Amritsar? Is this the Government that is bent upon humiliating the ONLY Sikh chief minister by keeping him on DIVIDED "Union Territory" to be SHARED by Haryana and (what is left of) East Punjab? Is this the government that has lasted with the exception of only tiny breaks CONTINUOUSLY since 1947, under ONE DYNASTY? Is this the "Government" that warns the HINDUS, "You dare come near Ayodhya!" but gladly concedes FIVE provinces to Mohammed and calls PARTITION simply "history"? Is this the Government that cannot proceed with the BOFORS CHOR nor prosecute the killers, rapists and murderers of 1984? Is this the Government for whom a Muslim is a hero, HINDU A RABBIT, but a Sikh is a terrorist. Is this the Government that has let Kashmiri SEPARATISTS go to ISLAMABAD (last week) but launched Operation Blue Star to kill our own hero Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale? Is this the Government that DESERVED to be executed by FIRING SQUAD on the very day when Bandit Nehru, having SURRENDERED our Lahore unconditionally, was seeing the glow of his own might and absolute power in the sweet lore of love in Edwina Mountbatten's eyes? Is this the Government that is not willing to grant the NRI's dual nationality that is available to the citizens of West Punjab and East Bengal? We must be considering ourselves "ants and rabbits" at the feet of Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam, being entertained by all the Khan brothers of Bollywood to regard it a "Government". The government will come about, that will declare, "OUR SECULARISM TO BE VALID IN DELHI HAS TO BE RAMMED DOWN THEIR THROATS IN LAHORE." There WILL BE a government of BROKEN BHARAT one day that will say, "Partition on WHAT grounds? Let us find out and re-negotiate the whole things." Today, however, there is a government that the brave and honourable SIKHS ought to hang from the nearest trees and shout in their ears, "KHALISTAN BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN." (WHERE WILL THE FLEEING HINDUS GO TOMORROW IF THERE IS NO KHALISTAN FOR THEIR REFUGE AND SAFETY?) There will be a government one day that will put the NATIVE above the FOREIGNER. Right now it is "ITALIAN ABOVE INDIAN" and EVERY HINDU (and Sikh) is at her feet and disposal. How could the Government of Taliban allow the PEOPLE of Afghanistan to erect a Memorial to those KILLED by them? If we do not DEFY this bogus, corrupt and MOTHER-SELLER government and raise a MEMORIAL to our dead that ought to be taller than India Gate in New Delhi, then we are on way to oblivion as per Will of this "government". If the 400 killed by the British in 1919 have a Memorial in Amritsar, then surely there MUST BE ONE to honour the memory of 40,000 killed by THIS "government". What we, still slaves since millennia, are "lumping" day and night with the ease of breathing, considering these "bandits, thugs and mafia" of Hindustan a "government", is not seen anywhere else on earth. .........................000000000