Date: 6/6/2005


An old Sikh was asked, What would you like to see different in our Sikh world? He replies, "Just two things. BOTH ARE FRESH GREEN SPROUTS OF BARREN DRY SIKH IDEOLOGY, waiting to be SEEN." What could be missing? We hold world record in offering sacrifices FOR THE OTHERS and hold world record in number of MARTYRS per head on earth? He continued, "INVENT A SCHOOL LEAVING EXAMINATION BEFORE OFFERING THE UNIVERSITY DEGREE." He clarified, "Have an entrance examination to become a SIKH first, before going for the final "Amrit" ceremony. Create a SIKH before asking one to become a KHALSA." "HALF WAY" to KHALSA could be a Ceremony of FIVE D's at which an oath is taken to defend five D's: 1. Dharti, 2. Dharam, 3. Dhann, 4. Dhyaan and 5. Dhee." OK. Now what about the second BLIGHT? He said, "Create an ENEMY, instead of going about chanting "None is my enemy. All are my friends." Why do we DENY the existence of our enemies all round, below and above us? We remained stunned, amazed, perplexed, confused and run for erecting "Memorials for Martyrs" when "FRIENDS" deliver a lethal blow to us, or chase us out of West Punjab. If there is NO enemy, then to whom did we surrender LAHORE? Is it a FRIEND'S flag flying over Sri Nankana Sahib? The Sikhs can do one of these two things: 1. REGARD ALL ENEMIES UNLESS PROVEN OTHERWISE. Following this principle you lock up doors before leaving home and also lock up your care when out shopping. 2. PUT SPIRIT ABOVE SYMBOLS." It means ACQUIRE THE SIXTH KAY CALLED "COMPUTER". Those were the last words he spoke who remembered the rule of Aurangzeb till 1707 AD. KHALSA RAJ till 1949, British Raj till 1947 AD and "Bandit & BOFORS CHOR" Raj since. There was one common factor with regard to all the massacres through CENTURIES: The ruler in DELHI was either a NON Hindu or a NON Sikh. So there is no need to BOAST of martyrs but to feel ashamed that we could not ensure the SAFETY of our community in our own hands for ultimate protection. In this regard the much persecuted Jews are vastly SUPERIOR to the Sikhs. Now by such aquired wisdom, they have their own Sovereign State of ISRAEL. .......................6 JUNE 2005. ........................000000000