Date: 6/5/2005


5 June 2005. The INDIAN Army has launched their fierce attack on the Sikhs’ Holy Shrine in Sri Amritsar three years ago to date, with the Hindu “jagat”, having swallowed the “SPIT OF PARTITION” and the RUINED SRI RAM TEMPLE IN AYODHYA, watching passively, even approving of the brutal action against our own family. It is the story of two PUNJABS, with capitals in LAHORE and UNION TERRITORY respectively. Why one in Lahore, the other on Union Territory. We take you to PUNJAB, the Land of Vedas and Five Rivers. It is because of its divine shine and glory that EVIL (the DEVIL) decided to smash its unity and divinity. Where else on earth is the land blessed by Nature with FIVE rivers? Any Government in Delhi ought to have treated Punjab as the apple of its eye. But alas! Delhi is still in the tight grip of ALIENS and FOREIGNERS with the native not allowed to touch real power. The native in Delhi is still the serf, servant and slave under the foot of ITALY and ISLAM. Look, who are the two persons at the very top in Delhi, the one dominating Lok Sabha and the other residing in Rashtrapati Bhawan! Are they HINDU, despite the deceptive “tilak and saree” of one and the opportunist “love” of Gita, Granth and Sanskrit of the other? Neither refuses point blank to stand in Ayodhya and declare, “MANDIR YAHEEN BANE-GA!” (Let the Construction of Sri Rama Temple begin!”) Punjab is where the Vedas were composed and here it was that Sri Ram’s wife Sita was blessed with two sons, Luv and Kush. On the banks of its serene rivers great Rishis and Swamis sat, who reflected, and composed the Vedas. And it was here that the battle of Kurukshetra was fought under the guidance and inspiration of Sri Krishna. Those were the proverbial “good old days”. Then something went wrong very seriously. The ENEMY entered the PUNJAB, reading the “Manual of Death & Destruction” written in Mecca, and destroyed everything worth cherishing, worth preserving and developing, worth enhancing, the NATIVE glory, heritage and “way of life” of the people of PUNJAB. The land, that was supposed to be IMPENETRABLE barrier to the enemies of civilisation and secularism, became a bridge for the INVADERS who brought in copies of KORAN and burnt copies of Gita and Vedas and our holy Scriptures along the way. One has to travel through from the ancient history until the present day when the chief ministers of its five fragments sit in their respective capitals a follows:- The one of Himachal Pradesh sits in Shimla, the one of West Punjab in LAHORE, one each of Haryana and East Punjab sit jointly on UNION Territory contending for power like the two mice with the CATHOLIC cat in Delhi, watching them closely for any sign of Sikh or Hindu resurgence. These Hindu Sikh “donkeys and monkeys”, “morons and baboons”, who let go of LAHORE (AND DON’T MENTION IT!), and the whole of West Punjab along with three rivers, are now fighting bitterly among themselves over every inch of land and drop of river waters, and which language should be called “official”. We recently had a peep into this state of affairs in the PUNJAB. First we went to Lahore and saw the pressure on the few surviving Hindus to CONERT and protection enjoyed by Hindu females from abduction, rape and conversion. The one who renounced Hindu Faith was congratulated in public and hailed across the city. Then we came to Ambala and saw the Hindus there gone NEUTRAL and DETACHED with regard to their precious native religion. They were dealing with Muslims as if they were “bhai bhai”. Muslims were walking past the mandirs without casting a glance in them. Finally we came to Jalandhar and stayed with a Sikh family. One Sunday we went into a gurdwara and saw a couple of Muslims enjoying “kirtan” and free meal. When everyone was leaving, they approached the priest and enquired, “Could we embrace Sikh Faith?” The Priest (Granthi) seemed much perturbed. Fearful thoughts flashed through his head quickly. Were they secret agents of a local mosque or the Sarkar in Delhi who were waiting to accuse him of commending his Faith to a non Sikh in our Secular Republic? The weight of centuries of ridicule, torture and death weighed heavily upon his mind, and he said, “No brother, Guru Nanak Dev Ji told us not to convert.” He said, “If you are a Musalmaan, become a good Musalmaan.” He never said, “Follow me!” To cut the story short, the one who had the COURAGE of conviction and CONVERTED THE HINDUS by the million on point of his sword, is ruling his fragment of Punjab from the magnificent ancient city of LAHORE, founded by Luv. And the one who is a COWARD by conviction, and zero in guts and courage to commend his NATIVE religion, is sitting on “Union Territory” founded by BANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru who surrendered two thirds of the province on one day without levying a single condition in return. Moral of the story : Please suggest. Now we address a Swami, “please reflect on your inability to cross the border at Wagah or preach your Faith in North Kashmir.” And let us speak to a SRI SINGH SAHIB in Golden Temple in Amritsar about raising a Memorial to the Massacred of June 1984. Are you AFRAID of offending the Rashtramata by having it in the open? While you are considering placing a small boulder WITHIN Sri Harimandir Sahib, we would suggest, “Go UNDERGROUND, below the surface of earth. There should be a narrow entrance, and exit letting one at a time to go round it and come out.” Are you daring to erect a Memorial to Guru Tegh Bahadur in the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb? “Go underground. Erect the Memorial in a deep hole in ground. Thus you will please Sonia Khan and appease Abdul Kalam. Perish the thought that it ought to be a reminder of Indira’s conceding full sovereignty to EAST Bengal while at the same time launching a fierce army attack to smash your aspirations to some freedom from the Bandit Dynasty in order to see true secularism where a BOFORS CHOR can be tried for his crime like a common man. THE WAY THE “LAND OF FIVE RIVERS” HAS BECOME THE LAND OF ONE RIVER WITHIN A LIFE TIME, POINTS TO THE FUTURE OF PARTITIONED INDIA ITSELF. THERE IS NOT A MAN IN SIGHT TO CORRECT ITS COURSE OR TO CLAIM BACK NORTH KASHMIR. The one we see so visibly is the IMPORT OF “BOFORS CHOR” FROM ITALY, wearing a “bindi and saree”, leading the Prime Minister of Bharatvarsha by his ears. That is the FATE of our PUNJAB, the Land of Vedas and Five Rivers. Is the fate and future of our BHARAT any better? Please offer comments with utmost courage, and tell the UNO if such a “lame duck” hijacked BROKEN BHARAT, WITHOUT A MEMORIAL TO THE TWO MILLION SLAUGHTERED IN 1947, a DISGRACE to HERSELF and light years away from its cherished dream of AKHAND BHARAT, and still unable to see the Hindus living safely in Srinagar and East Bengal, is fit to apply for membership of the Security Council. ......................000000000