Date: 6/5/2005


HEADLESS (minus North Kashmir), LIMBLESS (minus East Bengal and West Punjab), DECOMPOSING AND DISINTEGRATING PARTITIONED INDIA UNDER ISLAM (ABDUL KALAM) AND EUROPE (SONIA KHAN) WANTS A PERMANENT SEAT AT SECURITY COUNCIL. 5 June 2005. INDIA’S APPLICATION FOR A PERMANENT SEAT AT SECURITY COUNCIL Please ask the UNO if such a “lame duck” hijacked “BROKEN” BHARAT, a DISGRACE to HERSELF and her ancient civilisation, still light years away from its cherished dream of “AKHAND BHARAT”, still too terrified to put the word “HINDU” in its Constitution, still unable to ensure the Hindus’ safety in Srinagar and East Bengal, and still unable to defend the Indians in Fiji, Uganda, Sindh and North Kashmir, is fit to apply for membership of the Security Council. On the other hand Germany and Japan do have a very meritorious case for permanent membership of the Security Council. There is no region in GERMANY that is clamouring for independence like KASHMIR (due to its ISLAM), NAGALAND (due to corruption and bad rule) and EAST Punjab (due to unconditional surrender of LAHORE in 1947). There is no revolt or resurrection going on anywhere in JAPAN. And there is no PERPETUAL corrupt rule of ONE dynasty in Germany. They do not have any "BOFORS CHOR" who is BEYOND LAW. They do not have a Prime Minister's son who imported his wife from abroad after converting to her Faith. In neither country has the MAJORITY community NO say whatsoever in their own destiny, and in NEITHER is the majority community “BASHED, IGNORED, BETRAYED and CRUSHED” by the Government, day and night. So the world can see who deserves to become a permanent member of Security Council and who deserves to be KEPT OUT, even KICKED OUT with utmost contempt and ORDERED to put his own house in order first before coming back. (Dear patriots, don't think India is free yet, and "Hindu" is a decent word in the RULERS' vocabulary. Membership of Security Council will give unprecedented POWER and INFLUENCE to MUSLIMS and POPE if India gets on the Security Council. How does one relish the thought of some Shabana Azmi or Salman Haidar nominated by Sonia Khan, standing up there and demanding the trial of Shri Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat in HAGUE? The Hindu's fate in New York will be NO different from his fate in Srinagar, Dhaka and Ayodhya.) ........................000000000